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Question about 2006 PT Cruiser

1 Answer

rough idle and intermittant misfire intermittant misfire and rough idle I have a 2006 with 37800 miles was told today that the fan motor and radiator must be replaced. When the car started to overheat


...CRUISER WHIN I STOP MOTOR IDLES ROUGH SURGES I PUT A NEW IDLE AIR VALVE DID NOT HELP The main mount on the passenger side it's hidden and takes more time to replace than the others but it brakes ...


rough idle but drives good rough idle but drives good I had same problem...Clean thottle body...Take hose from air cleaner off,two silver clamp...Take cover off throttle cable,open butterfly,wet cloth

Question about 2002 PT Cruiser

2 Answers

idle air control. still code 303 and rough idling. Please provide solution. Check on intake silicon gaskets, upper and lower. About $18 at autozone check the  #3 coil. code p0303 says misfire on

...rough idle, cylinder 1 misfire, and bogging upon acceleration? I have a stick shift 2002 pt cruiser that has a rough idle after a few seconds of the car running, when I accelerate my car has a really ...

Question about 2003 PT Cruiser

1 Answer

rough idle high speed at start up cold or warm then slows down to normal idle , but mildly rough Sounds like a automatic choke sticking....Take the air duct loose from carb..While accelerating engine ...

2004 pt cruiser turbo idling and running roughly The car starting idling roughly about a month ago has 95,000 miles on it the code p0304 came up misfire in cylinder 4 the autozone guys said it is ...

Question about 2006 PT Cruiser

1 Answer

rough idle and no codes present Runs rough, misses and bad gas milage,but no error codes shown.Engine has poor power. One off the leads might be split or air filter blocked or a fuel sensor is not ...

...blower motor the engine start idling rough and almost stalls. Blower settings low to high make no difference. Soon as you turn blower off idles normal. check idle speed control motor .idle air ...

Question about 2001 PT Cruiser

1 Answer

Idles rough in neutral and park only. Poor fuel economy Vacuum leak. Just idles less rough in gear. Could be time for a tune up. Bad engine/transmission mounts will also cause more vibration.

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