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review the user manual page 101 to use zone 2.

Yamaha Audio... • Answered on Apr 29, 2021

The audio outputs on the rear of the TV (if present) should be connected to the audio inputs on the rear of the receiver. From your description, it seems the present connection is incorrect.

Yamaha Audio... • Answered on Apr 24, 2021

Sounds like you have a bad amp IC or transistors.
When these go bad they almost always put roughly 40 volts dc from the amp power supply to the speaker terminals. The protection circuit senses this dangerous (to your speakers) dc voltage and disconnects the speaker terminals from the amp via internal relays (the ones you hear click) and puts it into protect mode. If it didn't the dc voltage would quickly toast the voice coils of the connected speaker.

Yamaha HTR-6130... • Answered on Apr 14, 2021

Hi. I have rxv773 and it had the same problem. If u turn it on and after reley clicking 2 times fast and 1 time after about 8 seconds, look at the display if you see speaker ikons. If u don't see them and there is no sound. You wait those 10 minutes when sound comes back and look if the icons apear at the same time you got sound. If that is the case, you have bad DSP chip inside on the hdmi board. You could open the yamaha cover and see it right away on the top board at the right side. The chip is D80YK113CPTP4. That is the bad one. If you apply a heat for about 20 to 30 seconds with the heat gun at medium settings, you could fix the problem for a day or two or maybe a month. You need to replace the chip with newer one D80YK113DPTP4 . That dptp4 is updatet chip from cptp4. You can find those on aliexpress.

Yamaha Audio... • Answered on Apr 04, 2021

never had a cap that would fix itself been doing fixes with electronics for 60 yrs

Yamaha Audio... • Answered on Mar 28, 2021

Here's the manual; http://www.yamaha.ca/av/PDFs/Manuals/2004_receivers/HTR5730E.asp See if you find a solution in there - if not please ask again and we will see what we can do :)

Yamaha HTR-5730... • Answered on Mar 25, 2021

I signed up as your thread is one of only a few visible in a google search for YSP-1 max volume static burst fault. I just changed capacitor C73 from 330uf to 470uf (I ordered a pack of a load of 50V 470uf caps off amazon and a cheap soldering iron kit) This is the first thing I ever soldered in my life and it was so easy. Screws off the backplate, screws off the 2 little plates on top of the soundbar, screws out of the silver frame and flip it out up and towards you to reveal the power supply and C73 is right there well labelled with a line on one side indicating which way to solder the cap, snip off the old cap and solder the new one on. Perfect fix for all static and power on issues on YSP-1!!!!

Yamaha YSP-1... • Answered on Mar 08, 2021

Check for problem in fuel system - bad fuel - filter - carb/throttle body etc

Yamaha HTR 5930... • Answered on Feb 25, 2021

Blown output stage, blown fuse, speakers not plugged in etc

Yamaha RX-V371... • Answered on Feb 04, 2021

Here is the User Manual of R-N803 Check Restore Setting Page 53 Link: https://usa.yamaha.com/files/download/other_assets/8/976638/web_ZX95350_R-N803_R-N803D_om_URL_EnFrEs_A0.pdf If this work for you, Please Subscribe Our YouTube Channel: CCTV Networking Technical Support and website: https://www.doitek.net

Yamaha Audio... • Answered on Feb 03, 2021

On Yamaha's official website then for the remote that you need.

Yamaha Audio... • Answered on Jan 24, 2021

Remove the short that is causing the protection to engage, then power cycle, assuming it's a short circuit protection. If it's going in to thermal protection, then shut the receiver off and let it cool. If all speaker wires are disconnected and the unit is cool to the touch but still appears to be in protection mode, likely one of the output transistors has failed an will need to be diagnosed and replaced. Don't neglect to check the ESR of the electrolytic capacitors if you find a failed device internally.

Yamaha Audio... • Answered on Jan 14, 2021

I had a Power surge in Brisbane this week and found my YAMAHA HTR-3064 AV receiver unresponsive. Thanks to the Squish22's post, I tried the above approach, which is also listed for another Yamaha model (RX-V667) Unfortunately nothing happened. Another post suggested holding the 'straight' button as you power up to go into "advanced" menu (under DILLIGAF's post.) This also did not work. I thought I'd try pressing all 3 buttons and powering up, which worked a treat. so here's exactly what I did: Yamaha HTR-3064 - Protection mode reset:
  1. Remove the Power cord form mains power and wait 10 seconds.
  2. Plug cord in and turn on wall socket power.
  3. While holding down "info", "straight" and "tone control" buttons, press "main zone" power button. I got a click and it was good to go from there.
I had all of my speakers unplugged at the time and tested off the headphone jack before plugging all the cables back in again. Not sure if I needed to unplug everything, but I was about to dismantle and look for a fuse when I tried this method. Saved me a new system / service fee. Hope it helps you too. Thanks Squish22 and DILLIGAF for the head-start!

Yamaha... • Answered on Dec 25, 2020

I have seen several things that can cause this. One is a capacitor that holds the memory in the cpu. Another is a voltage regulator and then there are failures in the final amplifier transistors

Yamaha Audio... • Answered on Nov 24, 2020

Unplug all your speakers and components. Then turn on, if it still locks up you have one of maybe 5 safety features hooked up that are built in to stop your amp from blowing. You will need to replace board or have some cool tech dude desolder and isolate . Look for wiring diagram for safety shut down system. Sorry but if it doesn't do it after you disconnect every thing then check each speaker with ohm meter to read factory specs.

Yamaha Audio... • Answered on Nov 10, 2020

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