Target the people who are using your products

  • Deliver Web Leads

    Your branded posts are targeted at people with a very high intent to make a purchase.

  • Amplify Your Brand

    Push out new product news to your customers or solve their product issues. Your branded posts and solutions will be featured above the rest.

  • Grow Your Business

    Loyal customers are a competitive advantage. See in one easy place how your posts and answers deliver results to your bottom line.

Monitor Your Buzz


Be there when your customers make a purchase decision.

Social buzz can be great for business. Over 30 million people seek help about their products on Fixya every month. Ensure your brand is front and center when your customers need to make a decision to buy a replacement or a part.

Join the Conversation


Grow customer loyalty and boost their lifetime value.

Be a thought leader by answering customer's concerns directly and publicly. Push out your latest product updates to keep your customers engaged and drive sales.

Track Results


Gain a competitive advantage.

Reduce the amount of time and money required to acquire new customers. Keep your business focused on building a great product and increasing your customers life time value.

  • Deliver Web Leads
  • Amplify Your Brand
  • Grow Your Business

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