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1. Defective valve
2. Incorrect installation

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This repair works for an older Whirlpool dishwasher, but I think several other brand-names use the same design as this brand/model and the fix could apply to them too.

I had a large leak coming out the front of my Whirlpool Quiet Partner II dishwasher this week. Some of the fix-it websites online said the likely cause was a crack or split seam in the lower spray arm; but upon inspecting it I found no problem there. Further, I discovered a seemingly inexplicable discrepancy when I ran the dishwasher with the spray arm off: it didn't leak at all then; but when I put the spray arm back on it leaked bad just like before.

What I discovered upon looking more closely with the spray arm off was this: there were severeal stainless-steel screws that hold the round top onto the pump/impeller housing, creating a gap between the two. I tightened the screws back down and ran the thing with spray arm back on, and presto! No leak.

I concluded with the spray arm on, there's enough back pressure that water was shooting out through the gap at the front of the housing, aiming directly at the hinge gap inside at the bottom of the door. But the reason it didn't leak with the spray arm off is because all the water was able to shoot up freely with no back pressure forcing water out the aforementioned gap.

You need a T-15 Torx bit to tighten the screws down; I'd advise doing that by hand instead of with a power screw-driver: a power tool will have enough torque that you can crack the plastic around the screw hole--which in fact I did, though not enough of a crack to create a problem.

I'll post photos and a video showing all this. Hope this solves your problem like it did mine.

Athens, Ga.

PS After I fixed the leak I got curious and took all 8 screws off and removed the round top piece, and found there's a black rubber seal/gasket that helps prevent water leaks, and a small piece of glass from some broken glassware earlier had wedged itself up under the rubber gasket. Probably not enough to prevent it from sealing sufficiently; but it might be a good idea while you're there to check that the gasket is in place and not compromised by foreign matter. And while you're at it, inspect the drain inlet fins below: I found a large piece of a broken wine glass, two metal screws, and chunks of paper residue from labels that had gotten washed off. Had to use tweezers to pull all that junk out. It would be potentially disastrous if some of that stuff had gone deeper and wrecked the pump . . .377654bb-8c7c-4d13-8475-3118a8d9dd2e.jpg

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Control board issue most likely

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Is your dishwasher hard wired into the house power system ... or plugged into a wall outlet under the kitchen sink?
You mentioned you turned off the power ... how? via the circuit breaker or disconnecting it from the wall? If your unit is plugged into an outlet (and you depowered by cutting the breaker) ... I would check the cord and outlet .. it might be as simple as that.
If that is not the problem ... trying a reset.
Below is a generic one for Whirpools which may work on your model
To reset it, you will have to have the door open. It can not be latched. Press "Heated Dry," "Normal," "Heated Dry," "Normal" within three seconds of the first pressed button. Now close the door, this should reset your dishwasher.
Good luck on your troubleshooting!

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Check drain pump and hose for obstructions

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To me it sounds like low water pressure. Have a look at the filters in your hose connections. If OK, disconnect the hose at the inlet to your machine and check if water flows freely.

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Searspartsdirect.com or repairclinic.com. You will need your complete model #.

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The heater circutt would be the place to start. The easiest place to start is a visual inspection of the heat coil in the bottom of the tub. Look for burn spots or discoloration and do an ohm check.

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Make sure that the wash cycle is completely done. Press down the control lock button to unlock it if its still locked press the cancel/drain button

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Hello Philip,
We are sorry for the frustrations you are experiencing. Please email us at [email protected] with your name, phone number, street address, zip code, model & serial number, date of purchase on the appliance and a brief description of the problem you are experiencing. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Whirlpool Social Care Team

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The vast majority of undercounter dishwashers measure approximately 24 inches in width, 24 inches in depth and 35 inches in height with adjustable feet. This means that the rough opening in your cabinets must be 24- by 24- by 35-inch. The dishwasher itself may be somewhere around 23 5/8 by 23 5/8 by 34 inches

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Drying is usually carried out by either the water condition, the rinse aid or the dryer itself. If the internal softener works correctly, and you have the correct setti g of rinse aid, then it would point to the drying element. Do you use the same wash cycle every time, and does this cycle have the drying cycle removed for energy saving? Increase the rinse aid setting a bit, and try a different cycle to begin with. If not then look at the element

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