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Intermetent power

Hello,The issue you describe is consistent with a power supply board issue. This is the board where the AC goes to. This problem may have occurred as a result of irregular power supply, or excess power supply or power surge.The TV is receiving current but cannot circulate or transfer the current to other necessary part of the TV because of the defective power supply board. You might be lucky it's just a blow fuse. Also a defective transformer can cause your TV not to power on.All these can be checked on the power supply board.But more often bad capacitors causes problem on the power supply board. I do not think the power board needs replacement, rather those defective capacitors is causing this issue. Open unit up and take a look at the power supply board.You will probably see one or more electrolytic filter capacitors that are bulged up in the top-not perfectly flat like the others.The value of these capacitors will be different, most likely they will be somewhere around-820 to 2200uF/25 V( or /10V sometimes)You can replace them with same values but I would recommend the voltage rating to be higher(like 35V for an original 25V) for reliability purposes.What happens is,these bulged top capacitors will cause a low and unfiltered DC voltage=main board will malfunction(the relay will keep clicking until the caps are holding enough charge to bring the voltage up over a threshold point).You can buy these capacitors at any Fry's or Radioshack store or you can order them online at vendors like ""(look for electrolytic capacitors). After replacing these capacitor(capacitors) most likely the normal operation will be restored. Or you can by a refurbished complete power board to save you some stress.Note: There may be also some other causes for this symptom ,like a defective T con board ,or main board,but the bulged top capacitors are the most common cause for this issue.If you don't know about TV repairers, take the TV to the nearest repairman to fix the fault for you. Also, note that TV stores a lot of current, so wait a while before opening the TV back cover.I hope this helps.Regards.
1/5/2012 8:54:40 AM • Toymax Skyworth... • Answered on Jan 05, 2012

Tv has trouble coming on... when it finally comes

did u fix ur problem i broke my screen and im triing to buy a screen off a used one if ur interested in selling me urs let me know
[email protected] 47inch magnavox (47mf437b/37)
12/30/2011 1:04:02 PM • Toymax Magnavox... • Answered on Dec 30, 2011

We have a maxnavox 37 in flat screen HDTV. When

You have a bad capacitor. It will be a 25volt,2200MF, 105 degrees...and it will be bulged! Results will be a AMAZING! Thanks for asking!
12/29/2011 3:16:21 AM • Toymax Magnavox... • Answered on Dec 29, 2011

My tv is showing red all over. the picture will show but once u change the channel it will show red dotts all over

Hi Your sustain board is bad. The TV has two of these and it could be one or both. Most likelly it's the y-sus.You can get parts at
12/16/2011 2:39:07 AM • Toymax Viore 42... • Answered on Dec 16, 2011

It takes forever for the tv to come on once its on it plays fine.Is this the pwer supply?

yes, it happens because the capacitors need be chanded for bigger ones.
12/16/2011 2:20:51 AM • Toymax Magnavox... • Answered on Dec 16, 2011

Tv repair for vior 42 inch something wrong w the

a dull picture is usualy caused by the z-sustain board but i have known the y-sustain give the same symptom sorry cant be any more help these boards can run quite expensive try getting used ones from ebay i would go for the z-sus first
12/13/2011 9:19:02 AM • Toymax Viore 42... • Answered on Dec 13, 2011

Could someone explain to me how to fix this myself?

the power board is under excessive load there is a short circuit component on the secondary side of the power supply you will need a multimeter to locate the faulty part and a soldering iron to replace it
12/13/2011 9:15:15 AM • Toymax Viore 42... • Answered on Dec 13, 2011

The tv is showing red all over the tv

Discoloration is ussually a prolem with the sustain boards on your TV. Your TV have two sustain boards they are located on the left and the right ends of your tv. I t is hard to tell which one is bad so you might want to change both of them it is recommended anyway. You can get parts at
12/2/2011 2:44:37 AM • Toymax Viore 42... • Answered on Dec 02, 2011

Magnavox 37MF331D 37 in. LCD TV

I had the same problem with a Magnavox LCD TV. It would not turn on and the light on the external PSU flashed. I found a replacement 12V 5A power supply on EBAY. It brought the set back to life.
11/20/2011 5:30:37 PM • Toymax Magnavox... • Answered on Nov 20, 2011

I lost the picture on my 37

There are two places to look for the problems, the backlight inverter board and the power supply. Look at the power supply first since it is easier to get to, look for burnt parts, bad capacitors, etc.
Please post back what you find.
11/20/2011 5:25:52 PM • Toymax Magnavox... • Answered on Nov 20, 2011

I have a magnavox flat screen 37 inch 37mf231d/37

the problem is the picture board replace it
11/10/2011 12:06:56 AM • Toymax Magnavox... • Answered on Nov 10, 2011

Need Viore code for ATT-U-Verse remote.

I tried every code suggested for my Viore with Uverse and nothing worked. Finally decided to reset the remote to factory settings using code 900 as described in the instructions from ATT uverse. The remote now works on my Viore tv and all I did was reset the remote to factory settings.
10/12/2011 10:22:18 PM • Toymax Viore 42... • Answered on Oct 12, 2011

I dont know where to plug in my red, yellow and

Hello, welcome to Fixya!

The yellow, red and white cord is called RCA. It different from HDMI.

The yellow stands for video (display), while the red and white stands for Audio (sound) Left and Right.

Hdmi is different from RCA (yellow, red and white). They are two different cords and connection.

Both can be connected separately at the back/side of the TV.

Please give me more information about the problem for more details.

9/27/2011 9:40:28 PM • Toymax Viore 42... • Answered on Sep 27, 2011

I have a viore 42

Hello kdmuszik,

Welcome, and thank you for using FixYa!

Your issue is with your Tuner Board. This piece will have to be replaced. All commands for picture ratio, color, and size transmit to the TV through this board. I have inclusded a link to the board you should be looking for, below.

Tuner Board

Have a great day!
9/11/2011 8:43:42 PM • Toymax Viore 42... • Answered on Sep 11, 2011

We have a Magnavox 37MF231D

Popped sound was came from a blown electrolytic capacitor and most likely in the power supply board. This board has now gone to incomplete circuit(dead) that's why the led light is not lit. If your handy with electronics, you may troubleshoot this board and look for shorted capacitor, open fusible resistor, shorted voltage regulator IC, open fuse. If you can't troubleshoot it yourself, another option is to replace the entire power supply board for more convenient. No soldering required, just pull-out all the cables connected from the existing board and put in the new board.
Also, check if your unit is under warranty/extended warranty period, avail it because the manufacturer will fix it for free. Don't attempt to open the back cover because it will void the warranty.
Let me know if you need further assistance.
Hope I helped you.
Have a nice day!
Thanks for using Fixya.
6/23/2011 4:33:56 PM • Toymax Magnavox... • Answered on Jun 23, 2011

Just got a 42mf437b for

most of the time the problem is on the power supply, look for bad connections and or swollen capacitors I’m happy to help further over the phone at
6/21/2011 5:33:27 AM • Toymax Magnavox... • Answered on Jun 21, 2011
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