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the relay could have been blown in the power outage, ot the board went bac. do u hear the start relay come on at the back of the fridge on the compressor? ITS ATTACHHED TO THE COMPRESSOR and you should hear it click then come on when unplugged and then plugged back in.
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relay and capacitor compressor-undefined-undefined-20.jpg

relay refrigerator-maytag-rear-components-undefined-undefined-27.png THE COMPRESSOR:
If you hear a clicking sound coming from the back of your refrigerator/freezer, then the problem is most likely the compressor,relay and or capacitoris overheating or not getting proper power and will not start.The compressor is the component on your refrigerator that allows your refrigerator to cool. If this component is not working properly your refrigerator will stop cooling. Most of the time the compressor is not the component that has failed.

To checkurcompressor with multi meter:
Disconnect and remove the relay and capacitor from compressor, somelocated next to compressor in a casing.

You wills see 3 prongs coming out of compressor. 1 goes tourstart winding, 1 goes tourrun winding and the center goes tourground.

Placeurmeter connector or prong on the start prong and the other on the ground (center prong) take note of the reading in OHMS for example 5 ohms.
Next place meter prong on run prong and the center ground prongagin. Take note of the reading in OHMS. Example 4 ohms

Next place meter prong on the start prong and the other on the run prong, now take note of the reading example 9 ohms. Now match the total of this ohms test with the total ofurtwo separate test. 9 ohms, if they matchurok give or take 5 percent plus or minus. One more test to make to test of there is a short in compressor attach meter prong to ground prong and rub the other end of meter prong to metal ( scrape the metal clean of paint and test on metal surface not painted surface. If it shows continuity or ohms , u have a short inurcompressor. It should show infinity


A3 in 1 start kit for compressors sizes 1/4 through 1/3 HP. And a 5 in 1 for higher H.P. (BE SURE TO MATCH WITH UR COMPRESSOR MODEL NUMBER AND TYPE) Thekit includes relay, capacitor, andoverload device, pre-wired. Thekit will replace all 3 electrical components on capillary refrigeration systems. For newer systems with a run capacitor use?proper kit. For smaller horsepower compressors useTJ90RCO810.

The wire set up is as follows the red wire goes to the right side of compressor prong, the white wire to the left side prong, the black wire to the center prong, and the 2 other black wires go to the power and the ground connection

Lastly you should also checkurTHERMISTORS in the freezer and fridge section for continuity OHMS and for amount of OHMS current being put out. In most models around 13000 ( give or take 150 ohms) ohms is required.

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should have clip on one side re move and slide shelf to one side to remove

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bad heating element to cut ice and check circulation fan in freezer

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Unlikely that you can as it is probably snapped into place. Swab it with neat Hydrogen Peroxide. Leave 10 minutes and rinse off.

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possible bad fuse or start up capacitors bad

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A refrigerator ice maker that freezes up can be caused by a frozen ice maker fill tube, faulty water inlet valve, too low freezer temperature setting, or a water filter that needs replacing.
Warning! Before attempting to work on any appliance, make sure that all power (electricity) and utilities (water and gas) have been turned off and/or disconnected on the appliance. Read more
First, locate the water supply to your ice maker and turn off the water supply via the shut off valve. You may want to have a bucket and towels on hand for any extra remaining water in the water supply line.

The fill tube and water supply line supplies water to your ice maker. The fill tube can be a separate part that connects to the water supply line and it enters from the back of your freezer and into your icemaker. You may need to remove your icemaker to see this tube and to check if it is frozen.
If the fill tube is frozen, you will need to thaw it out using hot water pored over the tube using a turkey baster, or else remove this part from your refrigerator and thaw it out in the sink. You can remove this part from behind your fridge by unscrewing a few screws and detaching the water supply line. Thaw in your sink and reattach.
Some methods suggest using a hairdryer to thaw out this part. Be careful when using this method as dripping water and electricity could lead to a possible electric shock. Also, exposure to long periods of heat could damage the fill tube part.

Replace the Water Filter

If you have a refrigerator water filter, check to see if it needs replacing or consider replacing it.

Reset the Freezer Temperature

Check the temperature setting on your freezer as it might be set too low. You may want to bump it up a degree or two.

Test the Water Inlet Valve

You may want to also test the water inlet valve. The water inlet valve controls the flow of water into the ice maker and is located in the rear of the refrigerator behind the back access panel. Sometimes this part can go bad and overfill the ice cube tray when it is not needed.
The water inlet valve also has a screen filter that can become clogged with sediment and minerals from hard water over time. Remove the water inlet vale from the refrigerator and use a flat head screw driver to remove the sediment screen from the part. Clean the filter screen using soap and warm water and replace. Reassemble all parts and test your ice maker.

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go ask the people you bought it from

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try cleaning coils on back if same possible low on Freon replace then

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sounds like you will have to remove the kitchen door it self by taking out the hindges on the side with a screw driver and hammer just put a nail or screw driver in the hole and punch it up and out

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try removing bottom front cover see if accessible if not pull out

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Thermostat fault ... no gas ... faulty wiring. Call a refrigeration engineer to test gas pressure and sensor switch.

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To remove the light diffuser on a 500 Series Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer compartment:
  1. Place your hands on the back edge of the shield and pull towards you to release. This shield may have a snug fit.
  2. Drop the front edge of the shield out of the channel and remove. The bulbs are now accessible. > assistance > answers > 500-series-light-bulb-repla...

500 Series Light Bulb Replacement and Light Diffuser Removal

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