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Where is the starter located 2004 Kia Sorento

If you get under the car, look at the engine compartment where the transmission attaches to the engine, you will see an electric motor there. It looks like a big cylinder that is bolted to the engine.
There are two wires that attach to it. NOTE safety issues are present before you do anything.
Prevent the car from rolling or falling
Disconnect the battery.
There are torque specifications on it and there may be shims present.
In some cases the starter is mounted more to the side/top of the engine.

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how to remove engine

disconnect all electrical wiring harness that is attached to motor, disconnect exhaust, disconnect intake hoses, drain cooling system remove radiator, undo motor mounts, disconnect transmission, disconnect auto trans flex plate and attach engine crane remove engine replace torque converter and solenoids and reinstall or disconnect electrical from transmission and cooler lines and driveshaft and support trans with jack and undo cross member and drop transmission out of vehicle with jack supporting it and then rebuild transmission

How to replace wiper motor on a 1994 Ford F-150

  • Locate the wiper motor, and disconnect the electrical wires from it by unplugging them. The wiper motor is in the engine compartment against the back firewall near the driver's side.
    Disconnect the wiper arms from the wiper motor linkage by using the pliers to remove the clip.
    Locate the wiper motor in the engine compartment on the back firewall and remove it with the proper size wrench. There are three attaching bolts.
    Remove the wiper motor by twisting it around if you have to. The wiper arm linkage will come out with it. good-day !

  • 3Remove the cowl grill under the windshield wipers using the proper size screwdriver. This is the grill that you see under the wiper arms before the engine compartment hood starts.

  • Read more: How Do I Remove a Windshield Wiper Motor from a 1994 Ford F-250? ' eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_7195498_do-motor-1994-ford-f_250_.html#ixzz1odr1irhn

    Engine light came on and car is over heating. Took it to auto zone and was told it's the fan relay. Its a 2003 PT Cruiser, Turbo. I opened the fuse box under hood. There are 3 spots for relays in there that are all empty. Im being told that because its a Turbo, the relays go somewhere else under the hood. Any ideas where???

    Turbo Radiator Fan

    The radiator cooling fan is a variable speed electric motor driven fan. The radiator fan assembly includes an electric motor, fan blade, and a support shroud that is attached to the radiator. The radiator fan is serviced as an assembly (fan motor/fan/shroud).

    The variable speed radiator fan is controlled by the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) by way of a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) signal. The duty cycle ranges from 30% for low speed operation then ramps-up to 100% for high-speed operation. This fan control system provides infinitely variable fan speeds, allowing for improved fan noise, A/C performance, better engine cooling, and additional vehicle power.

    To control radiator fan operation, the PCM looks at inputs from:

    Engine coolant temperature
    A/C pressure transducer
    Ambient temperature
    Vehicle speed
    Transmission oil temperature (automatic transmission only


    where is the blower resistor pack located on the 2006 equinox?

    In passengers compartment. passengers front seat. under side of dash near foot area. lay floor on back look up . If you have a cover pannal under dash board foot area you will need to remove it. the Blower motor resistor is attached by 2 screws and has a flat electrical plug with 5 wires. to the drivers side of Blower motor.

    Can't get starter out of motor compartment

    NOTE: Some Toyota models have an access plate in the fender well to facilitate starter service. Check for such an access point before beginning starter service.

    1. Disconnect battery ground cable. Remove battery, battery tray and/or igniter bracket, if necessary.
      1. Disconnect electrical connectors from starter motor.
      2. Remove air cleaner assembly, if necessary.
      3. On models with automatic transmission, remove transmission oil filler tube if necessary.
      4. Remove starter motor attaching bolts, heat shield (if equipped), then the starter motor.
      5. Reverse procedure to install.
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