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Open Stovetop
On most stoves, the air shutter is just behind the burner gas valve. It is a sliding plate or tube that covers the burner air vent. Loosen the set screw that keeps the shutter from moving. Turn the burner on fully and slowly open the shutter until the flame turns blue

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When a new or newly filled propane tank is attached to your gas grill, the OPD is usually at its maximum limit position above a tank filled to capacity. Propane may come through the valve too strongly due to the additional pressure of being full and the OPD displacement. The propane tank goes into check and limits gas flow when too much pressure hits the valve. Some grill manufacturers provide instructions for this in the users manuals but most people do not read the manual. Many grillers believe replacement parts are needed and burners, ignitors and regulators get replaced without reason. Depending on how efficient the grill is operating, some grills attached to a tank in check will not ignite and others will light but cannot reach cooking temperatures because the tank has limited the amount of propane released. Sometimes the food will be unable to exceed 200 degrees in temperature because the propane tank is in check.

Gas grill replacement parts are available and are sometimes necessary, low or no gas flow indicates a different typr of repair. Most grillers accept instructions and the problem is corrected in minutes -- but believe it or not I have had a few insist on purchasing replacement parts.
How do I fix grill?
To reset the check valve and get back to cooking on your gas barbecue grill, first
turn everything off. Turn off the grill, the rotisserie, the side burner and the LP gas cylinder tank. Once everything is turned off disconnect the propane tank from the gas grill regulator by unscrewing it or pulling the quick-release on older or retro-fitted propane cylinders. Now turn the grill on. I know, it is dis-connected from the gas tank but we want to ensure that the pressure in the gas lines or any gas in the burners is released. Leave all grill burners in the on position for 3 - 5 minutes before turning them off. Make sure. Most gas grill valves must be pushed in to turn them and if turning is attempted without pushing the knob, they will not turn to the "on" position. With the grill, et al turned off reconnect the propane tank and slowly turn the hand wheel to the open position.
Slowly. The trick here is to turn the hand wheel slowly. Propane in a new or very full tank will be under more pressure, especially with the OPD floating in position. The extra pressure will come through the tank valve stronger. Turn the gas tank slowly allowing small increments of propane to enter the grill.

Once this is complete, you should be able to turn the grill on high and ignite your gas grill burner. Your cooking heat should be back to normal and cooking times decreased. If the problem persists, try this process again to make sure you followed every step. The check valve exists to save your life if there is a leak in any of the gas fittings. Constant check valve issues could imply a gas leak and a visit from your local gas grill service technician may be necessary.
To find a leak, turn the grill valves to the off position and the gas tank valve to the full on position. This should pressurize the gas line. Spray soapy water on all the fittings and look for bubbles just like checking for the leak in a flat tire.
Do not attempt to correct a gas leak on your own. While a check valve error when your gas grill will not get hot or will not ignite is a user education error and an issue corrected by learning about your propane tank, a gas leak should be corrected by a licensed gas service technician. When you are grilling, turn the propane tank on first and then turn on your grill. When you are done cooking, turn the gas tank off first and then turn off the grill valves. The process releases the pressure in the gas grill hose and manifold which allows the gas tank to release pressure by filling these lines. Read the safety features of your gas grill, clean it when necessary and replace used and failing parts. Aside from that be safe, eat well and have fun.


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Google the make and model for a parts list , We do not have a price on here

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How to Reset the Propane Regulator for a Gas Grill
  1. Open the cover lid on your gas barbecue and turn all burner dials to the OFF position. ...
  2. Disconnect the regulator from the propane tank shutoff valve by twisting the knurled mounting knob in a counterclockwise direction. ...
  3. Open the burner control knobs on the grill fully.
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Dec 22, 2017

How to Reset the Propane Regulator for a Gas Grill ' Hunker

Make sure you open the valve very slowly the first time.

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It is malfunctioning -- be careful not to let anyone get hurt by a malfunctioning gas grill!

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Sounds like your propane tank is empty. Go get a refill!

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dicking around with parts from the manufacturer is expensive, time consuming and will prove frustrating since even if you get it to work it will fail again in no time. Instead, consider getting yourself one of those extended butane lighters at the grocery store. The ones with flexible lighter shafts work best in most applications.

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Try twisting the igniter button counter clockwise

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it's either the connection between the other 2 burners or there is a blockage?

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Yes you can and it is a great way to keep them clean. If you have the cast iron grate, you will need to oil them or they will rust.

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Try Amazon or a local outdoor furnishings store.

Weber Baby Q... | Answered on May 06, 2019

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