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Do you have your router secured with a WEP key? if so, have you enter that key on your computer?
check that and get back to this forum and give me an answer

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See this forum post. or this one.
You can uninstall the Vaio VSC Vaio survey program from the control panel>programs & features list. If you want to keep the survey program sony put on your system, but don't want it to run, remove it from the startup list.

I hope this information allows you to resolve this issue. If you need further assistance, please post back with a comment to this thread.
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1. If you don't have a Recovery Disk for your system, then you should contact the manufacturer to supply any additional recovery disk! (

2. You can also check this article for further help :

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F2 or F12. I believe its F2 on sony's

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Hi and Welcome to Fixya

THis means that the operating system of this computer is already corrupted especially the boot manager. This is the file the requires your computer to boot up to windows. You can still use the computer but you need to reinstall the operating system again by using the recovery disk of the computer.

Thank you for using Fixya!

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I don't have any sway with experts, other than I've been here a while and while speaking my mind from time to time I haven't compromised my principles of "Fair Play" and "My business ethics".

A lot has been argued about the 'team' or even 'sweat house' method of income earning in some other countries. FixYa has stated they are not aware of any such practice. Still, I've seen some of the experts who were thought to represent these 'entities' go away, gone.

Yes, FixYa, as do I with my customers, place a high value on customer satisfaction. FixYa firmly believes that a no questions asked refund policy is the only way to do business with its business model. I believe this is a reflection of the owner/founder of FixYa and his/her's business principles. Since they are nearly the same as mine, I have no dispute. I have also had my work refunded and its not pleasant and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

A really long long time ago a businessman and member of Kiwanis said to me while I was still in my 20s and working in my second store front (last one too!) that: "You make it on some and you loose it on others." This was a philosophy that when practiced helps you to suffer the losses and indecencies of being had. It happens. I developed a thick skin and rather than be a free provider to the poor, I work within effective non profits in my community to get my "good feeling all over" for being a nice guy. Its landed me on the board of directors in the last 20 years and even though it feels like a second and unpaid job to be on these boards, I know we are doing 'good work'.

Having served in southeast Asia, and in Vietnam, I would study the practice of Buddhism later to better understand what God the enemy had been praying to. I subscribe today to the philosophy of Karma. Simply put, What goes around comes around.

Don't know if this answers your question or not. A really cool philosopher I came to know, he's a psychiatrist by the way, stated: "We go through life earning income to provide shelter and purchase food to recharge are bodies with energy. That life is the pursuit of the gain, and loss of energy, in that pursuit. With energy being so precious, when we run out... we die. With that in mind then, why waste energy?" Anger takes the most energy away from us; of all our emotions we express or may express. It makes sense then to be cognizant of this and judicious in what 'things' and 'events' we choose to indulge our energy... and particularly our anger. A friend of mind calls it, picking the 'good fight' and "fighting the good fight".

Back to your point. How do I feel about the apparent indulgence of teams on FixYa. I agree with FixYa that this is not a good thing and leads to Expert dissatisfaction and is a composite of Expert Retention. As the business, FixYa, is burdened with collecting the 'proof' in order to put an end to all this. That takes some time. As a consultant to business in my area of the world, I focus on security and have done so for about 10 years now. Before you can prosecute you really have to have all the facts you can have in hand. Then, before you pull the plug on the culprits you need to have a real plan on hand to find and squelch this activity when it resurfaces again. This is why it appears to take so long for FixYa to move on this issue.

Today, compared to last Spring, there is a huge difference at FixYa.

Just so you know, FixYa to me is a very very part time thing. When I have a lull and can breath a bit, I go online and get my 30 or so and then casually log in in the evenings using my laptop in the living room. When some problem lands squarely in my zone I jump on it and help out. When some one is stuck in a dilemma and needs help even though this will only earn me a Helpful, I help out there too. What goes around comes around.

I also enjoy the Lounge quite a bit as it is a way to communicate with others on a global basis. This is a good way to learn and learn from others.


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Hi, I wrote my opinion to fixya, telling them that I do not think your ban is a good decision, and that I do not agree. In the past I have sent them three complains about your solutions, but I never asked or suggested any ban or similar measure.

I do not think my complains had influenced the decisions taken by fixya, but just in case I wrote them a message stating that the complains were not minimally suggesting such a measure as a ban.

by the way, if the ban had been determined only by bad solutions (I am sure more experts, including Ekse reported more abuse), then you can ask a reintegration promising them to improve the level of service.

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copied the corrupt system file (windows directory\system32\config\system) into a temporary directory, and copied the default microsoft backup (windows directory\repair\system) over the corrupt file.

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Please refer to the following two articles which explains how to troubleshoot the problem you are facing & fix them:

Sony... | Answered on Nov 30, 2018 | 50 views

Welcome to FixYa!

I hope this helps.
Thank you for using FixYa!

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Wow, I'd say your senses are off if the phone is related to a vaio desktop. You tried the 'channel' button and the maker's service forums, right?

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Chances are your power supply and computer is fine! From other forums on this problem (which I also had), I've learned the following:
1. If you unplug the computer for a half hour or so (the blinking green light will gradually slow down and quit) and plug it back in, the situation will correct itself and the green light will be steady; however if this does not work,
2. a reset that works for a lot of people with the blinking light problem involves leaving the power supply plugged in and unplugging the power supply connection at the motherboard (it usually also has a blinking green LED) and plugging it back in. To read up on how to do this, Google "blinking green light on computer power supply" and read through some of the forums and you'll come on more specific instructions. Usually, you have to wade through everybody telling you to replace the power supply or your motherboard is fried. It's worth a try for a quick fix, just in case those situations don't apply!

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Are you getting 'no signal' message on the screen?
How do you hook up the Laptop to the SAMSUNG? HDMI, DVI, VGA?
Did you use Fn key and either F4,5, 6, or 7 to activate internal/external/both the displays?
Laptop video resolution must not be higher than the SAMSUNG native resolution.
Failed TV and Monitors:
Learn about bad caps:

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Welcome to FixYa, the best online community for tech related issues.

Please elaborate your problem providing us with more details and the operating system of the PC.

Thanks for using FixYa.

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Welcome to Fixya. If the sound is not working on your system please download the driver of your sound card on the link provided below. Select the Operating System of your machine then download the audio driver.

Sony VAIO VGN-Z610Y Driver Download

Thanks for using Fixya.

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I had something similar ... I've posted it about 10 times now, everyone has problems with starting up.
check my link on Lenovo forums and try doing the sata changing thing.

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log on to this site to get › ForumsTech Support

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The solution which I'm about to provide you will erase all the data from your laptop hence, data backup is what you shall think first.
In order to do a fresh install on your laptop you are first required to format your HDD completely. You are required to delete all the partitions on it and recreate new partitions. Your version of Vista home is not allowing to upgrade to windows 7 because both of them are through Microsoft. You have three options at this stage to completely format your HDD
1. Use a DOS bootable CD. Go to any XP PC. Put a new CD inside it right click on CD driver in explorer select Format and then check on create a DOS startup disk. It will make a dos bootable CD put that CD in your laptop and boot through CD it will take you to command prompt. In command prompt you type format C: then again type format D: do it for all the partitions your laptop has if format doesn't work then you can use deltree command. Once the partitions are formatted you can boot through your Win7 CD and install the OS.
2. Use a linux installer CD. boot through Linux installer CD install linux on your laptop and then install win 7 on it.
3. Use a third party disk management tool through which you can boot and erase all the partitions on your laptop.

Sony Computers &... | Answered on Nov 30, 2018 | 1,695 views

If you can get a windows CD either by buying new or second hand, you'll still need the Sony drivers for your laptop. You'll have to go to the Sony website follow links for support and downloads, you should get them there.

If you don't want to pay for a new operating system you could download Ubuntu. Is a free operating system. Just Google Ubuntu.

Sony VAIO... | Answered on Nov 30, 2018 | 154 views

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