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I have been unable to print red. The toner cartridge has been replaced and the problem persists

Try running the head cleaning program.
8/29/2021 7:51:23 PM • Samsung CLP-510... • Answered on Aug 29, 2021

Print problem spp-2040

This may be caused by a broken plastic lever for the thermal head inside the printer. This is not particularly difficult to fix, but it not be attempted if you have more than two thumbs.
  • The case is not difficult to open, nor is removing the pc board in the printer, but I suggest getting a service manual on the web for disassembly instructions. Reconnecting the LCD cable is painful. Search for "SPP-2040 service manual."
  • Remove the printer assembly from the case.
  • Remove the PC card from the printer assembly being very careful of the cables.
  • From the top, look at the shaft that controls the up/down motion of the thermal head. At the end opposite the motor, inspect the white plastic lever. There should be no cracks evident, nor should the lever be "loose" with respect to the shaft. If this is not the case, this is not your problem. There is a "flat" on the shaft that should keep the lever from rotating.
  • Remove the "upper plate." Two small screws and a spring at the opposite end.
  • Rotate the lever so that it aligns with the "flat."
  • Using small buss wire (or a paper clip), wrap the wire around the round part of the lever.
  • Twist the ends of the wire tightly and as close to the lever as possible. There is not a lot of space here. Trim off the excess wire and position the wire as shown.
  • Reassemble the top plate & spring.
  • Reassemble the printer & test.
Hope that this has helped. al
8/23/2021 11:52:41 AM • Samsung SPP-2040... • Answered on Aug 23, 2021

Samsung ML-2510 Printer. Picks up multiple sheets of paper most of the time.

I know this is an old post, but I thought I'd add this bit of info. I just fixed my ML-2010 by first replacing a torn pickup tire, but it still kept picking up multiple pages. I read a different post where the person traced it to a bad solenoid that was sticking in the open position as he described it. He replaced the solenoid, but on mine the solenoid was working, but I found it was sticking when closed. It is supposed to close and open once at the start of each page. Mine would close and stay closed sometimes until the start of the next page which would, of course, cause another pulse to energize the solenoid. I found it was due to a deteriorated thin half moon-shaped foam pad on the top of the solenoid's electromagnet that would cause the part that gets pulled in to stick to it for a couple of seconds before the spring would overcome the pad's stickiness and release it. I replaced the foam pad with a then piece of sticky-back felt that I cut to fit. When I reassembled it, it worked perfectly.The way to get to the solenoid is to pull the covers, take the power supply boards off the back(as one unit, attached to a metal baseplate) and remove the panel underneath it, noting the screws and connections along the way. On the side where the solenoid is attached, I also saw a "split" gear that appeared to have a mark showing how they matched together, so be sure to realign the marks if they become separated before reassembly. Beyond that, it was a simple inexpensive repair. As these machines age, I would bet this is a major cause of this issue.
8/8/2021 1:52:38 AM • Samsung ML-2510... • Answered on Aug 08, 2021

Samsung clx-3180 printer is showing

Printer is connected and power ON
In panel contro
go to Printers
choose Samsung Clx rigth click
unmark the check Use printer offline

Try printing a test page
rigth click Properties
click on
Print test page

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7/28/2021 11:40:18 PM • Samsung CLX-3160... • Answered on Jul 28, 2021

Samsung CLP775ND- reset error Prepare TR. Belt ?

This error is caused by a counter inside your printer not being correctly reset when the new belt is installed. To fix this problem follow the steps below:

1. Press MENU then #1934
2. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the Tech menu (this is different to the User Mode)
3. Navigate to DataSetup
There are two options from here, either select the CLEAR COUNTS option (the password 1934 works for most users) or select Clear All Memory (this will wipe all of your custom settings so try the other option first).
6/22/2021 8:48:45 PM • Samsung Office... • Answered on Jun 22, 2021

Error out of range

dear Irfan khan, pls. enter the date format as MM/DD/YYYY suppose it as 20th June 2014 enter as 06202014 ok.... if it not solved pls. write me....
5/27/2021 12:29:16 PM • Samsung SCX... • Answered on May 27, 2021

Samsung scx-4300 error message "toner

You need to change the software of your printer by going to TECH mode and sending some files to the printer.Give me you email so i can send you the instructions and the software if you want to.
5/2/2021 5:57:52 PM • Samsung SCX-4300... • Answered on May 02, 2021

My Samsung CLX-3175 printer will

open the cover and now remove the waist toner container (you say it is empty) check the conection to the drum unit sometimes if the waist toner is verry full there is a pille of toner closing this connection, now clean it and all the sorounding from the toner and mount the waist container back in his possition, close the front cover and try, it should work now.
4/16/2021 9:23:41 PM • Samsung... • Answered on Apr 16, 2021

HOW TO CHANGE CATRIDGE/TONER IN ML-1610 1*800*532*4187 is spam

Here are steps with proper images click the link below

Change toner in ML-1610

If you have any doubt or queries post back

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3/1/2021 7:43:40 AM • Samsung ML 1610... • Answered on Mar 01, 2021

Samsung ml 1610 installation software 1*800*532*4187 more spam

install samsung ml-1610 mono laser printer driver
3/1/2021 7:41:21 AM • Samsung ML 1610... • Answered on Mar 01, 2021

Samsung ML-2510 both lights blinking fast beware spammers at 1*800*532*4187

I noticed that the orange cancel button was jammed down. I couldn't prise it up, but was able to release it by tapping firmly the top of the printer near the button. As soon as it popped up - the buttons stopped flashing
3/1/2021 7:35:35 AM • Samsung ML 2010... • Answered on Mar 01, 2021

Spl-c error-including corrupted data BEWARE SPAM NUMBER +1-800-532-4187 BELOW

I should have updated this a while ago, as I see others have had the same problem since my post on 27 August.

After calling Samsung technician out to take a look, he suggested getting a higher quality cable (conected to the computer). Despite the fact that the cable which we'd been using for months always seemed to work ok, we got another one of higher quality, and the printer now works fine.

I don't know why the cable stopped working efficiently, but it did.

I hope this helps...
2/9/2021 1:22:39 PM • Samsung CLP 300... • Answered on Feb 09, 2021

MP Tray Paper Empty

"MP" tray is refering to the top fold down tray on the front of printer (bypass tray) You might load paper in the bypass and see what it does?
2/9/2021 1:16:42 PM • Samsung... • Answered on Feb 09, 2021

When i print ,I get

You are most likely getting this message because of a paper size mis-match. For example, you are sending a print job as letter size but your printer is set to or has a4 size installed. When the printer sees that the print job is not a matched size to the paper in the tray, it will look to the manual feed tray for paper to print on, hopefully the correct size. Make sure your paper setting in printer properties on your computer match the paper in the printer and the print job "page setup" is also the same size/
2/9/2021 12:25:06 PM • Samsung SCX4623F... • Answered on Feb 09, 2021

Samsung scx-4521f fax memory received but never print out.

In 3 second make combination on you Samsung 4521F 'Menu'-#-1-9-3-4. You will enter in tech menu. Select 'toner'-new toner-yes. You will receive faxes. It really works.
2/9/2021 12:24:44 PM • Samsung SCX... • Answered on Feb 09, 2021

How do I scan with the samsung scx-4200?

The solution has been posted!

Never mind not being able to scan, try sorting out your reading issues first.
2/9/2021 12:24:12 PM • Samsung SCX 4200... • Answered on Feb 09, 2021
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