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First let us get some clarification on this thermal eye 250D. Did you drop the unit? Was it bouncing around inside a vehicle, box, while be transported? How bad is the whinning? I think I know what the problem is with thermal imaging system. It destroyed!! Need to call the manufacture and ask them what to do about this broke thermal imaging devise. As well as you know, these thing are not cheap!

You also need to get some clarification on what it will cost to repair this thermal imaging system.
Sorry. stewbison

US Night Vision... | Answered on Sep 07, 2018

Hello, there two things that can bad. One is the oscilator with voltage multiplier or the image intensifier tube. Send to Morrison Optics Co. GB....stewbison

US Night Vision... | Answered on Sep 24, 2011

Hello, do you mean that lens coating fell off? I hope not, but who can say when these Night vision monoculars and binoculars are soley manufactured in Russia. Hint: auction it on eBay. US Night Vision Optics will not warranty the lens coating, sorry. GB...stewbison.

US Night Vision... | Answered on Sep 18, 2011

Hello, that is normally to have some black spots. Now, if tries to tell that this Military spec. He wrong. Two black spot on any image tubes used by the US Military is rejected, they only allow one black spot and that if everything else is OK. How fuzzy is around the outer circle of the image tube. If there is a uniformed green pattern through out the scope. I would say it was OK. But remember "Buy be Aware". GB...stewbison

US Night Vision... | Answered on Sep 07, 2011

Hello, have you or someone else pointed this night vision devise at bright lights, street lights, head lights. If so, maybe the damage has/hasn't alread been done. STOP. This PVS-7 goggles with ITT image tube with generation 2 or 2+ or possibly generation 3 tube. The devise is an American made unit, and the best in the world. Nobody can compete with the USA on NV. They sat the standards on Night Vision.

Have you replace the 6 volt battery? Get the goggle in a darken room then turn the switch on.
see if the 25mm plate will turn green and stay on. But first replace that battery.
Therefore, if this test works, then never and I mean never shine NV devises into bright lights, it will destroy them every time.

PS. send me another message and let see what happen. stewbison

US Night Vision... | Answered on Aug 07, 2011

Letto, This PVS-7B has a generation II image intensifier tube in it. The image tube is manufactured by ITT liton company. The only way to fix this wonderful NV devise is to send to ITT Night Vision Company. They are listed in the internet. Unless you can find someone to work on it, but the really need to know what they are doing. stewbison

US Night Vision... | Answered on Aug 06, 2011

Lets get it right  here.  You don't have a camcorder or digital camera, right!  Then you want to make a night visison camera or goggles   I will tell what you need but you'll need  lots knowledge and know how pertain to electronic, hight voltage, optic lens, and some how getting parts that will be required.

1st. Image intensifier tube, 18mm or 25mm, Generation 1, 2, 2+,3,3+ iit.  You'll need to read up on thes image tubes.  Hint:   Their is electronical engineering in Sweden that built very thing that required for a NV it.

2nd. ccfl inverter with step transformer.  ccfl invert-cold cathode fluroscent Lamp, inverter electronic switch to turn off the DC voltage  (off/on @ 60hz/sec) or more.  Just with what I have said here.  I could write 200 page on it, and this isn't all of it.

3rd. Need small toloid (sp) coil, or transformer that will step up the Vcc voltage (battery volts) to something in hundreds/thousand volts.

4th. Toloid coil/transformer  take ccfl inverter voltage and multiply it to the operating voltage, frequency, and current the iit (image intensifier tube needs)  Example; 3 battery volt ----ccfl inverter

(where voltage switched off/on (about 3.8 dc volts here with capacitor switch)----- two primary winding (this switch the phase of the two dc voltage, it also has the dc current lage behing the dc voltage by 90 degrees)   Now the primary induces voltage into the secondary windings which is a step winding to about 500V to 1700V  THEN

Voltage multiplier (uses cremiac capacitory HV caps, then diodes (HV)  and they are hook up in a way that look like rome tower-cross hatch pattern---here, there are many different ways to get voltage multiplier, 1/2 wave, full wave,etc.  Now ever two capacitors and three diodes are consider one stage or cascade.  Each stage will double the previous voltage.   Example:  starting with 2000DCV switching to first stage 4000DCV to second stage 8000DCV to third stage 16000DCV to fourth stage equalls 32000DCV.


In this world under conservation of engery; nothing is destroyed or greaded, just engery transfer from one state to another.  Example:  If one could look down the wire from the image tube plate to the end of the battery---one would see resistance/  In the EEEE world it called impendence.  This impendence is made up of wire,capactance, resistances, component resistance everything will contribute to the overall impendence.  Remember the current lag the voltage by 90  degrees.  Simply this lag plays little joke on the impedence--for a short moment in time it makes it look like no current source and before it can reconized it, it off, the process starts all over.  simplist as I can get.



US Night Vision... | Answered on Aug 05, 2011


remove bateries from it
and get isopropil alcohol from a pharmacy
put it all in and let it dry by it self
do not put it on radiators ar any other heat

US Night Vision... | Answered on Jan 03, 2011

only one,,,,this rifle will bust his scope up! and is its only a gen1 whats the point of it? you can only see 50yds! unless he add a biger ir lamp

US Night Vision... | Answered on Aug 30, 2010

Sounds like terrmal run away of the power fet.
leaving it on that long caused it to be damaged.
many compact devices have simular toruble.when
you turn it back on it quickly over heats and shuts down. After a few seconds it cools enough to resume operation till it reachs cutoff temp causing the on off cycles.

US Night Vision... | Answered on Mar 12, 2009

it is definitely your intensifier tube u may be able to find another one online but good luck replacing it urself :-) if it is still under warranty, send it in.

US Night Vision... | Answered on Oct 24, 2008

It is definitely possible, it's just finding one that'll be the problem.

US Night Vision... | Answered on Feb 20, 2008

How long have you had the system? Did you purchase from USNV or private party? If from USNV why not call them up and send it in for repair. If from private party,,,,,that's the chance you take. Sounds like you have either a failing power supply or an electrical short somewhere. In any event the system should be looked at by somebody who knows about night vision. If purchased within the past 2 years it will still be under warranty.

US Night Vision... | Answered on Dec 30, 2007

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