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Hi, I have an old Viewsonic ViewPanel VE150

jafaba8, Your VE150 could be 7 -8 years old!! Time to get a new wide screen unit and maybe do research into a DIY refurbishment of the VE150 to keep as a spare unit? Check the date of manufacture on rear of unit??? Let us technicians know what you will do. Bye for now.
9/8/2022 6:46:57 AM • ViewSonic VE150... • Answered on Sep 08, 2022

Viewsonic PDA. Message: Please Wait for 30 seconds!!!

Page 72 and 73 again. It is really an antique though, 2003 technology. ..
3/3/2022 12:42:11 AM • ViewSonic V37... • Answered on Mar 03, 2022

Display works fine on VG700b

the old monitor is old square screen you PC , PnP plugs and plays that reloc and sets the GPU chip to use that tubby shape then you extend it and expect 16x9 wide video dump the VG700b in the trash, move on. and up 2011 newer wide screens. old is 1280x1024 , max, called tubby. a blast from the past. and no fun./ SXGA 5:4 aspect ratio is not 16:9 OR 1080p see them all here. YOUR USING PROJECTION SYSTEM NEW WITH RELIC MONITOR. OOPS./
3/2/2022 6:29:17 PM • ViewSonic VG700b... • Answered on Mar 02, 2022

ViewSonic VX2450WM - sound disappeared.

great post a Viewsonic with sound , none of mine have it.2007 monitor old, most are dead now.I hate those dinky shrill speakers inside.NO PC told (a nebular Laptop)no OS toldbut windows has a sound mixer that allows me to pick 4 or more sound output devices, 1 at a time not all at once.well when you connect the external speakers to any PC 3.5mm phone jack outputs, that switch in that jack cuts the sound inside the laptop dead BY DESIGN.why would you want trash shrill speakers inside the laptop with super find sounding external speakers at the same time.trash + great sound = trash. why want this??? no body does.nor if you plug in head phones to same jack the same thing happens speakers go dead, for privacy, (you and the others around)lets seeexternal speakers not told, usb or 3.5mm phone plugs.headphones USB or 3.5mm or both>?and the View sonic has speakers? let me look now.the manual shows(stereo mini jack, for VX2450wm-LED only<<< got this?the manual shows 3.5mm mini audio in jackthis means this opted monitor as amplified speakers insideand when connected to phones on any laptop the laptop for sure has its internal speakers muted,NO textual speakers told. besides monitorsall external speakers must have and amp , audio power ampor the speaker are dead.the phone jacks NOT drive any raw wired speakers ever.same with desktop green rear jack is line out or phones.not raw spearksif you do have AMP speaker it needs to have power to run..AC or DC power packs.the amp must be good, some old ones are must amplified the sound to the actual speakers.the switch in the 3.5mm phones jack is hardwareand disables the internal LAP speakers by Design.make sure the sound mixer is set to the correct output;.\seen here
3/2/2022 5:24:55 PM • ViewSonic... • Answered on Mar 02, 2022

Viewsonic vx922 capacitor compaiable va1930wm montor

As long as they are the same value
3/2/2022 5:24:34 PM • ViewSonic... • Answered on Mar 02, 2022

I have a Veiwsonic VX924 lcd that the green

old CCFL monitors are junk the CCFL tubes fail in many ways and all did so by now. see the 7 ways here. yellow dead 1./2 dead strobing intermittant or fails hot or cold the CCFL are EOL end of life. all are. really, like Ivory soap, 99% pure but bad. vast went bad at 20k hours or 5 years old. vast. time to upgrade, to 2011 or newer.
3/2/2022 5:24:32 PM • ViewSonic VX924... • Answered on Mar 02, 2022

Colors always changing

now that is one wild post.? NO PC told no OS told no what app shows wrong colors what does wrong mean? we can not see it. what are you doing, with the PC, and application of some kind or just windows screens wrong. is this a artist point of view , for Publishing in perfect tints? does VA2026w fail on 2nd PC? old monitors (trashy) have CCFL back lamps and go yellow tinged for white, and yellow added to other colors are trash. too. let me C 14 carbon date this MON. 2007 made and is CCFL lamps and all are bad now or yellow dog tinged or changes hot../cold or random. time to get a real monitor called LED 2010 or newer. 2007 are junk, the CCFL will go dead next. all do. here is what mine looks like, then,.... long ago. just like this. pure trash monitors, all brands that year or older 2010 is the cusp year CCFL > LED starting with big screens to small. so 2011 is best year up;. 2010 some are some not. 2007 is junk,
3/2/2022 5:24:27 PM • ViewSonic... • Answered on Mar 02, 2022

Ac power cord for HP vf51 flat panel monitor

Good Day Tricia,

I had to pull up you owner's manual to get the spec's on your cord, so if you need the manual follow this link:

Anyway after reading the spec's you need an AC-DC power supply that outputs 12volts at 3.3amps. What makes this difficult to find is the 3.3amps, most aftermarket power supply only go up to 2amps. So what's next? Well you can order directly through HP at this link:
If you do this make sure get part 8121-0740 if you live in the states, or part 8121-0731 if you live in europe.

The only other suggestion I can give is to bring the monitor into a radioshack and see if they have a 12VDC 3.3AMP (you can get a universal with higher amperage if needed, the monitor will only draw the 3.3 it needs even if it is supplied more) and the reason I say bring it in is so they can match the size of the plug that goes into the monitor, as there are about 20 diffrent diameters's. Again the problem you may have is finding one with a high enouge amperage.

I hope this helps

Good Luck
3/2/2022 5:24:02 PM • ViewSonic VA720... • Answered on Mar 02, 2022

Vx922 capacitors will they work on a viewsonic va1930wm
3/2/2022 5:23:57 PM • ViewSonic... • Answered on Mar 02, 2022

My monitor is all purple and white how do I fix that on a viewsonic
3/2/2022 5:23:47 PM • ViewSonic... • Answered on Mar 02, 2022

Viewsonic VX2835wm monitor that powers up with a good screen for a couple of seconds and then goes blank. I replaced the power board and it still does the same thing. Could it be the on/off switch?

FIRST WE DO NORMAL AND LATER TRUE CAUSE. gee that is normal on all monitors and by Energy Star laws too. the monitor if the PC is dead or in speed mode, shuts of in 15 to 90 seconds, all do, every one. the monitor has self sleep, all do. everyone ever made did. even back to CRT days. and the OSD button goes dead after. that. too. fooling the untrained. here is the first tests, NO PC connected at all power on see power light glow correct color then see Viewsonic splash screen push the menu button now. quickly, if button dead hold it for 10 to 15 second to reverse the button lock now, see OSD works. if you test the monitor on a good PC not in sleep mode the but working PC, your monitor is ok. this monitor is very very old, 2004? it has CCFL back lamps not LED< and all fully used CCFL lamps are now no good, used 8yrs a day at 5years are no good. that is why we use LED back lamps now. this is what they do: all do , used fully. 1: goEs dead forever, (vast did) 2: INTERMITTANT . (BINGO YOU ) OR INVERTER DEAD. 3: DIM BULBS (like me. lol) 4 TURN YELLOW FOR WHITE screens. 5: STROBEs. (FLASHes) AND A VERY EXPENSIVE SURE, THAT. AND LABOR.
3/2/2022 5:23:35 PM • ViewSonic... • Answered on Mar 02, 2022

Viewsonic VX2880ML 4K monitor, front vontrols won't work, help.

power on and power on led glows normal , not yellow or flash. then this happens splash. attached, 2014 made. then that tells you screen is NOT DEAD is it? now? here? (PC is dead or missing)
  • NO connections on 1 or more inputs.
  • NO sync
  • no signal
and goes black screen NEXT,. if all that fails power supply is bad. if all that works the menu button works for 15 seconds turned on with no PC, and also works on all PCs if connected to one that are all good and not sleeping. test the monitor on 2 PCs if confused. splash-undefined-undefined-0.jpg
3/2/2022 4:55:16 PM • ViewSonic... • Answered on Mar 02, 2022

My new Viewsonic VX monitor shows "no signal" when connected to computer.

that means just what it tells you the PC is dead, PC video dead or video cable unplugged , dog chewed it , pins bent or plugged in wrong on 1 or both ends. or monitor not selected to the correct input port (OSD) PC power lamp glowing not amber or blinkikng PC fans spin , PSU fan and CPU both if PC has GPU card in PCI-express slot it must be use those ports only for video. PC not beeping PC not texting errors post. PC not blinking codes on LED or caps lock or POST ERRORS ! NO PC told PC dead. PC not stuck in sleep mode , hold PC power button for 10 full seconds to end it, (cold boot that is) test monitor on end good PC? yet?
3/2/2022 4:54:28 PM • ViewSonic... • Answered on Mar 02, 2022

Ihave an view sonic E70fb

· The OSD Lock Out Message

Power your computer completely off and then remove the monitor cable from the port on the back side of the computer case. Reattach the cable and make sure the pins are correctly screwed in all of the way. Power the computer back on and check to see if the OSD lock out message is still being displayed.

· 2

Check the manual that came with your computer or monitor and locate the troubleshooting section if you are still receiving the OSD lock out message. Find the OSD lock out heading and read the method that your particular model of monitor uses to remove the lock out. Follow the instructions to remove the lock out.

· 3

Attempt generic lock out removal procedures if you no longer have the manual that came with your monitor. Press and hold the "Menu" button located at the bottom end of your monitor for 15 seconds and wait to see if the OSD lock out message disappears.

· 4

Press the "Menu" button again if the lock out message remains on the screen. Use the arrow buttons to navigate through the main menu options. Highlight the "Settings" or "OSD Menu" option and then hit the Menu key again to access the new list of settings.

· 5

The OSD Settings Menu Scroll down to the "OSD Lock" heading. Use the arrow keys to change the setting to "No." Hit the Menu key again to return to the main menu. Scroll over to the "Exit" setting and then hit the Menu key a final time to exit the menu setting and remove the OSD lock out

2/17/2022 8:18:44 PM • ViewSonic E70f... • Answered on Feb 17, 2022

Screen won't come on, on my Viewsonic VSR220

WHY DOES THIS SEARCH SHOW.The Viewsonic VSR220 no such thing.?Turn the monitor around, 180 and see the TAG sticker with real model toldno PC told , what PC is this?this ? VSD (D key is next to R) so huge typo"? that is a PC (android)but can do monitor like duty. needs service.if screen is dead, it has power problemsas the screen must at least show a viewsonic splash as power is turned on.try it on a 2nd room AC power jack yet:?if in warranty take it back to the storeor call viewsonic for help.the android PC can use an HDMI cable to a PC and works as a monitor.too.the manual states"4.5 Connecting to HDMI-compliant Devices via MicroHDMI InputHDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a compact audio/videointerface for transferring uncompressed digital audio/video data. You canobtain the best user experience for video playback and gaming via HDMI.VSD220 is equiped with a micro HDMI input for connection to an externalHDMI-compliant device. You can connect your PC, notebook, Blu-ray playeror any other HDMI-compliant device to VSD220 for high-definition videodisplay."
2/16/2022 7:47:31 PM • ViewSonic... • Answered on Feb 16, 2022

ViewSonic VA2261H monitor leaning forward, how to adjust?

hi find link for view sonic user Manual
12/31/2021 6:00:29 PM • ViewSonic... • Answered on Dec 31, 2021

How to remove back panel of viewsonic va2046

Hello Edelberto, this monitor does not disarm by the back to disarm the monitor, you have to remove, with great care, the front frame and there you will see the obstacles you have to remove the panel assembly and the platelets I hope you can disarm it, comment the results Greetings Franco Dosil Hola Edelberto,este monitor no de desarma por la parte posterior para desarmar el monitor, tienes que retirar, con mucho cuidado, el marco frontal y ahi veras las trabas que tiene para sacar el conjunto del panel y las plaquetas Espero que puedas desarmarlo, comenta los resultados Saludos Franco Dosil
5/13/2019 1:16:45 AM • ViewSonic... • Answered on May 13, 2019

VA1703wb Viewsonic Monitor backlight

The problem can be bad power supply feeding the backlight inverter circuits due to bad caps, or in the inverter circuits, or worst case will be bad lamps, you need to open it up and tell us what you see inside first, good pictures will help, see example of failed VIEWSONIC due to bad caps:
2/15/2019 2:49:05 PM • ViewSonic... • Answered on Feb 15, 2019

VGA Monitor starts flickering brightly after 20-30 minutes of use

The problem is seems to be in power supply section. it may be need to repair by electronic technician, after using any monitor 5 to10 years there may be power section or lcd panel may be damage.
1/30/2019 6:15:31 AM • ViewSonic... • Answered on Jan 30, 2019

How do you connect a viewsonic vg15ob mo niter

Chances are you laptop has a vga input (looks like a blue trapazoid with lots of holes). Most monitor come with a vga cable. If this is the case you are good to go. If you dont have a cable for the monitor, you need to look on the back to identify the type of input(s) you have (DVI,VGA, or RCA). Then go to your local electronics store and tell the guy/girl you need a blank (monitor input TO blank (Laptop output) and you should be in business.
Let me know if this helps.
1/9/2019 2:10:00 PM • ViewSonic VG150B... • Answered on Jan 09, 2019
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