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Advice: go to your nearest pawn shop and buy a new one. They are relatively cheap.

What fell on it, and which part? The disc slot?

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PS3™ ' Deleting users -
Sony Computer Entertainment PS3™ Official Online Instruction Manual. Explains ... If there are multiple users, you can delete users who are no longer needed.

Deleting and replacing a master account - PlayStation Nation ...
Mar 23, 2017 - Because of this I can not simply change my mom's account name from "Mom" to ... Not talking online account here, just the user account you log into the PS3 ... Lost PS3 Network password. big trouble
Mar. 24, 2017
How to delete user on PS3 dashboard?
Mar. 24, 2017
Bought used PS3, don't know previous owner's password to ...
Mar. 23, 2017
I deleted my user on my ps3. Can I get it back?
Mar. 23, 2017
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ps3 - Changing PSN log-in on one user - Arqade
Apr 17, 2013 - ... same name, and then copy over the data into the new user account. ... When you do, you are going to lose, messages, PS3 settings, passwords and emails. After the restore you can match your user name with your correct ... ps3 - Deleting a user account on the PlayStation 3
Mar. 30, 2018
Sharing saves with different user accounts on the same PS3
Apr. 12, 2016
Can I transfer a profile onto a different PS3 account?
Jan. 12, 2014
psn - How to remove personal data from PS3?
Oct. 18, 2013
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Go to your settings and go to the family management settings. Type in the pin number and then you can disable family manger

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top is game data clean up. under this is how to clean the cache on internet.
your system is full and has no space left. this will cause internet problems as it need to use space on the hard drive.

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More information please. Have you got your PS3 factory reset?

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The graphics generator isn't working properly. Perhaps you have a problem with the power supply; that could cause strange noises. I suspect one or more burned-out electrolytic capacitors. A good electrolytic capacitor has a flat-topped cylindrical case, but a bad one may have the top domed outward by excessive internal pressure.

badcap-zqp50lyr3oje4ziwbuipidcp-4-0.jpeg Electrolytic capacitors in the sizes typically used in low-voltage electronics are usually low-priced; most are under US $1. I recommend Panasonic FR series capacitors for high ripple current tolerance, long life and decent high frequency characteristics. You can use capacitors with a higher voltage rating and temperature rating, but not lower. The capacitance ("uF") must be the same. Make sure the physical size fits the board and isn't too tall to close the case. Never, never install the capacitor backwards (check the orientation of the stripe on the old one before removing, and compare with the mark that's usually printed on the board under the part). A backwards capacitor will be ruined rather quickly when power is turned on.

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The reason this is happening is because the unit is too old and has bad memory go to ebay and buy another working one for $30 bucks

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Maybe your laser sensor has died, need to replace it

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Kindly Install A New firmware, You can find it on

Back Up your Data before installing firmware, Copy only 100% healthy ISO and CSO Files in Memory Stick. Kindly leave a feedback if it helps to solve your problem.

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Not sure if this will help or not.

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If the hard drive was not formatted prior to use, then if new; it only has been Partitioned and needs to be formatted to accept data and do a read/write.

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This seems to be a problem with GT6 that many people have experienced. Maybe stick to 5 or find a way to play Forza.

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Taken from a thread on the PlayStation forums:

The solution to this one is a real pain.
Basically, what you need to do is delete the user from the ps3, create a new user, and assign it to your psn id, and then sync trophies.

I'm sure there is an old thread about this somewhere, because I had this error last year, so I won't try a step by step walkthrough, unless you can't find the other thread.
Let us know how you get.

P.s. as some games are locked to user as well as psn id, create a new user with the same name as your old one, after you have deleted it, if you get what I mean.

-answered by hgwells

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Your console has the yellow light of ***** (YLOD), I had the same issue years ago with my PS3 I tried to fix it myself but that didn't work and of course opening your PS3 voids the warranty if it's still in effect, so I ended up sending it off to get it fixed and a year later I had the same issue (btw this was the 1st PS3 Sony came out with the fat one) then I ended up buying the PS3 slim, had it for years now no problems

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hi Torgsrus.
PS3 Light sequence
The following pictures illustrate the CECHX0X model, however the light sequence is applicable to all PlayStation 3 models.

No lights are on:

When no lights are on, this means that the main power switch on the back of the ps3 is off or the PS3 is unplugged. When the main power switch is off (the '0' is pressed) and you will not be able to access any features of the PS3 system. To turn on the PS3 system, make sure the main power switch is on (the 'I' side is pressed down).

If the PS3 does not turn on:
· Make sure the power cord is not frayed or damaged
· Try using another power cord, if available
· Make sure the main power switch on the back of the PS3 system is turned on
· If you continue to have issues contact our Technical support.

Solid Red:

When the power status light is solid red, this means that the PS3 system is off (or in standby mode).
Standby, mode means the PlayStation 3 system is off, but is ready to be turned on by pressing the power button.

If the ps3 system will not turn on when you press the power button, this is an issue with the PS3 system and you will need to send your system in for service.

Solid Green:

When the power status light is solid green, this means that the PS3 is turned on.
You should be able to navigate the XMB, play games, access the Playstation store,etc.
To turn of the PS3, simply press and hold the power button for two or more seconds.
If the power status light is green ,and you are experiencing problems- have a look on our forums for troubleshooting.

Flashing Red:

When the power status light flashes red after using the PS3 system for 3 or more minutes and shuts off, the PS3 system has possibly overheated.

This may be caused by poor ventilation or the vents may be blocked.
If this happens:
· Check to see if the vents are blocked. If the vents are dusty, vacuum the vents to remove the dust.
· If the PS3 system is in an enclosed area like an entertainment area, move it to a more open area.
· Leave the ps3 system off for 30 minutes to let it cool down.
· If you continue to have issue, you may need to send the console in for service.

Flashing Green:

When the power status light flashed green, it means that the PS3 system is turning off. Please wait while the system turns off.

If the PS3 system does not shut down immediately, it may be trying to finish save data to the Hard Drive. If it is, do not turn the main power switch on the back off as it may cause data on your hard drive to be corrupted.

If the green light continues to flash green, the ps3 system maybe trying to write to the hard drive, shutting down or running programs. It may take longer to shut down depending on when you pressed the power button. If the green power light flashed for a very long time, you can try holding the power button down for 5 seconds, the console will beep and should turn off. Then try to restart the PS3 system.
Flashing Green, Yellow and Red:

When the power status light goes from green, to yellow, to green, then to a flashing red, this means that they may be an issue with an internal part with in the PS3 system. This may be caused by a variety of reasons and would need to be diagnosed by our support line.

When the PS3 power light flashes in this order, you can contact our Support Line for further assistance.

Solid Blue:

When the disk status light is remaining a solid blue, it means the disc is inside the PS3 system. If you wish to eject the disc, hold down the eject button for 2 seconds and the blue disc status light will flash indicating the PS3 system is attempting to eject the disc . (NB: the power indicator light will always be a solid green).

If the disc is inserted into the ps3 system, but does not show up on the xmb or will not play, this may indicate an issue with the reader- check our guide Discs are not loading in my PlayStation 3? for further troubleshooting.

Flashing Blue:

When the disc status light is flashing blue, it means a disc was just inserted into the ps3 system or a disc is trying to eject from the ps3 system. Depending on when you pressed the eject button, it may take longer for the disc to eject. (NB: the power light will always be a solid green)
If the light constantly flashes blue, it may be an issue with the disk being stuck in the system. If this happens there is no way to remove the disc yourself if you are using an orginal 60GB PlayStation.

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