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rough idle and check engine light concord just purchased a used chrysler concord noticed it idles rough and the check engine light has come on. Check your EGR valve and your IAC Idle Air Control valve


When my air is not on my cars idles very rough and hesitates When my air is not on my cars idles very rough and feels as though it may stall out. Taken to the dealer and they say it isn't idling rough


Question about 2002 PT Cruiser

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idle air control. still code 303 and rough idling. Please provide solution. Check on intake silicon gaskets, upper and lower. About $18 at autozone check the  #3 coil. code p0303 says misfire on

rough idle on cold starts When cold outside it idles very rough until engine warms up. A year ago I had the water pump and Timing Belt repalced at 60,000 km and it was making the same rough idle sound

does have a maf, but it is rarely the cause of rough idle. Rough idle is usually caused by vacuum leak, pvc issues, or idle air control valve. What does it do, specifically, and is the engine light on

...RPM idle in park after changing intake manifold gaskets that were causing a rough idle. The rough idle is gone but not the car idles in park at 1500-1700 rpm. In gear everything is fine. idle air ...

idle rough when cold, no codes, car great at any speed off of idle, Rough equals missing and hesitation have the codes checked if you haven't as it can store a code without check engine light being on

Question about 2001 PT Cruiser

1 Answer

Idles rough in neutral and park only. Poor fuel economy Vacuum leak. Just idles less rough in gear. Could be time for a tune up. Bad engine/transmission mounts will also cause more vibration.

...rough idle.and ... I changed the altnator and battery its runs like its ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring LXi. Chrysler Sebring Questions - Engine Power Loss After Car ... > ...

...shows the mileage going up while sitting still? when put into gear the engine start idling rough Could be a bad instrument panel(IP). Rough idle in gear could be a vacuum leak. Maybe a tune

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