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How do you take apart the Sunbeam 2346 mixer to replace the worn gears?

See other answer for removing the front cover. The plastic cap over the rear speed control snaps off. Then the control ring snaps off. It reveals fopur screws to be removed and then another four allow the entire motor to slid out front. Remove two metal clips holding the gear cover together. There are then 2 screws on the bottom holding the cover for the plastic gears and then another 2 at the rear holding a small circuit board onto the cover. The cover then pries apart and the gears can be lifted out.
10/30/2022 6:04:37 PM • Sunbeam 2346... • Answered on Oct 30, 2022

Sunbeam Mixmaster 14021 schematic please?

Unfortunately nothing exists online Try asking direct

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6/5/2022 5:20:20 PM • Sunbeam Food... • Answered on Jun 05, 2022

Sunbeam Mixmaster MX8900 Type533 - How do I get to the motor?

Service manual, but this isn't a motor issue, it is a speed controller issue. It has a PCB board. Disassembly will probably be similar to the EM-3 here Or return it to Sunbeam under a warranty claim. ..
6/2/2022 7:13:37 AM • Sunbeam Food... • Answered on Jun 02, 2022

Parts for 1977s Sunbeam Mixmaster 1-15F model stainless power plus turntable bowl & feet needed. Where to find?

ereplacementparts or direct from Sunbeam are the best retailers of spares, but at that age, you best bet is to buy another as a parts machine from eBay. ..
4/14/2022 12:27:48 AM • Sunbeam Food... • Answered on Apr 14, 2022

How to remove the front of a sunbeam mixer

Thanks Anonymous for your answer back in 2008 regarding how to remove the front fascia by removing the beater eject button. I'm quite handy but spent over an hour trying to find how to remove the chrome front fascia. Even the service manual is just an exploded diagram with no obvious explanation of how to remove it. Many thanks, 13 years later!
1/21/2022 9:14:34 PM • Sunbeam 2350... • Answered on Jan 21, 2022

Sunbeam Mixmaster 12 speed may need lubrication

Part 1. Oiling the model 12:
Anyone can do this part.

On the top of the motor are four places where oil should be applied.
Starting from the speed finder dial and working forward-

There is a small hole on the top of the motor, just in front of the speed dial. Using a wooden skewer or a match, clean the hole out, and apply two drops of good quality sewing machine oil.

On top of the motor, and near and behind the juicer attaching cone is another hole, sort of key-hole shaped. Clean it out and put in one drop of oil only.

Three drops of oil go into the juicer cone. Let them run down the side of the hole.

Next to the juicer cone is another round hole. You may need to turn the handle as in removing the beaters to uncover it. Clean this hole too, and apply another three drops of oil.

Do not apply more oil than specified. It will get into the works where it shouldn't.

The following proceedures assume some mechanical ability. Read first to assess whether you are competent before starting.

After all these years, the gears in the front of the motor housing probably need fresh grease. This is a fibre based food grade grease that can be obtained from most bearing sellers. (I used a non-food grade grease, but I have to watch that the motor doesn't get too hot, and the grease run down the beaters, which can happen in extreme conditions.)

Prepare to get greasy during this proceedure. Latex gloves are an asset for doing this job.

Remove the cover plate in the centre of the front, and then the central screw from the front and pull away the front housing cover and handle. Don't loose the coil spring inside. It goes over the screw you just undid.

Unclip the return spring on the beater ejector, and remove ejector and spring together, slide the ejector down and off the beater spindles, then up and out of the guides..

There are four screws that retain the gear cover. The lower right hand one also retains a wire. Remove the screws, and gently bend the wire so the cover can be removed. There is a gasket underneath. Take care not to break it, it's brittle.

Once the cover is away, the gears and worm shaft are visible. Using a pop stick or old screw driver, remove the grease around the under side of each gear. A square headed set-screw retains each gear. When you find each screw, remove it completely. Turning the worm shaft will make the gears rotate.
Once both screws are out, pull the beater drive shafts downwards and out of the housing, and lift out the gears.
Using pop sticks, paper towels etc, but NOT solvents, clean out the gear space. Remove all the grease possible. A toothbrush is good for cleaning the worm thread. Use someone elses.
Wash the gears and shafts in petrol, kerosene or similar and dry thoroughly.
Reassembly is the above in reverse order, first filling the gear housing with fresh grease.
Grease each drive shaft lightly before refitting. Note the holes for the set screws in the shafts.
The nylon gear goes on the left, brass under the juicer cone.
Fit the nylon gear first, working the shaft upwards until the locating hole in the shaft can be seen through the screw hole in the gear. Fit and tighten the set screw.
Align the brass gear so both screws face forwards at the same time when engaged with the motor worm, to prevent the beaters clashing. You may have to put the brass gear in and out a few times to get the right teeth engaged with the worm shaft. Then slide the shaft in, once again observing the alignment of holes to ensure the set screw locks the gear securely.

Put everything else back in reverse order. Apply a smear of grease for the beater ejector where it slides, and don't forget to put the wire back under it's screw.

Part 2, speed control.

The jerky operation at low speed is probably due to dirty points in the governer. Addressing this involves disassembling the rear end of the motor.
DON'T pull the motor armature out of the housing without first removing the brushes during this proceedure. There's no need to remove the armature, but if you're curious....

Remove the chrome cap from the centre of the speed finder dial. Remove the lock nut from the thrust control screw under the cap. Remove the dial, catching the washer that goes under the nut.
There is a resistor, usually green, and a capacitor, a small aluminium cannister under the dial. Gently pry the retaining legs away from one end of each and remove them. Note which one goes where so you can put them back correctly. Marking with a felt pen is a good idea.

Now are visible two slotted screws. Remove these screws and pull the governer housing back and away from the motor. Note the pin with a plastic head, and remember to put it back when reassembling the same way around.

Locate and clean the points with a slip of soft wood and metal polish. Clean away the polish thoroughly. Do not use emery paper, it will make the points arc, and speed control will be worse than now.

Put everything back the way it came off.

To reset the governer, leave the locknut on the thrust controling screw loose. Set the speed control to position 1. Whilst pressing the dial home with one hand, screw the thrust screw in or outwards until the motor just starts to run, and lock the screw by tightening the nut. Test the control for full range, and tweak by slightly altering the thrust screw position as required. Getting the speeds just right first go is usually a fluke.

Replace the chrome cap and you're done.

11/21/2021 1:05:07 PM • Sunbeam 2485... • Answered on Nov 21, 2021

Regarding the Sunbeam Mixmaster (model

Pry the beater release button out with a screwdriver. There are two screws underneath it and one under the motor housing between the the beater holes. This will allow you to remove the chrome front cover, but not the motor and drive assembly. Getting to the part that contains the gears requires complete disassembly of the mixer. It is not designed for service, and requires patience and a variety of tools to disassemble.

It has a metal worm gear and plastic drive gears. If the beaters are out of alignment, then one or both of the plastic gears are stripped and the mixer is junk. Repair plus shipping costs equals the price of a new mixer. This is the weak point of these mixers and a fundamental flaw in an otherwise robust and sturdy design. It is definitly not the same mixer *********** bought 30 years ago.
10/16/2021 5:58:53 AM • Sunbeam 2346... • Answered on Oct 16, 2021

Sunbeam Legacy Mixmaster Stand Mixer - I don't see in the online manual how to remove the bowl turntable for cleaning. Can anyone help?

Look for a screw underneath it. It may be hidden underneath a sticker. Rub your finger over it to feel for a depression.
9/28/2021 9:24:27 PM • Sunbeam Food... • Answered on Sep 28, 2021

Mixmaster Heritage series 2350. Why does it keep turning off?

Defective switch or wiring
3/11/2021 3:46:54 AM • Sunbeam Food... • Answered on Mar 11, 2021

My Sunbeam mixer won't cut on I just replaced the cord

time for a new one
1/25/2021 9:58:04 AM • Sunbeam Food... • Answered on Jan 25, 2021

What is the difference between square beaters and round beaters for my sunbeam mixmaster

Different beater shapes were used over the years. Mostly they are optimized for the bowl shape and the power of the motor. Best results by staying with the original shape when replacing. Goodmans is a good source of beaters Goodman Small Appliances Housewares and Parts Sunbeam Oster Braun etc at...
12/4/2020 6:48:21 PM • Sunbeam Food... • Answered on Dec 04, 2020

Sunbeam Heritage Mixmaster Won't Tilt


Most of them have a button to push that releases the mixer head to tip back. Sometimes the buttons stick and will not release. That picture looks like you are using the Heritage model.

You have to remove two parts in order to get access to the piece that was causing the problem:

1) The "torpedo" shaped knob that sticks out from the mixer speed dial;
2) The speed dial itself

Both of these pieces clip-in, and can be removed with a screwdriver by pressing in on one of the hooks that hold them in place.

After these two pieces are removed look for a small washer right below the motor (it is sitting on top of the upper portion of a screw) -- in my case this washer had come loose; tighten it with a 1/4 size wrench (you can also tighten it by hand to release the tilt, it will probably become loose in the future if you don't tighten it further, but if you don't have the necessary tools this will at least allow you to get your tilt unlocked).

On another note, after tightening this washer you may also notice that the tilt release had become easier to use -- previously you may have found that you have to press the tilt release button very hard to get the tilt to unlock.

Please do accept the solution and revert for further assistance.

11/29/2020 4:57:00 PM • Sunbeam 2346... • Answered on Nov 29, 2020

Where can I get a manual for a Sunbeam Mixmaster MXG Type 40 Cake Mixer

manufacturer or online search
4/15/2020 3:15:25 AM • Sunbeam Food... • Answered on Apr 15, 2020

Got new Sunbeam Mixmaster stand mixer today lights on but no power what's the trick

Model number?

How to Obtain Warranty Service
In the U.S.A.
If you have any question regarding this warranty or would like to obtain warranty service, please call
1-800-458-8407 and a convenient service center address will be provided to you.
In Canada
If you have any question regarding this warranty or would like to obtain warranty service, please call
1-800-667-8623 and a convenient service center address will be provided to you.
1/21/2020 11:28:45 AM • Sunbeam Food... • Answered on Jan 21, 2020
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