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This Helmet is solar powered leave it on your dash to charge it a few hours will work just fine there is no battery the solar cell holds the power Try getting a full charge on it then see if the darkness will adjust .

Uvex Optrel... | Answered on Jul 15, 2019

dead battery, how do i removed the cover to take the batteries, from my optrel helmet.

Uvex Optrel... | Answered on Feb 15, 2018

I open my Optrel OSE Satellite K601 hood and found they use glue on the outside edges and then a rubber compound over the electronics. Rubber compound also holds the case tight. You can gently cut a square out of the plastic case about 1-1/2" square around the information printed on the back side of the case. Under neath you will find (2) panasonic 3V button cells. Each have 2 tabs that are soldered to the board. The battery's have a plastic sleeve shielding them from the rubber compound, so they will pop out easy after removing solder and lifting tabs. Be careful heating tabs as there are some small SMD resistors and caps very close to tabs. Once removed you can by the batteries with tabs at many battery suppl stores on line and solder back in. Or do what i did and buy a double battery holder with battery clip retainers, then mount in helmet and wire it to the board. Then use epoxy to install cut out piece of plastic on case. I actually used the new plastic adhesive that uses UV light to cure (Stuff is awesome). DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPEN CASE!!!!! You will regret it as it took me all day to repair the damage i caused to open it. Just cut around the data on the back of the case and the battery's are under neath. Each are about the size of a quarter. Also to remove the side control panel, pull the large knob off the panel, then un-clip the back cover inside the hood, then pull out on the panel then turn it to its side and then slip it through the hole in the hood.

Uvex Optrel... | Answered on May 26, 2016

I recently learned something new about these helmets. I really like like the fit and comfort of the OPTREL helmets; best I have ever owned, but the dying, irreplaceable battery thing drives me crazy. What makes it worse is that I spent over $400 to purchase mine and it lasted only 2 years. Unfortunately, I trashed my first one, trying to replace the batteries. Don't do what I did, or at least try this first. Hopefully this will restore full functionality to your helmet.
First step is to cover the sensor ports with opaque tape. These are the little ports on the AD Cartridge, which are located below and to the inside of the photo-voltaic (PV) charging cells. Covering these ports prevents the auto-darkening function from working, while the batteries are being charged. I used masking tape which was covered with duct tape so it was both easy to remove and it completely blocked light from passing through. Next step: Prepare a charging source by placing a CFD light bulb in a utility work light fixture. Mine was an aluminum, reflective fixture with a spring clamp for holding it in position. The bulb must be at least 23W (100W equiv.) and probably not more than 50W, to prevent overheating of the helmet and AD Cartridge. There are likely other light sources which will work as well, the objective being to provide ample and constant charging energy without overheating the helmet or AD cartridge. Position the lamp about 6 inches from the PV cells, immediately in front of the helmet so that the PV cells are able to capture as much of the light energy as possible. The lens should not be darkened in this state, due to the sensors being covered. Test by placing a 3x5 card, or something similar, between the light and helmet. The lens should not darken when exposed to light. The helmet can remain in this state for as long as you like. I left mine to charge for 5 days, after which it was able to maintain the darkened state with no issues.
On occasion, I think it may be beneficial to cycle the batteries on this helmet, i.e., discharge and then recharge. This can be accomplished by placing opaque tape over the PV cells, to temporarily defeat the charging function. Place the helmet in front of the light source, similar to the arrangement described above, positioning the helmet in such a way as to trigger darkening of AD cartridge lens. Note that the sensor ports must be uncovered for the lens to darken. Darkening the lens consumes battery power so leave the helmet in this state until the lens is no longer darkened, which could take hours to days, depending upon the condition of your batteries. Test lens darkening by placing something like a 3x5 card between the light source and sensors, which will cause the lens to transition from dark to light. Once the battery is sufficiently discharged, to a point that the lens no longer able to maintain the darkened state, then recharge the batteries using the procedure described above. Do not leave the helmet with batteries discharged, as this could cause permanent damage to the batteries and AD Cartridge. Hope this works for you. Best Regards.

Uvex Optrel... | Answered on Apr 01, 2015

Make sure the lens over the solar panel is clean and place in the sun for 4 hours. If it still doesn't work, these are considered non repairable, and will have to be replaced. Sorry.

Uvex Optrel... | Answered on Mar 14, 2011

Replace the batteries.

Uvex Optrel... | Answered on Feb 04, 2011

Hello, being a welder myself this can be frustrating. I wonder if your helmet is dirty over the solar cell. The solar cell provides the power to make the helmet darken. My other thought is this, I know how helmets can get roughed up. Look at the solar cell carefully, is it cracked at all? If so, then the cell cannot create the electricity needed.

Uvex Optrel... | Answered on Jan 24, 2011

If it is still under warranty then send it back, a welding helmet is something I really really don't want to try and 'fix'. Just replace it.

Uvex Optrel... | Answered on May 05, 2010

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