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Hello, Ann -

I think your question is a knitting one. I hope you do not mind that I recategorized your question the category for Crafts & Hobbies from Computers & Internet, where it landed.

If my guess that your questions are about knitting, the abbreviation "yon" stands for the knitting action of "yarn over needle."

This YouTube video provides a good demonstration of "yarn over needle":

This web page gives instructions, with images, for 2 ways to perform the "yarn over needle" action, depending upon whether you knit following "English Style" or "Continental Style".

As for knitting needle sizes, see a millimeter to UK to US conversion chart for knitting needles here:

Best wishes.

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Look this, pls

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Color glue sticks are available in variety packs or sold as individual colors to complete a specific project - some of the popular color choices include caramel, light blue, burgundy, copper metallic, forest green, ivory, orange, yellow and red. Also, a series of hot melt glue sticks in a choice of assorted glitter colors are available - Colored Glue Sticks

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Not sure what you don't understand.
when it says work 29sts you put the rest on a stitch holder and continue in color and pattern back and forth until the end of that section, of the 29 sts. Then pick up the stitches from the stitch holder and continue in pattern and color to match the other side, You may have to reverse the pattern and color or you may not. Hope this helps. If not, yiu need to leave morevinfo. :)

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Hello, Lena -

1. I hope you do not mind that I re-categorized your question from the category of Sewing Machines, where it landed, to Crafts & Hobbies.

2. This is a link to a YouTube video demonstrating the puff stitch:

This is another YouTube video demonstrating the puff stitch:

You will find written instructions here:

Best wishes.

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How to Make Your Own Lace Dreamcatcher

If you buy a dreamcatcher online, it may sometimes cause you $100, however, if you can take only half hour to make your own Dream catcher, it will save you money. The all materials would only about $15.

  • A hoop.
  • Some yarn, thread, scissors, glue, pencil, ruler, fine cordage.
  • Lace trim.
  • Feathers, beads and other decorating things.
  • Vintage doily.

Step-by-step guide:
Step 1. Attach the vintage doily onto the hoop


Step 2: DIY feathers and other decorating things

String the beads with fine cordage

Step 3: Tie strips of lace onto the bottom of the dream catcher

Then it is done!

Learn more detailed steps here:
DIY Lace Dreamcatcher Save Up to 100 in 39 Minutes to Make Dream Catcher

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try manufacturer or an online search using make and model

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Yes whether you are in Ontario, London UK, or South Africa!

train from bellville to east london Google Search

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Wish I could see your whole pattern, but anything between stars means repeat between stars.
it could mean increase between stars end? Or until so many stitches.?
Like I say I would need to see more of the pattern.

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Is the replacement battery good? Is it the same size? Are contacts clean? Clean with a pencil eraser. Also verify polarity. Almost every Lithium powered device has the + side of the battery facing out.

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the problem indicates that the depth of cut for the cutter blades is excessive and that is stopping the roller movement
read te owners manual for optimum cut depth

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  • The first and foremost task is to clean all the impurities, dirt and tree debris. You can do it with the help of wire brush. To remove the oil residue, brush it with a rag or toothbrush and degreaser.
  • Many people prefer citrus cleaner over oil. A citrus cleaner is a versatile cleaner that can be used for cleaning anything in your house.
  • If you are using any degreaser product, mix it with water in a container and put the blades into the container.
  • Let the blade soak into the water for few minutes, scrub it with a rag, rinse it properly and let it dry or wipe the water from the blades.
  • Disassembling the pole saw is required before you clean a pole saw blade and put the blades in the container. For this purpose, remove blades from the pruner. You can take expert's help for this or unscrew the blade.
  • Put the blade on a table where you would clean the blade and keep the edges facing up.
  • Take a sharpening rod and push it forward only between the two teeth. This will file away the meat and sharpen the blade. Keep doing this for few times until you see the filings being developed on the back side of the blade. Make sure to file all the teeth on the blade.
  • The back side of the blade should be rubbed with a file as well. It is required to remove the burrs from the blade.
  • After sharpening coat, the pole saw blade by spraying oil on it to prevent rust and corrosion.
Do not forget to sharpen the blades with files that fit appropriately in the teeth. Diamond and whetstone files are being widely used for filing. So, this is how you can clean a pole saw blade and maintain it also. It does not take much effort. Invest your time to avoid replacing your favorite pole saw in the future.

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no you need a real computer which IPADS are not

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Request the assembly diagram from Thermogrip.

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