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The soap door is opened by heating a bimetal bar that bends when electricity is applied. This prevents the door from opening when the cycle is momentarily selected preventing the soap from dumping. The unit is behind the soap cup in the door.

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either full water sensor bad or water solenoid stuck open

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The circuit protect in the power supply needs to be replaced or check the wire nut electrical connections to the unit.

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The connector ribbon cable oxidizes connecting the keypad, replace the keypad!

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When the dishwasher starts to make funny noises or working loudly, it is usually because there are debris caught in the draining pump, although a problem with the motor is also possible.

Drain Pump: The drain pump might needs to be checked for debris. If its clean and noisy it needs to be replaced.

Circulation Pump: Bearings inside the circulation pump will wear out over time and can cause a loud groaning sound while the dishwasher operates.

Wash Impeller: The wash impeller has small plastic blades that help with water flow to the control arms. If one of the blades breaks there could be a noise. It may also be improperly aligned. Inspect for any signs of damage.

Source: https://www.electrafixbc.ca/appliances/dishwasher.html

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All dishwashers are "tall' now. But will fit under counters wiring diagrams are glued to the inside of the panels

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Video at the link below suggests it may have a locking feature:


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Where is it leaking from? It'd it is under the door, check the door gasket for tears.

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i don't know. as it is new, i would call the seller or the manufaturer to see if this a normal condition or if a free service call is necessary.

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cycle timer. Mine wouldn't shut if timer were in the wrong place.

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Please check your normal water supply it's above 35'c no need to contact any component

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The clean light flashing 7 times is an error code indicating an issue with the wash temperature. If the control does not detect a 4*F temperature rise in the main wash cycle, it will display the fault as the clean light flashing 7 times. There are several things that could cause the water not to heat, including the water being too hot coming in, an open door switch, or a faulty component in the heater circuit. The most common cause is the door switch not closing properly. This can be due to a loading issue or a latch issue. If upon visual inspection of the heating element no obvious defects are found, I would recommend resetting the control and running another cycle, paying close attention to door closure. If the light begins flashing again, you likely have a component failure. The heat circuit consists of several components including the element, control, door switch and tub thermostat(s). Reset the control by pressing teh following buttons within 5 seconds.

Hit Temp Wash Heated Dry Hi Temp Wash Heated Dry

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I have the solution! Had error 4 and had the repair guy come....he said its caused by too many suds...if you are using tablets that have rinse aid as well as rinse aid, it causes to many bubbles, these get sucked down the two little outlets (located at the bottom of the dishwasher door, easy to see if you open the door completly) and make the water level in the base seem higher than it actually is which triggers the over flow button. Now to fix it is SUPER hard....NOT! Just pull out your dishwasher, and tip it back slightly. The water stuck in the base will trickle out...not much but will take 5-10 mins. Then turn it on, run on a rinse cycle to be sure its all gone! Easy Peesy. I called whirpool about this, and why they could not tell me how to fix it is beyond me......they told me to press and hold the start button...i dont think even they know how to fix it! So...I got to do this under warranty, now hopefully you get to fix it for free and we all win. Yay!

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Are you sure the cycle is complete?
If it is drying dishes then you will be interrupting the cycle. It is possible to cancel cycle and start over.

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Please click the link below and follow the procedure carefully on how to fix a clogged diahwasher


Hope I was able to help you.

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