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you probably just have a loose wire

TDV Vison F173... • Answered on Jul 11, 2011

Check with the manufacturer and see if there is a driver download available. It might need that to be updated or re-installed.

TDV Vison F173... • Answered on Sep 12, 2010

Sounds like a GFX card driver issue. Maybe reinstall GFX card drivers and it may solve your problem.

TDV Vison F173... • Answered on Jun 23, 2010

You can go to http://www.fastrepairguide.com , they have a lot of free service manual, included lcd monitor, lcd tv, plasma tv & etc. May i know, what's your lcd monitor problem?

TDV Vison F173... • Answered on Aug 19, 2009

It may be the computer, not the monitor.  Try holding contol +alt then up arrow at the same time.

TDV Vison F173... • Answered on May 17, 2009

Usually it is a combination of 2 keys.
CTRL + up or down arrow key.
Try that. If it does not work, re-post.

Thanks for using FixYz - a FixYa rating is appreciated!!

TDV Vison F173... • Answered on Jan 26, 2009

It sounds very normal; when the video signal from the computer disappears, most late monitors will go to standby mode but most will also tell you it's going to sleep with some kind of message.
Turning the main system off doesn't normally disconnect the AC from the monitor so what you describe is that the monitor is plugged into a receptacle of its own, not one that you are turning off with the PC.
BTW, PCs and TVs (including monitors) aren't really 'off' when they are off. They have a small amount of current drain that serves to keep alive certain circuits so they can respond to, for example, the return of the video signal or, in the case of a TV set, a command to power up from your remote. They could not respond unless they can interpret the signal to wake up.   

TDV Vison F173... • Answered on Sep 19, 2008

when you tried it on the laptops did you make sure that you went into the dispaly properties and checkd the extend my desktop on this monitor if nto it wont do anything anyways

TDV Vison F173... • Answered on May 22, 2008

in my monitor the two lines r coming can u explain how to solve

TDV Vison F173... • Answered on May 18, 2008

First of all make sure this is not just a button issue like having the BRIGHTNESS turned down too low. If you are unable to see anything including the menu screen items then the problem is probably not just a wrong display setting.

Turn on your monitor and then turn off all the lights in the room to check if your screen is completely black or if there is still a glow coming from it even though there is no video signal.

If your monitor screen stays completely black, then you most likely have a problem with the power supply to your backlight inverter circuit. This is normally caused by some failed electrolytic capacitors.

If you disassemble the unit and look on the power supply circuit board, you will probably see some scorched or bulging / leaking capacitors there. These components (usually around 6 of them) will need to be removed and replaced with new ones.

The repair procedure is not extremely difficult if you have some basic electrical safety knowledge, and some decent electronics repair / soldering skills.

You will need to unplug the power cord from the unit, and then remove the rear access panel or the entire rear cover as required in order to access the circuit boards inside.

Disconnect and remove the faulty circuit board. Desolder and remove the faulty capacitors and replace with new ones from your local or online electronic parts supplier. Then just reinstall / reconnect the board and test.

Here is a link to another Expert's solution to a similar problem which includes links to his excellent and informative set of LCD TV / MONITOR TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDES:


These guides will give you some idea of the various problems with LCD monitors and the associated repair procedures.

If you choose to rate BUDMRTN's troubleshooting tips by clicking on the YES THIS WAS HELPFUL icon on his solution page at the above link, then I thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Please comment back here to this page if you have any details to add, have any questions, have difficulty with the links, or just require further general assistance and I will respond as soon as I see it.

I hope that was helpful to you, good luck.


TDV Vison... • Answered on Aug 26, 2011

This sound like a bad capacitor ..-::>please click here and follow the guide.

TDV Vison... • Answered on Apr 21, 2011

could be the grahics card on your pc.

connect monitor to a laptop.

if there is not interference then its the pc video card.

TDV Vison... • Answered on Oct 16, 2010

Welcome to the world of disposable LCD monitors. I got one of these at Fry's, but have had no problem except that it won't accept HDMI input from my DVR.
Check the screen after it blacks using a flashlight to see if you can see the actual information displayed. The LCD is backlit with CCFL - cold cathode fluorescent light - tubes located at the sides or the top/bottom. They can go bad, and over draw the inverter, or the inverter, which converts ~12vdc to ~10,000Vac, can have capacitors which are low quality and are drying out, changing their value.
So, open the display up by un-snapping the plastic cover, removing the screws holding the metal support to the backside of the display, and then the back cover. Most have snap-together bezels that can be separated by using a thumbnail between the two pieces. You should then be able to inspect the power supply, inverter, and display logic board. Look for capacitors that have drooled or have their tops puffed up. Those are signs of failure.
Let me know what you find.

TDV Vison... • Answered on Oct 11, 2010

I would try and reboot the computer and see if that solves the issue. If it still keeps on glitching and freezing after you have rebooted your computer It could also be the hard drive having problems or a bad CPU or bad memory or the power supply is starting to go bad or a hardware problem. Or a computer virus you should have your computer be looked at and repaired from a person that fixes computers.

Computers &... • Answered 3 hours ago

if u have connected your router then u dont need the driver of router or chage the lan card if has the problem then your router its not detacted or remove & reinstall the lan card driver then try to connect

Computers &... • Answered Yesterday

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hi - we got disconnected (accidentally ended the chat session?)

for the light pattern that you have here are the related issues:

paper jams , obstructions , cover error

Canon's recommendation:

Resetting the Printer By resetting the printer'spower, the print bufferis cleared and certain sensors are reset. Ifthere is invalid data inthe buffer, or sensors are stuck in aparticular mode; errors may occur.Follow these steps to reset the printer:
  1. Turn the printer off with the Power button (if available).

  2. Disconnect the data cable from the printer (not applicable to WiFi, Bluetooth or Infrared) .

  3. Unplugthe printer's power cord for approximately 10minutes, and then plug itback in. If troubleshooting a communicationissue, reconnect the datacable (not applicable to WiFi, Bluetooth orInfrared).

  4. Turn the printer back on.
Note:Ifresetting the printer does not work, please attempt any othersolutionsthat appeared in your search results.If this is a hardwareerror on theprinter, the printer may need to be repaired.

Issue: Alarm / Power light flashes orange 3 times consecutively (Paper Jam Error / Cover Error)
Solution: The iP1700 may require repair

Unfortunately,the issue you describe seems to indicate that yourproduct may requirerepair service. If you feel your product mightrequire service, aTechnical Support Representative will be happy toanswer any questionsyou may have and explain the service optionsavailable to you. You cancontact us through the email link or phonenumbers listed below.
  • Obtain Support by Email

  • Fortoll-free technical support, please call 1 (800)828-4040 duringregular business hours (currently Monday-Friday 10:00a.m. - 10:00 p.m.EST, excluding holidays).

  • Toll-free TDD Support Line for the Hearing Impaired is available Monday - Saturday (excluding holidays) at 1-866-251-3752

  • Technical Support is available for Customers in Canada at 1-800-OK-CANON
The InstantExchange Warranty Program is available:
(1) only for certain printer, facsimile, multifunction, and scanner models;
(2) during the express limited warranty period for such products; and
(3) only in the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii.
Sowe may better assist you, please make sure that you can accessyourCanon product and have the following information available whenyoucall:
  • Product model name and serial number.
  • Computer's operating system; for example Windows XP.
  • Message displayed when the problem occurred.
  • Steps you've already done to try to solve the problem.
For information regarding the Canon U.S.A., Inc. Limited Warranty, please click here.
Welook forward to helping you rectify the issue you are experiencingandare always available to provide any assistance you may need.

Computers &... • Answered 2 days ago

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