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I have same generator. Will not start. Good spark, good fuel, good carb. Compression is 60 psi cold. Is this good? Bad? I can't find anything on what compression should be.

Yamaha... | Answered on Jan 24, 2017

Not sure exactly what you mean but here is what I know:

1 - You shouldn't have to use any choke at all once the engine has started and warmed up, if you have to apply some choke to get the engine to run correctly then you have a carb problem. Clean and service the carb and see if that makes it all better.

2 - The idle speed is set by a small screw on the body of the carb itself, if it's set too low the engine can shut off rather than idle. Make small adjustments until you get it right.

3 - Dirty air cleaners can cause problems with idle

4 - fouled and/or misgapped spark plugs can cause idle problems

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Yamaha 2500 Watt... | Answered on Dec 06, 2016

We don't have a diagram, but might be able to help. What part do you need?

Yamaha... | Answered on Nov 17, 2016


We would love to help you out!

First,check the oil level is to the very top of the filler as these have an automatic shut off if the oil gets too low. They like to be filled to the very top of the filler hole. Try running it, if it still shuts down let us know and we will assign an Engineer to your case. :)


Yamaha YG6600DE... | Answered on Nov 17, 2016

Carb needs cleaning or rebuild most likely.

Yamaha Inverter... | Answered on Oct 07, 2016

No idea but somebody else will probably come along with a better idea then mine, seems a lot of these generators have this thing installed on them (Has $25 hard start kit). Not sure what it does or how it works. Strangely enough you said you use it for 240 volt. Looked at the picture and didn't see a 240 volt connection.
If you are using the what look like the 120 volt circuits you can't over load the unit. Maximum current draw will cause it to go into protection mode and shut down the power load. The following is an exert from the owners manual which I got from Yamaha's site. Link at the end of this post.

Hope this helps

Overload indicator light
The overload indicator light
comes on when an over-
load of a connected electrical device is detected, the
inverter control unit overheats, or the AC output voltage
rises. The electronic breaker will then activate, stopping
power generation in order to protect the generator and
any connected electric devices. The AC pilot light
(green) will go off and the overload indicator light (red)
will stay on, but the engine will not stop running.
When the overload indicator light comes on and power
generation stops, proceed as follows:
1. Turn off any connected electric devices and stop
the engine.
2. Reduce the total wattage of connected electric
devices within the application range.
3. Check for blockages in the cooling air inlet and
around the control unit. If any blockages are found,
4. After checking, restart the engine.

Yamaha EF2400iS... | Answered on Jun 06, 2016

this is a rule of thumb for carbies where the float is pivoted from the top cover
with the float in position turn the top upside down and the float will now be in the position it is in when controlling the fuel
the float top should now be close to parallel to the top cover it is attached to
if you manage to get a measurement for that distance it is measured by the specified measurement as a twist drill and it is to move under the float as you roll it along the top cover
not to move it up or miss it but just touch it
adjustment is by bending the small tang that is connected to the needle
now if such a measurement is not available simply ask your service dealer what it is

Yamaha Virago Xv... | Answered on May 13, 2016

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    [PDF]EF4000DE, EF5200DE, EF6600DE, YG4000D ... - Yamaha

    Generator. LIT-19626-01-15. 7WV-28199-11. EF4000DE. EF5200DE. EF6600DE ...This manual will provide you with a good basic understanding of the operation and .....card listing your Yamaha model name, engine ... rpm. NO OTHER ADJUSTMENTS NEEDED. ENGINE OIL: IDLE SPEED: ..... Electric Starting Model:.

    [PDF]yamaha generator theory & diagnostics guide - Gen-Tech

    Yamaha Generator Theory and Diagnostics Guide .... Conventional EF6600DE . ...models with Smart Throttle) do not rely on rpm to ... unit manages functions such as AC power modifica- ... tions means higher fuel economy at lower outputs.

    Yamaha Motor Canada :: Products :: Power Equipment ...

Yamaha... | Answered on Dec 26, 2015

This generator is equipped with an auto choke. What is likely occurring is as the engine warms up the choke is returning to the normal choke off run position leaning the mixture two lean to maintain operation of the motor.

This is occurring because the residual fuel that was left in the carburetor has evaporated and the gum residue is reducing the fuel flow through the carburetor. When the choke is applied the mixture is rich enough to support running and as the choke returns on its own to the run position the mixture leans out and the generator stalls..

Override the choke when the engine is starting to falter to confirm the problem. Continuing to attempt to run the engine possibly adding a carburetor cleaner additive to the gas will likely return the unit to normal operation.

If attempting to enrich the mixture by applying choke when the engine begins to falter does not work then a fuel flow problem to the carburetor may be the root cause. I would look for a plugged fuel filter or restricted fuel flow from the tank to the carburetor. What is happening is when the unit is at rest the carburetor is filling with gas and as it is running because of a restricted fuel flow the level lowers in the carburetor bowl resulting in a mixture to lean to run.

Yamaha... | Answered on Nov 19, 2015

If you have not properly shut down the unit after use you will have likely had fuel remaining in the carburetor. The fuel will have evaporated while the unit was not in use leaving gum residue. If choking does not fire the engine than fuel is not able to reach the metering circuit of that carburetor. Check that the carburetor is receiving fuel from the tank,

If fuel is at the connection between the tank and carburetor then try lightly taping the fuel bowl of the carburetor. The float and needle valve which controls the fuel entering the carburetor may have gotten stuck in the closed position. The float of the needle valve is being held up by the stuck needle valve. If this is true than a light tap by the handle of a screw driver will usually free the stuck needle.

The shelf life of gas containing ethanol is about 30 days. In the future it is best to run the unit dry leaving ot fuel in the carburetor.

Yamaha EF3000iSE... | Answered on Nov 19, 2015

If you have not properly shut down the unit after use you will have likely had fuel remaining in the carburetor. The fuel will have evaporated while the unit was stored leaving residue behind. This residue will plug and interfere with the fuel passages and metering orifices of the carburetor. The residue reduces the fuel flow through the carburetor. Applying the choke compensates for the reduced fuel flow returning the fuel air mixture to a burnable ratio. If the unit runs with the choke on it is likely the carburetor is dirty. Be running the engine the carburetor will possibly clean itself. Make sure you remove any old fuel from the machine and replace with fresh. Allow the unit to run for an extended length of time attempting to return the choke to the run position. If you are able to return the choke to the run position you are on the way of solving this problem. You may need to run it additional time to completely purge the residue.

Additives are available to clean the carburetor and as a last resort if running with fresh fuel doesn't' return the motor to normal you may try it. For best results after mixing and running with the additives leave the unit overnight which may help to remove the remaining residue.

The shelf life of gas containing ethanol is about 30 days. In the future it is best to run the unit dry leaving ot fuel in the carburetor.

All else fails you will need to have the unit serviced by a small engine service center.

Yamaha... | Answered on Nov 19, 2015

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