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Is it normal for opc

You can turn this feature of in you menu. It is adjusting to change in roomlighting when you see this come on. Look in your menu for OPC on off setting under features menu.
12/28/2023 6:32:17 PM • Sharp LC46SB54U... • Answered on Dec 28, 2023

Sharp TV Audio Problem

Almost all intermittent audio or audio failure problems with Sharp Aquos LC**D4U, LC**D5U, LC**D6U, and LC**D7U televisions are the result of a relatively simple design flaw involving the heatsink pad compound used on the Tripath TA-2024 amplifier chip (IC2502) found on the A/V board. This compound has a fairly low melting point and, over time, tends to seep out from between both top and bottom heatsinks onto the legs of this chip as well as onto circuitry immediately surrounding it. Further, over time the seeping compound also becomes somewhat conductive creating bridges which short the audio amplifier circuit causing everything from intermittent audio to complete audio failure.

Fortunately, in almost every case audio can be completely restored by cleaning the old compound from both top/bottom heatsinks and from both sides of the PC board in the area immediately surrounding the chip (I used rubbing alcohol which worked quite well). Sharp has issued a service bulletin addressing this issue (LCDTV-194) wherein a ‘2502 Heat Kit’ is specified. This kit is Sharp Part Number: PSPKIT663WJZZ and is available from for $19.95. However, it’s entirely possible to get by with the heat pad only, Sharp Part Number: PSPAZA663WJKZ for only $9.95. Please note that board replacement for this problem is almost never necessary, so if you’re working with a repair technician be sure and insist that he/she be certain to try cleaning the old board and replacing the aforementioned heatsink pads before charging you for a new board.

If one is reasonably familiar with electronics disassembly/reassembly and is willing to take their time, this can even be a DIY project. It is possible to find ‘important service references’ by simply entering LC26D4U (the 5, 6, and 7 series are very similar, and this information covers all screen sizes) into the search field at This will greatly aid in disassembly/reassembly of the TV, as the A/V board is somewhat ‘buried’ under other boards. Please refer to post # 373 at for pics of the information detailed here.

Particular thanks are owed ‘Aureius’ of the AVS forums for his research efforts concerning this issue !
10/19/2023 3:07:00 PM • Sharp LC-26D6U... • Answered on Oct 19, 2023

Hi, I have a Sharp LC 40 LE 818 Television that turns On and Off.

Sounds like the power board is failing or there is an overheating issue. ..
4/3/2023 11:21:46 PM • Sharp LC40LE830U... • Answered on Apr 03, 2023

DVD Displays "Incorrect Disc"

Movies and CD's that I've played before in the Sharp now read " Incorrect Disc" . Is this fixableby me or do I have to take it in for service? Thanks.
10/18/2022 3:37:29 PM • Sharp LC-20DV20U... • Answered on Oct 18, 2022

Sharp lc-26d40u No picture

I have a Sharp Aquos LC-40E77UN with the same issue, and have tracked down a single burned capacitor at C7816 on the power supply board, and am looking for info on the capacitor in order to replace it. (Power supply: RDENCA354WJQZ / Delta DPS 208BPA). - Any help with a schematic would be appreciated!)Since you say the picture went out, it is possible that you might have the same problem, Bad/failed/leaking capacitors are, unfortunately, quite common in electronics. There are volumes of info available on the subject.Replacement power boards can also be purchased. One for my TV runs about $60 to $120 depending on used or new. Since I was able to see a good picture on mine for a few seconds, despite the burnt out capacitor, I'm opting to try and find/replace the cap myself (using the proper safety procedures), or at worst, have a repair done to the power supply.Backlights should typically last around 60,000 hours.


9/22/2021 1:22:36 PM • Sharp LC-26D40U... • Answered on Sep 22, 2021

My 32" sharp lcd doesn't respond to the remote

Ok I just dealt with the Sharp customer support for this problem. 1) You need to unplug the TV for 1 full minute and remove the batteries from your remote aswell (this will reset the system)
2) Hold the power button on the remote for 30 seconds with the batteries still out of the remote and the TV still unplugged
3) After the 30 seconds replace batteries then press every button on the remote beginning with the power button in order from left to right and top to bottom (same way you read)
4) Then plug your tv back in and try the remote again.... and the remote and TV should be back in sync.

... let me tell you I thought the lady was crazy when she was telling me this but it worked!
8/4/2021 6:37:44 AM • Sharp LC-32SB24U... • Answered on Aug 04, 2021

52 sharp aquos tv wont turn on. Hear click of tv

This tends to be the result of an electrolytic capacitor somewhere, either on the main board or the power supply board bursting due to overheating. In this case you can pull off the back paneling and review the boards over to make sure all the capacitors are in excellent condition. After identifying a bad capacitor you can buy one from an electronics store in the area or a reputable online source. To replace it this will require soldering. Look for a capacitor with the same uF, the voltage can be the same or higher. Make sure all the power is out of the system before servicing, also make sure to note capacitor polarity observing the negative indicator line on the side. If your not sure this can be done at home I would recommend taking it in to a servicing shop. If you do not know what a capacitor looks like do a google image seatch for both examples of a good and bad copacitor. I honestly hope it's something much simpler, I hope this helped and good luck.
2/22/2021 8:35:51 AM • Sharp LC52D65U... • Answered on Feb 22, 2021

Tv will not start after power surge

Voltage checking and caps inspection will be the first thing to do.
If you can post the pictures, that will help a lot. Look at the inverter board to see if you are getting 12~18vdc feeding it, also look for caps with leaking/bulging top.
See some pictures here:
8/17/2020 10:40:08 PM • Sharp LC-19SB14U... • Answered on Aug 17, 2020

37 inch Sharp Aquos. "Failed to receive Broadcast [E202]"

This is basically a message for no signal on the tv, make sure the tv itself is on the correct input for the type of cable used. The inputs are labled by numbers on the back of the tv. The input can be changed by the button on the side panel of the tv.
7/14/2020 11:54:54 AM • Sharp Aqous... • Answered on Jul 14, 2020

T.V shuts off and power light blinks.

Those blinks [flashes] are fault indication (Error Codes). From the number of blinks occur at one time switch ON, you can get an idea about the faulty circuit section inside it. This will make repair easy. These are called blinking codes. Make sure about the exact number of blinking of the standby/power LED, by switching On & OFF the set, for at least two times. Count it carefully. If you wish to get some details, check the site linked here. It has details about blinking codes, and fault locating procedure, to many popular brand TVs and other devices. If blinks continue without any pause, the main board is faulty. Search the site by type in the "brand name" to your device, [Exclude the model number] in the "Search box at the top right of the display window of the Homepage" to get gathered related posts.
7/14/2020 11:52:02 AM • Sharp LC-32SB23U... • Answered on Jul 14, 2020

How to change aspect ratio on sharp tv?

You cant change the aspect ratio. You can stretch and zoom programs . Some programs like movies are in letterbox and you can stretch to fill the screen, but the results are not perfect. Circles will be oval and you will cut off some of the viewable picture. This is normal
12/8/2019 7:26:56 AM • Sharp LC-32SB21U... • Answered on Dec 08, 2019

Getting roku to work on sharp lc-19sb15u

Are you really ask this? Plug it into your HDMI port, then link your Wifi to it. It will put that information on the screen when you turn it on.
11/4/2019 12:01:05 AM • Sharp LC-19SB15U... • Answered on Nov 04, 2019

Lc52e77un tv screen is gray with a big red x and the number one beneath it. no picture or sound

Make sure your menu setup setting are correct - HDMI or other source, and make sure the signal incoming is good.
1/18/2019 3:37:08 AM • Sharp LC52E77UN... • Answered on Jan 18, 2019

How do get full screen on LC-15S2u

Menu on remote and make sure you have it on wide screen or 16 to 9
1/17/2019 10:35:18 PM • Sharp LC... • Answered on Jan 17, 2019

Television screen is showing mirror image not the actual image.

There's a button on the original remote control that does exactly that:

(Please vote or comment if my solution helped you!)

Adjusting PICTURE FLIP Settings
You can set the orientation of the picture.
Directly setting the PICTURE FLIP
Press PIC. FLIP to display the
2 Press PIC. FLIP to change the

Setting the PICTURE FLIP on the
MENU screen
Press MENU to display the MENU
2 Press a/b to move the cursor to
PRESET, and press ENTER.
3 Press a/b to move the cursor to
PICTURE FLIP, and press
4 Press c/d to select the desired
picture flip setting, and press
5 Press MENU to return to the main
The PICTURE FLIP screen automatically
disappears in 3 seconds.
• [NORMAL]: normal image
[MIRROR]: mirror image
[ROTATE]: rotated image
[UPSIDE DOWN]: upside down image

1/17/2019 5:28:42 AM • Sharp LC-15AV7U... • Answered on Jan 17, 2019

Remove black line appears on your LCD TV

You may get a vertical black line appeared on your LD screen. Don't panic. You may not have to replace the LCD panel (cost $1K more) or replace the TV. This is likely due to the issue with X-Y control board (either with connector or electronics). Here is the trick, use your hand to apply pressure on the TV frame (the edge if there is one, not directly on the LCD itself) exactly above or below where the line is. I was able to make the line disappeared in a few trials. I have done this 2 to 3 times in the last 3 years. I guess the same may apply to a horizonal black line and you press on the left and the right of where the line is. Good luck and let us know if it works for you. This tip may work on 1 line of defect. If you have more lines as group or they appear in several areas, you will have a real problem that needs serious repair.
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