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There is a resettable breaker inside the machine that cuts off power to the plasmahead when tripped. Check that and make sure the head is secore to cable and cable is secure to machine.

If it still fails to function check the coil in the contactor to make sure it has not burned out. Also check the pressure switch to make sure it closes contacts to make the circuit when the unit is pressurized If switch is not functional the head will not operate. Also check gas solenoid or solenoids to make sure they do not have burned out coils as well. An Ohmmeter should show about 2000 ohms give or take some. The main contactor winding also. It may be the main contactor needs replacement- a loose power connection can lead to burned contacts. So if you hear the machine click when you press the trigger, but no power to head, and all the other items mentioned still leaves you with no power at the head, that main contactor is the likely culprit.

If IGBT's had failed- they would blow apart part of their plastic case.So a quick visual is usually adequate for those.

RTO Welding... | Answered on Sep 27, 2012 | 272 views

If it has been used a fair bit then probably just need a new tip. Can pick them up cheap enough from Maplin etc.

RTO 100 Watt... | Answered on Aug 02, 2012 | 342 views

Esab's machines are the best for production & maintenance shops. It is worth buying. You can find parts and order them at our web site.http://www.praxairdirect.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/TopCategories1_10152_10051_-1


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Esab's plasmas and machines are the best for manufacturing and shop maintenance. Are made for the tough jobs. Retail price brand new price is around 3200.00 US dollars.Cutting wise is a high speed cutting machine and will cut up to 1-1/2".

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No there is no fuse for the fault light. Fault light it's on only when:
1) Voltage is wrong or not enough.
2) Overheated machine and needs to cool down.
3) Your airflow is too weak.
Check your owners manual section 5 for more info.

RTO Esab Power... | Answered on Sep 07, 2011 | 237 views

Hi, when this happens it is usually a problem with the, electronics, often some, one? of the high power semiconductors, often the output ones, and it can often be a thermal cut out problem, however without actually testing and troubleshooting it's pretty hard to tell? These type of issues are among the most difficult to analyse, it's always easier when a device has failed completely, as this make finding the fault more clear cut.
Most often board replacement is the only way to repair, board level, & component replacement unless very skilled, is difficult so board replacement really is the only way to go. This is why one MUST get a service manual, if only for the parts numbers.

If you insist on DIY then you must obtain a service manual, use this and work through the troubleshooting procedures to try your isolate the issue.
Otherwise get a "Quote" from a professional, this way at least you can be appraised of exactly whats wrong, and also prospective costings and go from there?

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Your unit will be capable to weld up to 3/16" using FC wire and 1/8" using gas wire.

RTO Flux Wire... | Answered on Aug 08, 2011 | 141 views


Gas light goes on when you have an air flow or pressure problem. Do you have enough pressure? you will need at least 120 psi at the compressor and 75psi at the plasma machine. Do you have enough flow? You will need 20 SCFH and a 30 gallon compressor reserve tank.

Let me know if this help. Please vote.

RTO Esab Power... | Answered on Aug 05, 2011 | 218 views

You need to adopt an on-off-on---- action to control maximum temperature. Try to keep the tip so that the solder flows properly, but the tip doesn't try to burn up. Hope this helps!

RTO Weller D550... | Answered on Jan 08, 2011 | 127 views

It needs to be at least 600 degrees F and should reach 800 or so. 60/40 solder melts around 600, but flows better at about 700 degrees. Most soldering guns require a on-off-on--- sequence to keep the tip at proper temperature. If your gun doesn't seem to be heating, try tightening the tip nuts. Hope this helps!

RTO Wall Lenk... | Answered on Jan 08, 2011 | 222 views

Try and replace the swirl ring. We had the same problem and it fixed it. They cost around 35 bucks

RTO THERMAL... | Answered on Dec 20, 2010 | 392 views

We had the same problem. Try and replace the swirl ring in the torch head. It costs around 35 dollars. It worked for us.

RTO THERMAL... | Answered on Dec 20, 2010 | 890 views

To find out why the fuse keeps cutting off you will need to open that up and trace down the problem with an OHM meter...
You may find a black spot where it is shorting or arcing, but if not then the circuits will have to be traced and eliminated one by one till you find the source of the problem...
It could be anything from bad wire or connection to a bad transformer..


RTO THERMAL... | Answered on Oct 12, 2010 | 237 views

inside the unit their is a part witch looks like a spark gap and that is what it is if this part gets dirty of has like a magnetic fuzz in it it will need to be cleaned as well the gap should be reset you will need to contact the manufacture for the specks do to different units have different settings wile you have the side off look for lose connections as well as arking marks for passable shorts their is a variety of things that can go wrong with thease units but what i said is most common do not use high pressure ari to blow clean a metal chip can damage transformer windings and then short out be careful of capacitors they can hold a nasty charge and aslo can be lethal if your not sure i highly suggest you take to a service center for the unit you have hope this helps.

RTO Esab Handy... | Answered on Aug 30, 2010 | 217 views

You have sufficient reason for returning the gun to the dealer. Good luck!

RTO Weller D550... | Answered on Aug 11, 2010 | 373 views

This may help

http://www.esabna.com/us/en/support/downloads/index.cfm?directoryIn=Service Bulletins&path=/Plasma Equipment/Service Bulletins

RTO Esab Power... | Answered on Apr 15, 2010 | 225 views

check the main lead to the torch,if there is a cut or any hole in the rubber coating it will show fault,the unit uses high frequencey so if the lead has a cut it wont fire up.

RTO Esab Plasma... | Answered on Apr 11, 2010 | 350 views

Heat up the unit and use pliers to loosen the tip--be careful

RTO Iroda... | Answered on Feb 28, 2010 | 221 views

when mine act like that I check the tip make sure the air pressure is right and that it has a good ground

RTO Esab Power... | Answered on Feb 10, 2010 | 347 views

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