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I think you should go for manual first after that it would be easy for you to solve your problem. I had visited this site past 2 months before for my vehicle and find it quite helpful may be you will also get something useful here
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1993 Chevrolet... | Answered 8 minutes ago

The flasher itself is toast. It’s mounted in the in cab fuse box. Looks like a small cylinder, usually silver metal or black plastic. Pop over to a parts store, usually about 5 bucks.

Chevrolet... | Answered 3 hours ago

go to the wreckers and get a replacement fuse holder and wiring harness quicker and easier than trying to replace the fuse holder of the damaged wires

2007 Chevrolet... | Answered 8 hours ago

you have to pressure bleed the air out
you do that by getting a friend to pump then hold down the pedal while you open the bleed screw
close of the screw and re-pump and hold down again repeat the operation until there are no bubbles

Chevrolet S 10... | Answered 11 hours ago

Usually if the lamps act weird, I check grounds, ground wires should be black. You could try redundant grounds to see if it helps. You take a jumper wire splice into ground wire, run jumper to clean chassis ground. There might be a screw close by where you could ground it? There might be other issues?
At the lower rear, you brake and turn use the same bulb filament, but not at the same time.

Chevrolet Astro... | Answered 12 hours ago

Something wrong with mode selector , vacuum actuator etc....
Vacuum Control System Diagnostic

DEFINITION: Improper air delivery.
• Vacuum applied to the wrong actuator
• Vacuum leak
Were you sent here from Symptoms or another diagnostic table?
YES - Go to Step 2
NO - Go to Symptoms - HVAC Systems - Manual
Start the engine.
Turn the blower motor fan ON and select an air outlet mode.
Does air flow out of the selected HVAC outlet ducts?
YES - Go to Step 4
NO - Go to Step 3
Did the customer concern mention that the air discharges out the correct ducts at first, but then changes during higher engine RPM?
YES - Go to Step 8
NO - Go to Step 4
With the engine running, cycle the HVAC controls through all the modes.
Does the air come out of the selected outlet ducts?
YES - Go to Step 19
NO - Go to Step 5
With the engine running, take a vacuum reading at the manifold vacuum port that supplies vacuum to the HVAC vacuum control assembly.
Is there engine vacuum?
YES - Go to Step 7
NO - Go to Step 6
Repair the no vacuum condition.
Is the repair complete?
YES - Go to Step 19
Take a vacuum reading at the vacuum supply line at the HVAC vacuum control assembly.
Is the vacuum reading the same as the engine vacuum?
YES - Go to Step 12
NO - Go to Step 9
Disconnect the vacuum supply line from the HVAC vacuum control assembly.
With the vacuum gauge connected to the vacuum supply line, re-start the engine and turn the engine OFF.
Does the system lose vacuum after turning OFF the engine?
YES - Go to Step 9
NO - Go to Step 12
Inspect for leaking or collapsed vacuum lines between the engine manifold vacuum port and the HVAC vacuum control assembly.
Are the vacuum lines leaking?
YES - Go to Step 10
NO - Go to Step 11
Repair or replace the collapsed or leaking vacuum line.
Is the repair complete?
YES - Go to Step 19
Replace the vacuum reservoir tank. Refer to Vacuum Tank Replacement .
Is the repair complete?
YES - Go to Step 19
Using an external vacuum source, apply vacuum to the appropriate vacuum line at the connector to the HVAC vacuum control assembly. Refer to HVAC Schematics .
Does the actuator retract?
YES - Go to Step 18
NO - Go to Step 13

Inspect for leaking or collapsed vacuum lines between the actuator and the connector to the HVAC vacuum control assembly.
Are the vacuum lines leaking?
YES - Go to Step 10
NO - Go to Step 14
Disconnect the vacuum line from the actuator.
Apply an external vacuum source to the actuator.
Did the actuator retract?
YES - Go to Step 15
NO - Go to Step 17
With the actuator disconnected, inspect the door for binding.
Does the door move freely?
YES - Go to Step 17
NO - Go to Step 16
Repair the binding door. Refer to the appropriate repair.
• Defroster Door Replacement
• Mode Door Replacement
• Recirculation Door Replacement
Is the repair complete?
YES - Go to Step 19

Replace the vacuum actuator. Refer to the appropriate repair.
• Defroster Valve Actuator Replacement
• Mode Actuator Replacement
• Recirculation Actuator Replacement
Is the repair complete?
YES - Go to Step 19
Replace the HVAC vacuum control assembly. Refer to Heater and Air Conditioning Control Replacement .
Is the repair complete?
YES - Go to Step 19
Cycle the HVAC controls through all modes to verify proper operation.
Did you find and correct the condition?
YES - System OK
NO - Go to Step 2

Do you know how to use a diagnostic flow chart ?

Chevrolet Blazer... | Answered 16 hours ago

You are experiencing the beginning stages of a failing window motor. If you've checked all the wiring, and it goes down with ease, but you need to "help" the window back UP, then you will need to replace the motor that drives the window to go up and down. Easily doable if you are even just slightly mechanically inclined.

Chevrolet... | Answered 16 hours ago

Most newer vehicle's have variable valve timing an don't use a egr valve . GM call's their system
Camshaft Actuator System !
Camshaft Position (CMP) Actuator System
The camshaft (CMP) actuator system is an electro-hydraulic operated device used for a variety of engine performance and operational enhancements. These enhancements include lower emission output through exhaust gas dilution of the intake charge in the combustion chamber, a broader engine torque range, and improved fuel economy. The CMP actuator system accomplishes this by, changing the angle or timing of the camshaft, relative to the crankshaft position. The CMP actuator simply allows earlier or later intake and exhaust valve opening, during the four stroke engine cycle. The CMP actuator cannot vary the duration of valve opening, or the valve lift.
I can you ,your vehicle does not use an EGR valve . What make's you ask ?

Chevrolet... | Answered 17 hours ago

I have a 5 door Aveo 1.5 and have messed up the new plug leads and have no idea in what order they should be fitted \ installed - please help

2005 Chevrolet... | Answered Yesterday

There is no single fuse for the speedometer ,if it were a fuse problem there would be more thing's not working . It's more then likely the stepper motor is bad ! There is a great video on you tube showing how to fix this problem .It actually affects more years then this guy says it does ! How to repair GM Instrument Cluster Speedometer Gauge Stepper Before replacing you mite want to have it diagnosed . This is a complex system , the vehicle speed sensor is located on or in the transmission an it sends a signal to the engine computer , where the engine computer interprets the signal an sends a message on the serial data network to the instrument cluster . Have a dealer or a ASE certified repair shop hook up there Professional grade scan tool to check the data .

Chevrolet Cars &... | Answered Yesterday

If one side is flashing too fast, that is usually caused by a burnt out bulb on the fast side.
Turn on the 4 way flashers and walk around the vehicle to confirm/ locate the bad one.

Chevrolet... | Answered Yesterday

hi, check your trans fluid.. does it show on the stick? what is the color? red our dark..

1996 Chevrolet... | Answered Yesterday

Not to be smart, but have you tried the key? You said you have a box in the trunk, it could be that you have upward pressure on the trunk lid jamming the latch, Have someone push down on the trunk and then hit the buttons to open it, I hope that will work for you

Chevrolet Impala... | Answered Yesterday

get the help from service and repair manual and fix the problem by your own easily and you can get the manual from the given link easily

1993 Chevrolet... | Answered Yesterday

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