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Fuel Pump Removal and Instalation.

Fuel Injected vechiles have the fuel pump in the fuel tank. In order to replace pump tank must be removed. Depending on how much gas is in the tank you might want to sphion gas out first. Use a long hose, insert into tank via fuel inlet. (not advised but this is how I do it) **** on the hose till gas starts coming out. Let drain into gas can so you can reuse after pump is replaced. Most vechiles have two tubes running from fill neck to the tank. There will be two hoses running between them with usually a hose clamp on it. If there isn't a reusable clamp break the clamp other wise undo clamps. There is also another two if not three lines running from the top of the tank to engine bay. The two that is there is for sure is, one is fuel line, the other fuel return line. They are connected on top of the tank. Sometimes there is another connection within reach without lowering tank but most times this isn't the case. If you can reach, dissconnect now, otherwise dissconnect when you have enough room to access these hoses. There is also a wire connection. Again usually on top of the tank it can be dissconnected but sometimes it can be reached before tank is lowered. Again, remove when able too. Then you can lower the tank. Put a floor jack under the tank and then you can remove the straps that hold the tank in place. Now slowly lower the jack and make sure the lines are free. Lines mean fuel lines, inlet, and wires. Once tank is out there are usually three ways the fuel pump is held in. One is with a C-clamp. C-clamp tools are prefeered but can use two punches. Second is with a metal ring. You need a hammer and a small chisel. There will be three or four tabs on this, you slightly tap each tab counter clock wise utnil ring is off. Third is a rare option. It's just a plastic screw ring. Again loosen counter clock wise. Once the ring/clamp is removed you can remove the pickup with also holds the pump and fuel level sensor. You may have to twist/turn pickup tube in awakard postions to remove from the tank. Then follow the directions that came with the new fuel pump to replace pump. Some are quick easy replacements others you might need to cut/splice wires in order to replace with new pump. When you remove the pickup tube there should be a big black O-ring that helps seal up the tank. New one should come with the pump. If not use old one if it's not damaged. LUBE O-RING UP BEFORE REINSTALLING. This will make it easier on you and reduce the chance of damaging the ring while reinstalling. If you damage the oring and don't notice it, GAS WILL LEAK THE FIRST TIME TANK IS FILLED UP. Replace the tank just as you took out. Now if you're working with a plastic tank, DO NOT USE JACK TO LIFT TANK INTO PLACE. You can bend the pickup tube so that it only get gas from the top half of the tank. Ask a buddy to help you instead. If this is on a Camaro, Firebird, or other sports cars, exhaust has to be removed if not also rear axle disconnected to remove tank. Pickup trucks the bed can be lifted off instead if wanted. Remove the 6-8 bolts holding bed on. Disconnect fill and vent tubes. Disconnect tail light connections at frame. Remove tail gate and usually with two guys a bed can be removed for easy work on the fuel pump. Any way you replace the fuel pump it a pain but can be completed if you take your time and pay attention.

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1 Answer

Where is the fuel pump located on a ford f250 gas pickup?

if this is fuel injected the fuel pump is in the gas tank. however depending on year some are mounted to the frame rail by the gas tank.

Aug 24, 2014 | Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

rear car driver side noise when there is gas in the tank and when pushing gas pedal

The problem you are discribing could well be the impending failure of the fuel pump I am assuming that this is a late model fuel injected car . The noise is transfered by the fuel in the tank . Have a tech check and make sure you have only a small amount of fuel in the tank when getting the pump replaced as the gas tank must be removed in order to replace the pump . Hope this is some help

Mar 14, 2013 | Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

steps replacing a 1985 grand marquis fuel pump for first time alone thanks

See Figure 1
Two different electric fuel pump configurations were used on fuel injected models. One consists of a low pressure in-tank boost pump in conjunction with an external, frame-mounted high pressure pump. The low pressure pump is used to provide pressurized fuel to the inlet of the high pressure pump and helps prevent noise and heating problems. System pressure is controlled by a pressure regulator mounted on the engine.
The other configuration consists of an in-tank high pressure pump which does not utilize a boost pump.

0900c15280053dd7.jpg enlarge_icon.gifenlarge_tooltip.gif

Fig. Fig. 1: Disassembled electric fuel pump


In-Tank Pump
See Figures 2, 3 and 4

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Depressurize the system and drain as much gas from the tank by pumping out through the filler neck.
  3. Raise and support the rear end on jackstands.
  4. Disconnect the fuel supply, return and vent lines at the right and left side of the frame.
  5. Disconnect the wiring to the fuel pump.

0900c15280053dd8.jpg enlarge_icon.gifenlarge_tooltip.gif

Fig. Fig. 2: Low pressure in-tank electric fuel pump

0900c15280053dd9.jpg enlarge_icon.gifenlarge_tooltip.gif

Fig. Fig. 3: High pressure in-tank fuel pump

0900c15280053dda.jpg enlarge_icon.gifenlarge_tooltip.gif

Fig. Fig. 4: Removal of electric fuel pump

  1. Support the gas tank, loosen and remove the mounting straps. Remove the gas tank.
  2. Disconnect the lines and harness at the pump flange.
  3. Clean the outside of the mounting flange and retaining ring. Turn the fuel pump lock ring counterclockwise and remove.
  4. Remove the fuel pump.

To install:
  1. Clean the mounting surfaces. Put a light coat of grease on the mounting surfaces and on the new sealing ring. Install the new fuel pump.
  2. Installation is in the reverse order of removal. Start the vehicle and check electric fuel pump operation. Check for fuel leaks.

High Pressure External Pump
See Figure 5
  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Depressurize the fuel system.
  3. Raise and support the rear of the vehicle on jackstands.
  4. Disconnect the inlet and outlet fuel lines.
  5. Detach the electrical harness connection.
  6. Bend down the retaining tab and remove the pump from the mounting bracket ring.
  7. Install in reverse order. Make sure the pump is indexed correctly in the mounting bracket insulator. Start the vehicle and check electric fuel pump operation. Check for fuel leaks.

0900c15280053ddb.jpg enlarge_icon.gifenlarge_tooltip.gif

Fig. Fig. 5: High pressure external fuel pump

Feb 12, 2011 | 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis

2 Answers

wheres the fuel pump located

the fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank, the tank must be pulled to replace the pump.

Mar 05, 2010 | 1996 Ford Crown Victoria

3 Answers

Where is the fuel pump located. 1986 Toyota 4x4 PU 22RE

fuel pump is located in the fuel tank .yes buy after also change fuel filter

Jul 28, 2009 | 1986 Toyota Pickup 4WD

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