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Appears that the controller has gone ballistic and is now doing its own thing. That part may need replacement. Search Over 2 1 Million Appliance Parts

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Check the drain hose for rodent damage or if it is attached properly at both ends, if not it's possible one of the internal hoses have come off (sometimes the one that attaches to the heater slips off)

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Try a liquid detergent or another brand.

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There are several things that might be causing this. Check the float to make sure it is not sticking, check the pump to be sure it is not obstructed, check the wiring cable in the door and control area.

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Hello Njpdeos2,

There is indeed a "thermal fuse" (675813 (need to verify)):
see appliancepartpros VIDEO (your model isn't showing)
below :


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hope this helps

Carnac the Magnificent

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The pump has had it, & it is not presurising the water enough, also before u replace the pump, remove the inlet pipe, & check that the little gauze filter in the inlet valve is clean, when they block they dont let the water in fast enough to be pumped high enough.

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there is a relay on the pcb that controls the power to the solenoid valve, there are a few of them. but it could also be old school washer witch can be dial control this is when you turn a nob to a setting and it slowly goes back to off. if its this its controlled by this and no relays or pcb boards are on the washer classed as analoge.

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This happens to me about every year an a half. The drain in the dishwasher is clogging. You can purchase a cleaner to open it up. I took mine apart an was shocked at how much stuff builds up an cliffs the drain an will not finish draining the machine. Dishes are clean but not all the water leaves, after a while it leaves more water. It takes to washing with the special detergent you can buy. It's not your fault it's the way they are designed an it has to be done on mine about every year or so. You can find the stuff you need where the dishwashing detergent are sold. It's just a cleaner an Clorox mixed that breaks that junky build up.

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More than likely the control panel has failed, this is about a $300 repair on most.

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Hi, You have a faulty pressure switch. You will need to remove the outer casing and look for a round device that is typically red(ish) and grey in colour with a couple of small hoses attached to it.
Replace that and that should solve your issue.
pressure switch-5unm0hequ4xumt0b3iiiopln-5-2.jpg

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This could be "capacitor plague" on the controller board. TVs and computer monitors are the most common items with this problem, but I've seen it on a dishwasher with the same symptoms you describe. The capacitors are burned out inside, and the top of the capacitors may be domed upwards from the internal pressure from the overheating. (Smaller electrolytic capacitors may have the outer can pushed partway off of the rubber lead seal instead.) See the photo below to identify a bad electrolytic capacitor. Often more than one will be bad.

Fortunately, replacement capacitors are relatively cheap and easy for an electronic technician to replace (any TV tech should be able to solder it in). There are five parameters needed to specify a replacement capacitor:
Capacitance in uF (the "u" is actually the Greek letter mu, for "micro"), as in 470 uF. You must match this number.
Voltage rating. The new part must have a voltage rating at least as high as the original. This will probably be 6.3, 10, or 16 Volts.
Temperature rating: the maximum temperature must meet or exceed the rating on the original; the minimum is not so critical because you won't operate or store the dishwasher in sub-freezing temperatures.
Physical size: the lead spacing should be the same as the original, and the capacitor should not be too large to fit in the available space when the board is installed in the dishwasher. Usually these dimensions are in millimeters.
Ripple current: this is not marked on the capacitor, but getting a new part with too low a ripple current rating will result in replacing another burned-out part before long. Generally, the Panasonic FR series capacitors have a more than adequate ripple current rating. Often it is worth going one size up in voltage to get the extra ripple current capacity and lifetime rating, if the part isn't too big to fit - the price difference is a few pennies.

badcap-vqu0ky5rjsa2rrg3ipyvc5ct-1-0.jpeg (Photo from the-computer-problems-guru.com) Note the difference between the marked bad capacitors and the good ones with flat tops. The part with stripes is a resistor. It may get hot during operation. Replacement capacitors should not be touching any large resistors or they may burn out prematurely. It is very important that the new capacitor have its polarity marking stripe going the same way as the original; putting it in backwards will ruin it and may even cause it to explode.

Note: disconnect power from the dishwasher before opening the control panel. Do not touch the circuitry with your fingers; only handle the circuit board by the edges. Touching the circuitry may damage the parts with a static electricity discharge, even if you don't feel the spark. If you need to take the board out for repairs, get an anti-static bag to carry it; do not use an ordinary plastic bag. If nothing else, put it component side down on a cookie sheet, and again, avoid touching the circuit traces or letting them come into contact with material that could generate or conduct a static electricity discharge.

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You more than likely need a new control panel assembly, about $200 for the part.

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I would suspect you need a new control panel assembly.

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Hi, I found this video on You Tube, regardless of manufacturer, the procedure is the same. Click on the link below. GE WD24X10066 UNICOUPLE ASM PartSelect

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Sounds like it is a bad door seal. Recommend replacing the door seal and making sure the door is shutting square and not bent.

If you need further help, reach me via phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/steven_a67ead41eb5fc62a

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fuses do not blow from power surges or spikes
only from excessive current flow
for your own safety ,get in an accredited electrician to check the circuity of the house and then with that certificate in hand you can go back to sears and demand a refund of your money for a defective unit
their requirement is a ways of getting around a refund payment

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there must be a problem with the lock or the catch or something has been pushed in the hole for the catch i would check that there is nothing in there first. they not adjustable when the door is closed a pin is closed on the lock when it is turned on for a was cycle.

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-Make sure door closed good. otherwise it will not work.

Good luck


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Hello Summers2Go! We are terribly sorry to hear of your concern with your Whirlpool Dishwasher. Please respond back to this email address [email protected] with your name, reviewer name (Summers2Go), phone number, street address, zip code, model & serial number, and date of purchase on the appliance. We would be happy to assist you. We look forward to your reply.

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