Fixya attracts a community of well-educated and inquisitive solution seekers and experts.

We are home to a group of intelligent, savvy and innovative individuals who empower themselves to learn the skills it takes to live a happy and self-sufficient life. From fixing cars, to modifying cell phones, to repairing washing machines, Fixya's community members answer some of the toughest troubleshooting questions on the web. For this reason, Fixya has emerged as the largest and fastest-growing user-generated support site.

Our 20+ million unique visitors and our product database of more than 12 million products ensure that a variety of partners and advertisers reach their audiences. Got questions? Email [email protected].

Our Audience

The majority of Fixya's visitors are 18 to 49 years old. Our users are experts who often work in computer software/hardware, auto repair and customer support positions. They frequently provide advice on electronics, household appliances, cars, computer hardware/software.

More about Fixya:

  • 20+ million monthly unique visitors
  • 50+ million monthly page views
  • More than 200,000+ solutions provided per month

What's next?

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While some partners may choose to tap into Fixya as a whole, others may choose to drill down and target smaller audiences within the community. Partners can choose to target members by specifying a category such as "camera equipment" or they can choose a specific brand.

Some of the most robust categories within the community include:

  • Computers Hardware, Software and Peripherals: From external hard drives to mobile devices to Office suite installation, Fixya experts find solutions for some of the most difficult high tech problems.
  • Cars/Trucks: Whether we're debating the merits of ethanol blends, solving the mystery of the bunk odometer, or simply gaining enough knowledge to speak to a mechanic, the Fixya car community is a great resource.
  • Cameras/Camcorders: Camera-happy users are overjoyed to speak to our experts and get help on the latest mobile devices, slide scanners, image editing software, drivers and of course, the cameras themselves.
  • TV/Video: Media junkies get the latest tips and tricks for their TiVo, DVD burner or satellite TV. Improving the home media center has never been easier!
  • Audio: Whether solution seekers are looking to produce their own podcast or album, or whether they're just looking for a great-quality listening experience, our experts are here to help.
  • Appliances: When your washer, stove or dryer runs awry, Fixya offers manuals, tips and expert advice.
  • Home Improvement: Our community helps you beautify and organize your home by connecting Fixya community members to a wealth of resources, ideas and renovation advice.
  • Office/Business: Workaholics can save time and money by referring to Fixya for troubleshooting, product advice and organization via our warranty and receipt manager.

Partner Support

We at Fixya are committed to supporting our partners. If you are a Fixya SMB partner, please email [email protected] for support. Other partners will be assigned a dedicated account manager to serve all their needs.

Partnership Opportunities

Choose one of the options below for more information. If you need additional help, contact us at [email protected] and we'll help you pick the best partnership opportunity.