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DO not try and fix it yourself . that voids any and all warranty .

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Could be its just not a good quality watch, you didn't state the make. if its an invicta, then tbh, its to be expected they can be very hit and miss. You can buy demagnetizer for about $10, £6-7. Things like speakers, computer monitors or strong electrical field can magnetize a watch making them perform very inconsistently.

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  • Pull out the crown to the alarm setting position. The crown is located on the right side of the face of the watch. Pull the crown out until "AL", the alarm indicator, is shown on the watch. Depending upon the model of your Tag Heuer Aquaracer watch, you will either pull the crown out in the first or second position.
  • Select the hours and minuets for the alarm. Once your watch is in the alarm setting position, press the bottom right button on your watch. This will enable you to select the hours and minuets that you want to set the alarm for.
  • Set your alarm. To begin setting your alarm turn the crown clockwise until the desired hour or minutes are displayed on your Tag Heuer Aquaracer watch. If you happen to accidentally pass the alarm time, turn the crown counter-clockwise the get back to the desired alarm time.
  • Save your alarm. When you are ready to save your alarm, simply push in the crown. Once your alarm sounds, to silence it press any button on your Tag Heuer Aquaracer watch.

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    How would one know from the serial number. Numbers are easier to copy than even watches!

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    If the second is ticking as normally it is not the battery. If the battery is low the second hand will advance only at 5 second intervals meaning for four seconds the second does not move and on the 5th second it will advance by five seconds. This is a feature unique to Tag Heuer.

    Tag Heuer Link... | Answered on Jan 01, 2014 | 464 views

    you need to take mechanism out to push it back on, this link will help you

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    Get this U-Tube link, where all adjustments to your watch has been show. If you need any further assistance, contact the nearest Tag Heuer service center at your town. No user repairable options left with this device.

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    mcdevito75, Tag Heaur, one of the finest watches around, an old company and high end quality watches, Tag Heaur watches very, very good watches, high collector value, also expect a price tag on your tag Heaur watch, as they are not cheap.

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    Assuming the watch wont start when worn then its time to get a specialist watchmaker to investigate.A premier watch as you have will need regular servicing at 3-5 year intervals.try www.rolexrepairs.co.uk they will provide a free estimate and operate a fully insured postal service.

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    mcdevito75 here, BEST BET, Look for a small watch repair shop in your area for a replacement band, or you may want an orginal band to maintain authenticity, a band straight from Tag Heur can be ordered.

    Tag Heuer Link... | Answered on Aug 08, 2013 | 411 views

    Here is how its done. First remove one end of the clasp (this is much easier on the adjustment side - just depress the pin and remove). Now you can separate the two halves of the first link (actually this is a half-link). Simply grab each half and pull. You may have to do some twisting - do it carefully so that you don't bend the pin. You may have to do some prying - if so, you can use a thin piece of plastic so you don't scratch the link and only pry along the pin so that you don't bend it. Once removed, you can now remove the first full link. Remove it in the same way. Now replace the end half-link and re-attach the clasp. Removing a link from the other side is a little more difficult. The clasp lock is held on with a long pin (slot on one end and screw on the other. One must be held in place while you turn the other. You may need another pair of hands to help you.
    If you feel uncomfortable about any of the above, take it to a jeweler - a Tag AD is not necessary but probably best although any jeweler can remove a link if they understand how they are put together. Tell them the link is composed of a right and left half that snap together and they should then see and understand what they need to do.

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    It sounds like something has either moved out of place in the movement or something has broken. A qualified watchmaker can repair this for you.

    Hope this helps,


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    The small seconds hand do not stop because it has nothing to do with chronometer. It is ordinary seconds counter and will move independent of chronometer.Click on my profile (escapement), then click on Tips and Tricks. There you will find link to Tag Heuer watch manuals. It might lelp you. Rate me, please

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    Why does an "automatic" watch need winding?? SELL IT

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    exact same problem, no one seems to know

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    The date dial is turn by two mechanisms. By turning the crown one set of wheels are engaged to change the date but when the watch is running or the time is being set another set of wheels is used to change the date.

    Because it will not change on it's own when the watch is keeping time the wheel that is supposed to turn the date needs to be replaced.

    A qualified watchmaker can do this for you.

    Hope this helps.

    Ken Kotoski
    Yellowstone Watch Inc.

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    Find Tag Heuer manuals in my tips here on FixYa.

    Tag Heuer Link... | Answered on Jan 28, 2010 | 427 views

    It appears that the hands are loose an need to be by an experienced watchmaker.

    If you have any further questions please let me know.

    Many thanks! Mike Kenley ([email protected])
    TimeOut Worldwide watch and clock services If it don't tick I can fix

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