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When you reset the Memory you clear all in the RAM. Recreate your tables. If you do not want to lose something you created, archive it.

Texas... • Answered on Apr 30, 2021

Hard Reset means reset. Everything gone and no way to recover it.

Texas... • Answered on Apr 26, 2021

First stop the application that is running [2nd][Quit] or [Escape]
From Home screen
[Apps][Data/Matrix Editor/][3:new] name the data set when asked.
A table is displayed Enter the values in list c1 and c2 You can rename the variables in header.
When finished press [F5:calc]
In calculation type right arrow select 5:linReg in front of x enter c1, in front of y enter c2 and [enter] to save. the equation shows when you press [ENTER]

Hope it helps.

Texas... • Answered on Apr 22, 2021

This was asked two years ago, but if anyone finds this page maybe this will help: Instead of 1E99, try using 10^99. They have the same value but it would appear that some calculators have trouble with 1E99. It fixed it for me.

Texas... • Answered on Mar 21, 2021

You will have to report faithfully the message returned, you cannot use your interpretation of the message. Error messages are codified. Each one will correspond to very particular error conditions. I did check the manual for all possible error messages and there is none that states wrong info.

My hunch is that there are errors in your data, but I can't say what type of error: I do not have the actual message returned. Verify you data, item by item, and try again.

To make sure that the calculator is well configured to do statistics
  1. Press [STAT][5:SetUpEditor][ENTER]
  2. Press [2nd][0] (CATALOG) and press [PRGM] (C) to jump to the first command starting with C.
  3. Scroll down to [ClrAllListsts] and press [ENTER]
  4. Calculator replies Done
Restart your statistical data entry.

Hope it helps.
Thank you for rating this solution

Texas... • Answered on Mar 07, 2021

How do I clear off fix (rounding) mode on the TI-10 and TI-15? In order to clear Fix off the calculator just press the following keys- First press the [Fix] key- Next press the [.] decimal key

Texas... • Answered on Mar 01, 2021

  1. Press the "2nd" key.
  2. Press the x2 function key.
  3. Enter the number.
  4. Press the close-bracket key ).
  5. Press the ENTER = key.

Texas... • Answered on Feb 15, 2021

the area of your roof is equal to the base (B) times the hight (H) divided by 2.
A = ( B x H )/ 2 = 120
To get the Perimeter of your roof you need to sum the base plus the sides (S)
So P = B + 2 x S

if you have a slope degree of 30 then
B/2 = cos (30) x S
so P = B + 2 x B / 2 / cos(30)
P = B ( 1 + cos (30) )
we also know that
H = tg (30) x B/2
from this last one we can go back to the Area and get a value for B
120 = ( tg (30) x B / 2 x B) / 2
480 x SQRT(3) = B^2
B = SQRT(480/tg(30))

P = SQRT(480/tg(30)) x ( 1 + cos (30))
tg (30) = 1 / SQRT(3) cos (30) = SQRT(3)/2
P = 2 SQRT(30 x (12 + 7 x SQRT(3) ) ) or aproximately 53.8m

Texas... • Answered on Jan 29, 2021

Sorry, but you cannot. However there is a program that you can download and install on your calculator. YOU DO THAT AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Here is the link

Texas... • Answered on Dec 29, 2020


Thanks! Genius!

Texas... • Answered on Dec 09, 2020

Error 07 is Syntax Error. From the manual: "You entered a value; look for misplaced functions, arguments, parentheses, or commas; check the syntax description in the A to Z reference."

If you can't find and fix the error, could you post the expression producing the error?

Texas... • Answered on Dec 07, 2020

GUEST... thank you very much.. works fine with my voyage ;)

Texas... • Answered on Sep 30, 2020

Make sure the battery contacts are clean. I just fixed mine, as it had been sitting for some years and the batteries went bad.

I gently cleaned any "green mold" from the contacts with a light Scotch-Brite pad and some electrical contact spray that I got at a local hardware store.

I tested the batteries with my digital meter to make sure they were 1.5V or more and put everything back together. Works great!

Give it a whirl---this is a nice little calculator. I bought mine in 1990-1991 and it's gotten me through undergraduate and graduate school...

Texas... • Answered on Aug 08, 2020

i had the same problem. If you hit 2nd down 2nd down 2nd down and keep repeating untill the screen clears it should solve the problem. i tried the other solutions that tried clearing the memory and they didnt do anything but erase the equations i had previously put in it (great). But this should work.

Texas... • Answered on Jul 30, 2020

that is not so: when you press the square root key, the calculator automatically inserts the opening parenthesis (the left one). It does so for all the built-in functions. With MathPrint parentheses are not necessary because of the open boxes.the content of the box is implicitly enclosed in parentheses.

Texas... • Answered on Jun 25, 2020

If You Want to Convert Decimal to Fraction for your maths class. These types of calculations are we can learn on 5th to 10th Standards. If you are studying in 5th to 10th class and you don't know how to convert your decimal number to fraction number. You want to learn about decimals and fractions. https://www-calculator.com/ deci to frac maths calculator-undefined-undefined-0.jpg

Texas... • Answered on May 11, 2020

Use the division key.

Texas... • Answered on Mar 30, 2020

Your calculator is set to radians, which is the norm for higher mathematics. To set it to degrees, press MODE to bring up the mode editor, press down-arrow twice to get the the angular mode, press right-arrow to highlight "DEGREE," and press ENTER. Press 2ND [QUIT] to exit the mode editor.

Texas... • Answered on Mar 19, 2020

I'm assuming the lack of a response means using the proper key did the trick.

Texas... • Answered on Feb 16, 2020

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