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Hello,you can work with your pc even away from it without a software.. In Windows, Remote Desktop allows you to access your computer from a remote location. To enable Remote Desktop, you must have administrative rights on the computer you want to use as the host (i.e., the computer to which you will connect from a remote location), which must be running one of the following versions of Windows: Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate Windows Vista Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate Windows XP Professional The Remote Desktop Connection client software (for the computer from which you want to connect) is installed by default on all computers running Windows 7, Vista, or XP. Enable the Remote Desktop feature on your host computer From the Start menu, select Control Panel (or Settings, and then Control Panel). Double-click System. In Windows 7 and Vista, click Remote settings. In the "Remote Desktop" section, select one of the two options to allow connections from other computers. In Windows XP, select the Remote tab. Select Allow users to connect remotely to this computer. To choose which users will have remote access, in 7 and Vista, click Select Users... or in XP, click Select Remote Users... . Typically, all administrators of the computer will have access by default. Each user must have a password before you can allow remote access. When you are finished, click OK. Your computer will now be able to accept incoming Remote Desktop connections. Open a connection If you have configured your computer to accept remote connections, to establish a Remote Desktop connection: Depending upon your network configuration and system requirements, you may first have to establish a VPN connection to your host computer's network. From the Start menu, select Programs or All Programs. Select Accessories, and then Remote Desktop Connection. In the space next to "Computer:", type the name or IP address for your host computer. Click Connect. Note: If you would like to adjust any of your connection settings such as screen size, login information, availability of local hard drives and printers, or keyboard and sound behavior, click Options before clicking Connect. In the Log On to Windows dialog box, type your username, password, and domain (if required). Click OK. Once you are connected, you can use your remote computer as if you were sitting in front of it. When you are finished, in the Remote Desktop Connection window, select Start, then Shut Down. In the Shut Down Windows dialog box, from the drop-down menu, select Log Off username, where username is your username on the remote computer. Click OK. goodluck!don't forget to rate,thanks'''''****

ViewSonic... | Answered on Jun 21, 2020

This is a hazard that you need to figure out. First thing is to check the power cables, Some of those monitors use a separate power brick and some dont. IF yours has a power brick, make sure it is made by viewsonic. It maybe a polarization issue with the wrong power unit. If the monitor plugs straight into the power cord and then into the outlet, check the cord ends to see if they are polarized ( one is bigger than the other spade) If they are different sizes where they plug into the wall, there is something more serious wrong inside the unit. You should use an electric meter to see how high the voltage is. IF it is more than 50 Volts you should stop using the unit. That model number is not listed on Viewsonics website. There is one that is close but they are not making it any longer.

ViewSonic... | Answered on Apr 05, 2020

ViewSonic... | Answered on Apr 04, 2020

gee that is normal on all monitors and by Energy Star laws too.
the monitor if the PC is dead or in speed mode, shuts of in 15 to 90 seconds, all do, every one. the monitor has self sleep, all do. everyone ever made did. even back to CRT days.

and the OSD button goes dead after. that. too. fooling the untrained.
here is the first tests, NO PC connected at all
power on see power light glow correct color
then see Viewsonic splash screen push the menu button now. quickly, if button dead hold it for 10 to 15 second to reverse the button lock now, see OSD works.

if you test the monitor on a good PC not in sleep mode the but working PC, your monitor is ok.

this monitor is very very old, 2004?
it has CCFL back lamps not LED<
and all fully used CCFL lamps are now no good, used 8yrs a day at 5years are no good. that is why we use LED back lamps now.
this is what they do: all do , used fully.
1: goEs dead forever, (vast did)
3: DIM BULBS (like me. lol)


ViewSonic... | Answered on Apr 04, 2020

OSD Lock: Press and hold [AUTO] and the up arrow for 10 seconds. If any other buttons are pressed the message OSD Locked will display for 3 seconds. OSD Unlock: Press and hold [AUTO] and the up arrow again for 10 seconds.

ViewSonic... | Answered on Apr 04, 2020

ViewSonic... | Answered on Apr 04, 2020

ViewSonic... | Answered on Apr 04, 2020

Hello Edelberto, this monitor does not disarm by the back to disarm the monitor, you have to remove, with great care, the front frame and there you will see the obstacles you have to remove the panel assembly and the platelets
I hope you can disarm it, comment the results
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola Edelberto,este monitor no de desarma por la parte posterior para desarmar el monitor, tienes que retirar, con mucho cuidado, el marco frontal y ahi veras las trabas que tiene para sacar el conjunto del panel y las plaquetas
Espero que puedas desarmarlo, comenta los resultados
Saludos Franco Dosil

ViewSonic... | Answered on May 13, 2019

Good Day Tricia,

I had to pull up you owner's manual to get the spec's on your cord, so if you need the manual follow this link:

Anyway after reading the spec's you need an AC-DC power supply that outputs 12volts at 3.3amps. What makes this difficult to find is the 3.3amps, most aftermarket power supply only go up to 2amps. So what's next? Well you can order directly through HP at this link:
If you do this make sure get part 8121-0740 if you live in the states, or part 8121-0731 if you live in europe.

The only other suggestion I can give is to bring the monitor into a radioshack and see if they have a 12VDC 3.3AMP (you can get a universal with higher amperage if needed, the monitor will only draw the 3.3 it needs even if it is supplied more) and the reason I say bring it in is so they can match the size of the plug that goes into the monitor, as there are about 20 diffrent diameters's. Again the problem you may have is finding one with a high enouge amperage.

I hope this helps

Good Luck

ViewSonic VA720... | Answered on Apr 21, 2019

As long as they are the same value

ViewSonic... | Answered on Apr 18, 2019

The problem can be bad power supply feeding the backlight inverter circuits due to bad caps, or in the inverter circuits, or worst case will be bad lamps, you need to open it up and tell us what you see inside first, good pictures will help, see example of failed VIEWSONIC due to bad caps:

ViewSonic... | Answered on Feb 15, 2019

The problem is seems to be in power supply section. it may be need to repair by electronic technician, after using any monitor 5 to10 years there may be power section or lcd panel may be damage.

ViewSonic... | Answered on Jan 30, 2019

Chances are you laptop has a vga input (looks like a blue trapazoid with lots of holes). Most monitor come with a vga cable. If this is the case you are good to go. If you dont have a cable for the monitor, you need to look on the back to identify the type of input(s) you have (DVI,VGA, or RCA). Then go to your local electronics store and tell the guy/girl you need a blank (monitor input TO blank (Laptop output) and you should be in business.
Let me know if this helps.

ViewSonic VG150B... | Answered on Jan 09, 2019

First, I'm not a Viewsonic representative.
* Check your warranty. call for support.

*** Following for information only.***
* No signal means no usable signal for a specific input on the TV or monitor.
* If it's just a monitor and not a multi-function TV that also has a Computer to video input then you need to check the device that's hooked up to the monitor as single function monitor's usually only have one input.
* If this is a TV then you need to go to the TV menu and check the "Input Source" to make sure it's on the input plug your using. (I'm using HDMi-2 on my laptop to TV)
* If it's not on the correct input then there will be a different signal (DVD, VCR, etc.) or none at all (No Signal) if those units are turned off.
* Unplug all devices (to reset) and count to 10. Power up and perform set up to your existing configuration.
* Note; as of Jan 2018 most cable TV are not broadcasting in analog (chan 3) and must use a digital tuner to get signal. Some cable Co. provide converters (for a fee?)
* Check with your service provider for more information.
Aloha, ukeboy57

PS, If you do have a damaged input (or feed) then check your video device for alternative outputs; IE: RCA Vid-Right-Left audio, HDMI, Split video (Y-G-B), VGA, S-plug, etc.

ViewSonic... | Answered on Dec 30, 2018

no PC stated. no OS stated, so... weak answers... next.
actually only old windows did that!
once it needs to do that, that means the HDD shows errors.
they are not ever supposed to show errors
and in fact self repair them selves (2001 to now HDD)

what I do is shut the PC off.
them test the hDD as remote disk and run smart tests
boot the same PC with say linux demo disk (or usb stick)
and RUN SMART test.
if the fail the HDD is no good. hopeless cases.
the next actions is backup data.
the PC you have running silly old chkdsk
will actually damage more data doing that,
that is why w10 does not do that, it just tells you
smart fails on HDD0 or the like.

Just 2 steps of you have the linux media pre made.
as all techs do.
no PC stated and viewsonic is not a PC.
boot to linux, click try me, then run disktest
if it fails smart tests the hdd is bad.

ViewSonic... | Answered on Dec 22, 2018

so you want to open the va1928 case.
did you take off the stand and full remove the stand mount first.
and see screws hidden there, did you remove all screws on the back first?
the mount is steel and has 4 screws , off those first.
the book is free to read, users guide
page 10, says wall mount
this 1 page shows,
1: remove the snap off lastic panel first. that normally hide cables on rear, or just hides the steel mount.
and the magic 4 screws on it. then pry it.
steps 1 to 4, page 10

then remove all other screws you see and it comes apart.
this is close, nice clear english too. refreshing.

the pr ytools are; in order of best to worst are.
1: using std, cell phone pry tools.
2: using a Guitar pick,
3: wreck your CC , us an old useless credit card.
4: now use screwdriver an mangle the edges for "art"
5: claw hammer it? or a finely sharpened crow bar?

ViewSonic... | Answered on Dec 22, 2018

VW? what is this VW? prefix? VX or VG is common,
Im guessing VX
the manual has no word "dual" in it,so that is perplexing.
are you attempting dual displays on 1 PC, (unstated PC)
yes, /no
the VX has 3 inputs ports, dvi, vga and HDMI
i guess the VGA port fails.
why not use VGA to DVI adapter, even as a test. dirt cheap too.

why not test any monitor on 2 PC'S Not just 1.
then you learn if the monitor is good or bad, in one simple step.?
why ask this? you told me HDMI works so why not use HDMI.
or does the VGA port must work for other computers, we dont know how any one uses monitors, the possibles are endless.
even as service monitor, ok?

if the VGA fails on 2 PCs, (it spec resolution) the port is bad.
did you reset the monitor first, do the OSD reset stated in the manual. sure worth a shot that....
called RECALL in the manual please read the manual. page 15.

page 12
Color Adjust provides several color adjustment modes, including preset color
temperatures and a User Color mode which allows independent adjustment of
red (R), green (G), and blue (B). The factory setting for this product is 6500K
(6500 Kelvin). make sure not fiddled wrong?

ViewSonic... | Answered on Dec 20, 2018

only blink auto adjust image plz help mi

ViewSonic... | Answered on Dec 20, 2018

Look for bad caps in the power supply first, post back what you find.

Failed TV and Monitors:
Capacitors kit: he can make you a set of caps for you.

ViewSonic... | Answered on Dec 19, 2018

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