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Give it up. I have tried to repair some watches that simply refused to revive. The movement may be no good.

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Most pocket watches open in the back. Usually you have to have a very thin bladed instrument to pop off the back of the case. Since this is a gold watch I would take it to a jeweler to look at it since it is very easy to scratch up the case if you aren't careful.

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The only way is if you open it up.

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It sounds as if you have fatal fault and if it is still within the warranty period, then you should get a replacement, free of charge.

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Place the bottom window in the Date mode. Then press both bottom buttons simultaneously. A small "bell" symbol will appear in the top window, upper left corner. Hope that helps.

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I'm not that familiar with this model so I don;t want to steer you wrong by giving you bad directions. The company is actually out of business so you can't find a user guide or help there. What I can give though is the contact info for thier support agent. They are repairing and supporting the watches for Jurgensen. So they will be able to guide you through the setup.

Here is the contact info I have. I don;t think they will have any manuals available so they would only be able to tell you over the phone or in email how to set it up. They can probably do it in their sleep so this should get you chiming.

All In Time, Inc.
7948 Oxford Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19111

[email protected]

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You should contact Jules Jurgensen's authorized repair agent. This is the contact info from their website:

All In Time, Inc.

7948 Oxford Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19111

[email protected]

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Yes you can replace batteries in wrist watches. And No we are not the company warranty indicated for service. Try contacting your local distributor to help with directions for service office.
Hope this solution has been helpful?

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For removing or adding links firstly you will have to remove bracelet pins or screws. In case if there are screw on each side of bracelet - you have to use two screwdrivers simultaneously. In case if there are pins - read the rest:
You may or may not have arrows inside bracelet. Arrows are pointing the way the pins must come out. First you have to find out what sort of pins or even screws are used to keep links together (screw ends and pin end may look similar). Examine both bracelet sides and find the side where pin ends have a groove. Start with a tiny screwdriver and try to unscrew one. If it turns, but doesn't come out, that means you have a pins instead of screws. For removing pins the best would be pin removing tool (approx.5GBP on ebay), but it's possible to do the job without it. Take a hardened steel needle and blunt the sharp end to the approx. size of pin end diameter using any sharpening stone or sandpaper. Get an old towel and fold it to make a soft base for work (like small cusion). As you don't have a special bracelet holder you will need a pair of helping hands to hold the bracelet steady upright. You will need small hammer and pair of flat nose pliers as well. NOTE: The pins MUST be driven split end out first, not vice versa. Make sure that the grooved pin ends are facing towel, not the needle and hammer. Now place the watch on the folded towel, take that needle and smallest hammer you have and start driving the pin out using light blows. Do Not hit hard, as you will brake the needle, scratch your watch or even injure yourself. Watchmakers are using 45 gram hammer, so, calculate your strength of blows. After a few punches check if the split end is coming out and when you see that the pin end is coming out long enough - grab it with pliers and pull the pin out with pliers. When pulling, do NOT turn pliers, as pins tend to brake when twisted. Use firm grip and your strength to pull the pin without twisting. After shortening the bracelet or adding extra link(s) make sure that the pins go back EXACTLY the same way as they came out- the blunt end first in the hole and the split (grooved) end last. Before doing that check remaining pins in bracelet to make sure that you put them back from the right side of bracelet. It is recommended to use plastic hammer to drive pins back in or you will scratch or damage bracelet. If plastic hammer is not available use an old toothbrush handle (or some plastic item) as an absorber. Simply put pin into the hole as deep as you can with your fingers, put the toothbrush handle on split pin end and hit handle, not the pin. Make sure that pin ends are flush with bracelet. If needed- hit few more times. Job done! If you do not want to do it yourself, any jeweler will do it in a matter of few minutes.

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While the firm does not appear to be selling watches any more, they still repair them, although they are in America!

Go to http://www.helbros.com/ for their contact details.

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No, there is no insulation in it. Sounds like you may have the wrong size battery in the watch. The thickness may be to thin to maintain good contact or there may be some debris hampering the connection to the contact.

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Try calling 1-800-220-1233 to ask them 1) did they receive it and 2) when can you get it back. Good luck.

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mcdevito75 Here, I did a Fast Search and found a customer service number for Blue Dial a Jules Jurgensen Dealer, nothing on the main company though. Blue Dial may be able to help, it"s a toll free number, 1-877-518-9396 Hope this helps.

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Thank you for contacting FixYa.
You can usually get extra links from JJ/Helbros but for some reason I can not get their website. I would look for a phone # in the manual and call them. They will want the #'s on back of watch.
Best regards. Jewel

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All watches should arrive with battery fitted. As now there are too many variations of watch movements, it's impossible to tell exact battery code without seeing the watch. Nearest watch repair shop will be able to tell you that.

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JJ do have a warranty but I do not know how long you have had your watch. Its always best to send your watch back to original vendor, especially on a more expensive watch. Any other repair done by outside sources can and will null and void the manuf. warranty. I would HIGHLY suggest the link below: The price is very resonable for the s/h.

good luck

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Try this or they might be able to direct you further:

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Gold Cat Jewelry 19105 Kishwaukee Valley RoadMarengo, IL 60152-9211 map Phone: (815) 715-6186

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