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running the DEAD OS called XP are you? the virus magnet?
why not turn hibernation off first.

here are the firsts list ,
1: new RTC coin cell installed in laptop (tiny battery is first)
NO cell last 15 year old, why run this battery?????????????
very very unwise
2: park the huge new battery on the shelf till PC runs right again.
3: now run on AC power, this must work or the pack is bad (99%?)
4: ok it runs now, go to control panel and turn off hibernate.
CP + power, turn it all off.

now the dead thing,
do the HP long reset posted at HP 1,000,000 times.
  1. big battery out
  2. ac pack unplugged. from PC
  3. push power button for 10 second
  4. release.
this resets hibernate , and other oddities.

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a very very old Compaq.
right clicking the trackpad not the external usb mouse ????
you broke the cable to the track pad. switch set.
working on any laptop takes skills, to not do more damage
that you fix, even a pro makes this error. all do.
the cables are FRAIL, so are the sockets for them frail and break so very easy.
use a real USB mouse.
or go back inside and fix your damage.
its just a switch set and cables.
the pad part has its own electronics and its own cable and drivers.

if lucky only putting cable back fixes it.
do you know how to lock and unlock laptop ribbon connector locks and not damage them.
this is a first things first set of skills.
ask. (there are 3 kinds, what you have id have to look)
each kind uses different skills to work them. and not wreck them.

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Send the computer back for service if its in Warranty.
Try to use the Audio out on the side of the computer. Plug any external speaker into the port. If the sound you hear is the same as what comes rom the speakers then the sound module on the motherboard is defective. If the sound is normal, then the problem is in the wiring to the internal speakers.

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Phone Crucial support. They know everything about memory. Sometimes there are three slots and only two can be used. Sometimes if the memory is over a certain size you can only use one RAM module, or if you use two modules, they have to be identical and matched. The other consideration is type and speed.

So I go here
RAM Memory Upgrade for Compaq Presario 2190US Laptops

you have two slots and the max is 1GB. You need two of these at 9 bucks each.

512MB Module512MB-DDR266, 266MHz, PC2100, 200p SODIMM, 2.5v, Sync 552ms-156 What have you got? Click COMMENT under my post.

more info here

Compaq Presario 2190US PC Notebook ram upgrade Google Search

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Check Lamington road Mumbai

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are you at home or Starbuck? location matters.
so, the compaq must be setup correctly.
your router broadcasts the SSID name seen by you on all devices, see that on the Compaq (y/n)
then you must pick wep. or wpa, or wpa2 encyption mode.
as set in your router, we cant see inside you router only you can
then set the passphrase to what you router wants.
is this XP, windows
does the wifi chip look ok in device manager?
Is XP infected.? with malware as all are now.

never post about computers lacking what operating system you have, or answers will be wrong, even all answers.

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LCD is toasted
or its cable bad,.rare.

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fixing a relic 15 year old square laptop, to want ends?
its junk now, the CCFL inside are useless now, too old
never spend cash on any monitor or PC with CCFL back lamps.
"came ,up"
who came up.?
bios or windows. told you this?

sure wrong RAM.

finding ram to fit and work in any relic PC now is not easy
they dont make them now so are new old stock.
why not buy a PC 2010 or newer, used.
work that a end.
with hope and a real future.. yours is no good. sorry. but that is a fact, never throw good money after bad.

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why are your using DELL any thing on any HP>??? so wrong that.
there is no free anything, (even lunch) for sure not any OS,
no OS stated btw, windows what? (guess at VISTA)
my guess is you want this old dog to run!
an 11 year old laptop.
HP does not sell HP media recovery kits for this old pc. (CD kits)
nor does Microsoft. now. (only w7 and 10)
this PC came with Citrix, OS or windows, VISTA 32 or 64.
Vista is now officially dead at MS, and at HP.(see exceptions)
HP does not sell vista disks, but the drivers are supported here.
as are manuals there, still there, lucky you after 11 years.
hint soon to be gone.! (10 year rule)

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a 17 year old Laptop , 99.9% now in the dumpster.
are you going to spend cash on this? if yes why?
if it was a horse it be in the glue factory.
a dead laptop
step 1: is remove that old shorted huge battery now.,
step 2: then that 17 year old useless as a brick RTC coin cell.
replace it now. or BIOS will be DEAD.
strep 3 , a working power pack 19vdc,65watts up. and does the PC fan work now?, if not, it needs lots more cash !!!!
ask if you can get this far.?
above can be done for $10 (8buck pack and 2 buck coin)
leave that main battery out , until the PC runs like new.
do not buy a battery main, do not. unless cash dont matter.

if this far, and the power button fails, then we must strip the PC down, to find out who is shorting the power buses !
or fan is bad, or just packed fully in lint , as all are that old.

do the HP hard reset yet,
see line 6 here, to the HP page on , hard power reset.

and then the other tests. after that.

here are the goals
1: power seems to work (the switch)
2: the fan works, and actually blow air, not packed up
3: screen shows text of any kind, like, "hit F10 to enter HP setup"
as seen for 17 years but not todaY?
4:BIOS key works. F10 key works as prompted . and BIOS screens all work.
5: more, get this far say so... lots more its not a toaster

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Xp will not install in place of 98. the hardware is too old. Set bios to boot from disk. If you have a rescue disk boot to safe mode and see what the problem is.

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Compatible AC Adapter for Compaq Presario F755US Laptop

I think it has a bad power adapter yielding insufficient voltage.

This system is running Vista which makes it quite dated. However, you can try the replacement supply and see what happens. Or, they coud view Utube on an inexpensive android tablet.

However, you can try the following (I am guessing you do not have the Vista disc):

To boot into the Advanced Boot Options menu, follow these steps:
  1. Restart your computer
  2. Press F8 as soon as your computer starts to boot, but before the Windows Vista logo appears
  3. The Advanced Boot Options menu should now appear
  4. Select the Repair your computer option
  5. Press Enter
  6. System Recovery Options should now be available (You may need to select your time, keyboard and language preferences before the list of tools is displayed)
Some of these options will if operating at all restore your computer to factory defaults erasing data and programs installed after it first came out of the box.

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Start out by removing the Hard drive and have it tested. If its bad? replace it with an SSD or 7200 rpm, this will speed-up your Laptop. Also look to see if you can add more RAM, you may only be able to add up to 8GB, but check to be sure. as of XP, Microsoft no longer support it, but if you really need XP? do a Dual-Boot and have XP and 7 or 8.1

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NO OS stated.
i bet it not 220US (us means usa,what is your 2 letters there)
if it was US Laptop
the books is free at HP to read.

unlock i bet you mean set to non secure AD HOC wifi mode.
and a danger, that is.
first discover how your router is setup., only you can do that
read the manual in it,the go there in your browser and set
the wifi up as you want or set up your pc to match it.
set SSID broard case to like ROVER2. (dog name ?)
the set encryption to WPA2
then set the passphrase. like 1a5!9xaz3k6

the connect all things that way.
dont tell the other 512 your settings, ever.

your pc came with 802.11b/g wifi
im reading your manual now on line it says
shows it came with 3 wifi chips (options)
here is the spec, for 2nd one,(coin toss)
128-bit WEP, 64-bit WEP, AES, PEAP, TLS, TTLS, WPA, WPA2

so if you set the router to wpa2 and same in your PC and it will work.

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BIOS does the screen fail in BIOS< no OS running?
power on hit ESC, F10 or what it told you to hit for 11 years.
does BIOS work
that button top left is the standby sleep switch .
if bad , no sure what will happen, but something wrong will.
works on demand all the time or not.

the back lamp is dead, CCFL
all do, on all old screens 2010 and older
the magic year is 2010 as that year LED phased in.
see? use flash light see, that data there? do you'?
no sure what button you are pressing?
an 11 year old Laptop 2006, so CCFL is there
test those.
for sure use a flashlight.(test)
and see if there is data if see that, the CCFL tubes dead, there inverter is dead, or the power to it or out of it is cut.
here is close manual for free.

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Being an Hp (Compaq is their brand name) with Nvidea graphics, the Graphics will have failed stopping the boot process and leaving the motherboard system hanging.
The GPU can be re flowed but replacement GPU is the answer.

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I would replace the power socket on the computer and purchase a new power supply.

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I bet you do not need or want any proxy server.
I bet you question really is how to get internet connected, right?
first off what OS is this, XP> we can not see you, your PC nor your OS. (whats connected to PC, nor if it has wifi options)
is this IE11 your browsers , cant guess that either,?

why not use an Ethernet, Lan cable CAT5/6 and plug in the PC to the router and it all works like magic,
that be first.
if the PCs lan jack (ethernet ) is dead. (and other PCs work on your router) do they./
then we go to device manager and look
see that? then see if the lan chip has driver.
network marked, red/yellow or unknown is bad.
if missing the get it from HP.

HP has zero support on old PCs, it's too old, its in fact 16 years old. support ended . 2007 (17-10 = x)
came with 10/100 Ethernet, new (spec sheet says)
slow. that is.
but what chip that is , is very hard to find out this old
why waste time and money on PC worth $5 used.?
it came with windows 2000 or XP new. which is it?
if the driver is good, or the unknown chip there, ethernet
the when you connect to the router the connection made automatically
then running relic old IE 6? you see proxy question
tell it no, and that sets automatic , gate way ip address to your router. and just works out of the gate.

install firefox v56 and its more easy.
to run and not get bogged down in proxy settings.
avoid IE versions below 11, as all OLD IE's, are virus magnets and zero support, use Firefox, on all old PCs, not updated to W7 !!!
IE = internet exploder browsers)

show just getting a connection, only. browsing is a whole other matter, and 20 browsers free are common.

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i advise u to make total format to u hard disk drives and make it with out system

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