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I have no idea. It is possible to download the user manual but it does not even include the word "fuse" in the entire document. US customer support for operations of these Japanese products is as follows: For operational assistance, you can contact Product Support department at (323) 890-3740. Product Support is open Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm Pacific Time. Phone support is provided for select Roland and BOSS products purchased in the U.S. only. But I do note this specifies operational support. The Roland site does offer a user manual but not a service manual.

Roland Music | Answered on Aug 04, 2020

Do you mean the Roland E-09 or another Roland product? You need a MIDI to USB In/Out converter. Make sure that the converter is supported by the manufacturer with your OS version. One example is . This is a USB 2.0 device that works with Windows XP through Windows 10 and Mac OS X. A few others are reviewed here: . You may need to be connected to the internet and allow your computer to obtain drivers for other devices. Connect the cable appropriately. Turn on the Roland device and make sure that your OS sees the USB device before launching your software. Note: Audacity can only import a MIDI file as a Note Track, . You'll need additional software to capture the MIDI from the device. Some options are listed at the bottom of the Wiki page above. You may need to try several options to find a program that you like.

The Roland E-09 manual is available here: . Other Roland support is available here: .

I hope this helps. I'm not familiar with FL Studio's menu. I haven't used Audacity's MIDI features. I use the software to digitize audio from Line In and microphone.

Cindy Wells

Roland Music | Answered on Jul 18, 2020

Rubber cement is an excellent for minor speaker cone damage but if you feel that a replacement is required, try MCM Electronics online. They carry lots-o-speaker replacements. Be sure to match wattage and impedance (ohms) of the speaker though as these are important spec's.

Roland Cube-st... | Answered on Jul 09, 2020

Hey guys, so I know that this thread is rather ancient now, but I just surfed here because I had a similar problem with mine, I managed to fix the problem of the power not turning on with either the power or battery, after it working and then just randomly not turning on.
Here's what I did:
I opened the speaker grill, and took out the right speaker, everything looked fine inside on the circuit board, thinking it might be a fuse - I started looking for it- to no avail.
I was just about to give up when I accidentally bumped the wires to the power switch, and the light came on! Huzzah!!
I played with the wires a bit because the light kept flickering and would turn on once then not again.
I pulled the wires off the switch and took the switch out of the box, then used my pocket knife to scratch away some discoloration from the terminals on the switch, then re-attached the wires, but only put them on halfway, and the problem was solved!
This was only a quick fix, and I went out the next day to Altronics (I'm in Australia) to buy a replacement power switch.
I re-attached the power wires to the new switch, slid them on the whole way and I haven't had a problem with it since!
I hope this helps someone before they take it to a technician who will probably do exactly what I did and charge you $300
Happy Jamming legends! Rock on!

Roland Cube-st... | Answered on Jun 04, 2020

That is the first thing to check. They are most likely inside the circuit board. Remember to replace them with the same voltage and amperage ratings.

Roland Cube-st... | Answered on Jun 04, 2020

email me if you haven't found it yet.  [email protected]

Roland Sp-606... | Answered on Mar 29, 2020

it needs service, that is for sure.
sound like a bad power supply. pack (weak)
get it repaired, is the path.

Roland Music | Answered on Feb 27, 2020

why not ask them the maker

this is computer repair forum. why not post to music keyboard forums.

Roland Computers... | Answered on Jan 26, 2020

The adaptor for the SPD-20 is not 12 V ac (Altern Current) the SPD-20 need only Altern current (12V AC)
if the adaptor is 12 v cc, the internal circuits can not made +5v , 0, -5v
for simetrical operactional supply.
And Spd 20 show "Analog test err" and "batery low"

Roland Spd-S... | Answered on Jan 17, 2020

Does the headphone jack work? Replacing a whole board would be expensive and the problem could be elsewhere. What was the accident? If large signals were driven back into the audio out lines, probably the output driver chip is fried... They likely use a common 8 pin dual op amp as the driver and the part costs 50 cents. It takes a little care to replace it as it is likely surface mounted. I am looking at the audio/jack board for a G-600 and there are a pair of transistors for some testing they do that could also be fried and might be the whole problem if the G-6 uses same or similar circuitry. The Fantom X6 uses very similar circuitry... Download service manual here:

Scroll down to "get manual" and click to download. IGNORE other download links. On page 57 of 66 you will find the audio drivers at the right. They use little dual op amps M5218APF which probably are available someplace, however probably 4568's would work fine and are readily available. If you drove high voltage into the audio outs, I suspect first that the RF bypass caps such as C203 on the above schematic shorted. Simple to replace... pennies apiece... The test path transistors such as Q37 may also be shorted... Next would be IC18... While this circuit may not be the exact one for the G6 it probably is CLOSE as the several Rolands all seem to use similar circuitry. Regarding system SAFETY... Make sure ALL and I do mean ALL equipment interconnected including mixers, powered speakers, keyboards, etc. are powered from the SAME receptacle or power conditioning module to avoid accidents. Also for keyboards sent to mixers, USE DI boxes please! These protect against ground loops and these accidents.

Roland Fantom G6... | Answered on Oct 12, 2019

Do you have an owner's manual......first thing to try would be a factory reset...sometimes this will un-scramble the operating system and set it back to when it left the Roland for an owner's manual if you don't have one....hopefully this helps..if not, then you will have to open it up.....

Roland Music | Answered on Oct 04, 2019

"It's dead, Jim."
Bones McCoy

Roland Music | Answered on Sep 30, 2019

The most likely problem would be wiring. By dropping it you loosened or disconnected a wire.

Roland Music | Answered on Sep 27, 2019

what is your question?
if not working, you have to open the device and find out where it is not connecting (broken solder joint? bent or worn out contacts? wire off?) and repair. or if beyond repair, order a new part.

Roland Boss... | Answered on Sep 27, 2019

It's always possible the new battery had lost it's charge before it was installed. Check it with an ohm meter for it's voltage. Other than that, either the contacts in the battery holder may be in need of cleaning or the battery wasn't installed correctly.

Roland Music | Answered on Sep 27, 2019

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