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Google (renato)(model)(manual) without parens.

Renato Watches | Answered on Apr 17, 2019

Since the Renato brand was bought out by another company, service is still done on the Renato's but in my experience it can take 3 to 6 months to return the repaired watch. Patience may be required, and not all parts are available for this discontinued brand. Luckily, some user manuals are still available online. The Worldtimers are particularly hard to set without the instructions.

Renato Watches | Answered on Apr 18, 2016

Unscrew, then pull crown out 2 clicks. Spin crown, advancing hands clockwise. Keep turning until you notice the date changing at the 12 oclock mark. This is midnight. Then set time as needed.
Push crown in all the way. Then pull out one click. Turning crown sets day of week and day of month, turning opposite way.
Push crown all the way in and slightly depress as you screw it down until it stops.

Renato Mens... | Answered on Nov 04, 2014

Take a look here - you will need the model information for your watch that should be on the back of the watch. Good luck!

Renato Mens... | Answered on Nov 04, 2014

This is for the Renato Beast Ana-Digi but it should apply to other Renatos and watches in general. (There are different configurations for how the battery is held in place depending on the movement - some require removal of a screw to free up the arm that holds the battery down).

First remove the caseback with a caseback removal tool - the type with a handle and interchangeable prongs. Use the prongs that come with the tool to suit the slots in the caseback. Harbor Freight sells a decent one for around $8 - they are also available from various internet sources. The caseback may be on very tightly. Remove the strap/bracelet at the lugs just to be safe that you don't damage it. Now hold the case very tightly with fingers against he lugs (not on any of the push buttons or crown) - or use a case holder tool. Insert the tool with prongs lined up with the slots (for this watch I used 2 prongs since the slots are 180 apart, but I could have used 3). Holding the case very firmly push the tool into the case back very firmly so that the prongs do not slip out of the slots and scratch the caseback and turn it counter-clockwise. It may take a few tries - be careful and get a frim grip on both the case and the tool.

Once the caseback is removed you will see the battery has a thin cover plate over it. There are 2 tabs holding the plate to the movement. With a small screwdriver push down on the tab that is at the 6:00 position and move it slight to the left (counter-clockwise) and the plate will pop up and out. Remove it very carefully with a tweezers (plastic tweezers are best) being careful not to touch anything in the movement with your hands or the tweezers. The battery is now free - in this watch is the larger button type CR2016 (that is the Energizer number). Take the battery with you to Batteries Plus (cheapest) or your local watch repair or Radio Shack (maybe) and get a replacement.

Assembly is the reverse of disassembly. Being careful not to touch anything in the movement or the battery with your hands - use watchpaper (lint free) or in a pinch a paper towel or kleenex will do. With the battery in place and the cover installed (make sure the tabs are in place) use a bulb blower (or canned dust spray) and gently blow around the movement to get out any dust that may have settled in.

Unless you are a professional diver and need 30ATM water resistance (doubtful at any rate with this watch) you do not need to tighten it down too hard - just tighten the caseback down firmly and remember not to swim or bath with it on - unless you have a true Professional Divers watch you should not bath/swim with your watch on anyway. Now next time you need to remove it, it will come off much easier.

Once you have the tool(s) and practice a few times (practice on an ratty old watch to get the feel of things) it is only going to cost you the price of the battery around $3-6, instead of $15+ to have the watch battery changer guy do it. If you own many quartz watches the tools will pay for themselves after 2 or 3 battery changes.

Renato T-Rex... | Answered on Feb 23, 2014

If your movement is a 9003-7301, this video will explain how it works. If not, try searching for other video help on YouTube.

Renato T-Rex... | Answered on Dec 14, 2013

Some Renato anidigis are world timers tracking second times and time zones. On my Vulcan World timer for example, pressing the crown allows you to select and set a second city and time zone for the digital display while the analog dial continues to show the primary local time you entered when you did the initial setup. If you want both displays to show the same time, simply set the same city for both displays. To set the secondary digital display on mine, after pressing the crown, CITY would blink, and I would choose the same city and time zone again rather than let the indicator rest on a different one at random.

Renato T-Rex... | Answered on Dec 14, 2013

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