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You need to find adjustment program for L382 via 4shared.

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FIXYA is not a good place for this type of question, as it is focused on repairs and do it yourself appliance and automobile problems.

Out of empathy, there are volunteers here that might be more of use than me, and know about South African divorces.

Do you have a specific need for a document showing divorce, or only need to prove divorce for a re-marriage or financial issue?

Can you ask your prior spouse for copy of the divorce record, if still alive or you can locate them or their family members to ask?

If the divorce supposedly took place in South Africa, can you remember what city or magistrate's court it might have been filed in?

Would any of your family or friends have additional information as to the place of filing, because South African records may be difficult to obtain without more information? Actual record numbers may be required in South Africa to obtain a copy of a divorce record from a magistrate's court.

Could financial, credit records, real estate ownership or sale records, or other records that you can search for or obtain show dates of marriage and divorce, place of divorce, etc.?

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Hi Kenny First things first, Had you driven your vehicle for a couple of hundred miles/ km before the trip with everything fitted as it was for your road trip? If yes was it steering ok. Was your steering ok before you started to drive on the unsealed road. Have you changed anything before the trip I.e. tyres or are they the original tyres? If tyres have been changed I.e. fitted all terrain or mud tyres this can definitely give you this issue. Is there any dramatic worn areas on the tyres, or any sign's of scarfing (Wedge type wear on tyre). If they are original tyres get the wheel geometry checked. If problem occurred definitely after road trip get geometry checked. If this is found to be incorrect this can cause your issue. get it corrected if they are unable to bring it into specs they will tell you why and what is needed to correct it. Was the steering wheel in a straight ahead position before your trip did this change during trip? If it has changed steering wheel off centre then either something has come loose or has got bent. The other possible is do you have all the same type of tyres fitted to all four wheels are they all the same specs/sizes and pressures. If all the above is ok Did you have any bad bangs under vehicle on the unsealed road you may have bent something else that might be giving this issue again possible trailing arm, suspension arm, shock absorber, not everybody thinks shock absorber but I have seen a shaft bent enough to not allow suspension to fully extend making vehicle steer to one side so its worth checking if it comes to this, one side against the other. Just be aware a part might have the slightest bend sometimes not seen by the eye but would be picked up on a wheel alignment Do not only check alignment but caster and camber. Good luck

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Which country do you live in? And what satnav do you use?

Cars & Trucks | Answered 31 minutes ago

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