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Question about 1988 New Yorker

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1988 new yorker atc trouble codes I have a 1988 chrysler new yorker that blows freezing cold air. I did the heater/air condition ATC self diagnostic test and it started blowing hot air. It also ...


Question about 1990 New Yorker

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...or something else? my code key on/off methode gives me 55 so no codes loged!! could be the fuel pump a bad coil or pick up coil located under the cap and rotor fuel pressure should be at least


Question about 1985 New Yorker

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code I'm having trouble locating the paint code. Does anyone know exactly where it is located on 85 2.2 turbo new yorker? Have you located plate with all the numbers on it yet? Usually on firewall, or

My 1994 Chrysler New Yorker is showing a trouble code 21, what does this code mean O2 sensor need be replaced. Good luck. yorker 3.3 Liter. Are you sure it is not blinking another code? Fig. 1: Diagnostic trouble codes and descriptions - all vehicles Fig. 2: Diagnostic trouble codes and descriptions - all ...

trouble code 55, and how do you reset pcm Trouble code 55 really isn't a trouble code at all. It indicates the END of the trouble codes. If that is all you are getting, then there are no codes stored.

how do i fix a problem indicated by a trouble code # 12

Question about 1991 New Yorker

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...trouble code using key on/key off method reads code 32 open/short in EGR transducer. pg 25-6 in factory manual. diagnostic trouble code page 21-107 says code 32 which is 2/4 hydraulic pressure switch ...

...trouble code list for 1991 Chrysler New Yorker 3.3? Also if you can direct me on getting a repair and maintenance manual for 1991 Chrysler New Yorker 3.3 you can go on line look up trouble codes for ...

...trouble code that will not run, fuel pump does not run and is new I replaced the oil sending unit since it quit running and have disconnected the battery to clear codes. The fuel pump was replaced ...

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