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handles have to be removed first

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obviously it's not getting gas. remove the carb and recheck it. some have a plastic piece over the intake and output to keep the interior clean during transit. Forgetting to remove it will cause it not to get gas. Either that or the float is stuck closed, something like that. If the carb is new out of the box, they sometimes have a piece of plastic or something inside the float bowl to keep the float from banging around during shipping ect. Check that too.

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Check the fuel line in the tank to see if it's plugged. Also there could be crack or air leak in the full line not allowing gas to get sucked in. Just some thoughts if you haven't looked at this yet.

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Primer bulb to in tank filter - return line from carb to top of fuel tank.

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wear and tear or improper usage

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Hi Harold-

Here is a youtube video STIHL TS 350 Super Cut Off Saw (Pulling The Engine Apart)

Hope this helps.

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Check shutoff switch, wires for grounding, magnet strength on flywheel. If OK replace ignition module .

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All good answers here. If you have spark and it just quit running sounds more like water in system. The carb cleaners should help but you may need to run quite a bit through it. Remember to use care adding gasoline to avoid getting water into the tank. Also keep your tank full in storage to avoid condensation. In storing tong term add some sea foam and dump it out when you restart. Old gas turns yellow.

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According to Machinery's Handbook (24th ed pg 1650), there are four standard SAE spark plug threads, all metric: M18 x 1.5; M14 x 1.25; M12 x 1.25; and M10 x 1.0

Stihl OEM plug
Threaddiameter: 14mm
Threadreach: 9.5mm

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Turn the screw gently clockwise until it won't go in any more. Then turn it anti (counter) clockwise 1 complete turn. That should enable it to start but you will probably need to adjust it when the engine is warm. Failure to start can be because of a range of causes so I suggest you check the basics first like ensuring the fuel is fresh, that there is spark at the plug and that the choke is turned on if the engine is cold.

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sounds like your getting air leak around a gasket

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The idle speed is set too low. Check your manual and make the adjustment.

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check the fuel line inside of the fuel tank, the lines get cracks in them and some just brake off, the line= (hose)

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Order from Stihl or almost any plant hire workshop.

In case of difficulty or you need to save money India and China produce cheap replacement carbs for almost everything.

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need to know which filter was replaced, air or fuel? Also, is saw being used at different elevation than when it ran ok?

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I found a parts diagram for a Stihl TS400 CutQuick concrete saw here: . The direct link to the parts diagram is . I found some of the parts shown in the user manual as well. The manual is available here: . See page 44 for that parts diagram.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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