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I fixed one of these recently in a 2003 Outback. The brake light pedal switch feeds the circuit that releases the shift lever lock when it's in Park. (This is why you need to press the brake pedal to shift out of Park.) If the fuse to this circuit is blown, the shift level lock will not release. I traced the issue to the trailer light conversion box (factory/dealer installed, I think). This car has a clear plastic plug that the trailer light conversion box plugs into and the clear plastic plug appears to be a factory-installed part of the wiring harness, accessed on the passenger side of the car, just above the spare tire compartment behind the rear quarter interior panel (you don't need to remove the interior panel to access, just all of the spare tire compartment foam pieces). I've seen these conversion boxes fail before or the wires become shorted somewhere between this internal connection and the trailer pig tail connection end. I unplugged the box from the car's wiring harness at the clear plastic plug mentioned above and the fuse stopped blowing, the brake lights starting working again as well as the turn signal lights and the shift lever unlocked by pressing the brake pedal. This car doesn't tow so it wasn't a problem but you might need to investigate further or replace the conversion box if you need the tow lights connection to operate still.

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Nearly always, Nautica watches have a screw-down caseback. This is best opened using a case tool that provides at least three points for rotation of the caseback. Look up watch case back tool on amazon. Avoid the tools that have only two points.

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There are 2 fuse blocks. one iswhen you open your drivers door look at the dash board on the side, right where the door and the dash come to gather when you close your door, that panel just pulls off, and there they are.The other is the fuse box is in the eng compartment left side black box by the fender

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It does. You can use apps for this maybe this will solve your problem.

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Not sure Mervin, perhaps those hook up apps.

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Could be the pressure is too high because the wrong amount of coolant has been added. Freon is now a banned substance in many countries due to the greenhouse effect it has.

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Preamplifier - Onkyo

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