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Was it set before? Are you the Admin? Only if you hard reset it.

RCA Televison &... | Answered on Aug 01, 2020

go into picture settings and change possible only that dpi is coming into tv

RCA Televison &... | Answered on Aug 01, 2020

My roku stick remote broke and I want to program my universal remote RCA rcrps06gr to program roku can I program it

RCA RCRPS06GR... | Answered on Jul 16, 2020

That does not appear to be the correct number that you typed. Using the photo I got the correct model number, The issue appears to be the power supply board. The usual suppliers that I recommend dont have it in stock. There are some on EBAY though. They are about 50 dollars. As always without actually testing the unit with the proper gear, it is hard to say what the issue is.

RCA Televison &... | Answered on Jul 07, 2020

Your Pioneer remote control may not contain the applicable codes. Recent RCA universal remote controls may have them.

RCA Televison &... | Answered on Jul 04, 2020

You must have its original remote control to unlock it. If you haven't one with you now, try to get a new one of just gather it from any of your friends or relatives who owns the same model number RCA tv; just to unlock your set. After unlock, you can use any other universal remote control. To unlock your RCA TV, just follow the proceedings given below. One amoung them will surely unlock your TV.

Most RCA TV sets use a four digit code to control the v-chip. The code reset procedure is different depending on the model. Try each method until you find one that works:

1. Hold down MENU on the remote and VOLUME DOWN on the TV it's self at the same time for at least 4 seconds. The set won't say so, but the lock will be unlocked

2. Hold down the 0 on the remote and the VOLUME DOWN buttons on the TV its self at the same time for at least 4 seconds. The set won't say so, but the lock will be unlocked

3. Hold down the MENU button on the front of the TV and the TV button on the remote at the same time for at least 4 seconds.

4. Hold down GO BACK on the remote and MENU on the front of the TV at the same time for at least 4 seconds.

5. Hold down EJECT on the front of the TV and the MENU button on the remote at the same time for at least 4 seconds.
Depending on the model, one of the methods should unlock the V-chip. Now, if desired, you can change the settings on the V-chip by going to the MENU and going to PARENTAL CONTROLS, or on some sets, going to MENU and then going to TV SETUP, then to V-CHIP SET.
If you have the original remote (RC-A07) for Sinotec tv, then press and hold down the Music button for about 10 seconds

RCA F19421 19"... | Answered on Jun 25, 2020

Internet search produced lots of user manuals but not much else apart from a short YouTube film.

Modern switch mode power supplies can be tricky to diagnose as many are intelligent; necessary to reduce the risk of fire. They monitor the current drawn by circuits and will shut down if it exceeds limitation. Some power supplies will not even produce power unless it "sees" a load. Whether this applies to your power supply or not I can't comment about.


RCA Televison &... | Answered on Jun 21, 2020

It needs an internet connection.either wifi or Ethernet.then you will be able to choose from the menu within the set.If it's android you can look for googleplay.if it's toshiba or independent make it may run on a Linux o.s.which means you need to use it's built in browser to download or use URL of Internet addresses.
most nowadays are android based o.s. So it's googleplay for apps for which you need a gmail account which is free and easy to create.

RCA Televison &... | Answered on Jun 10, 2020

It depends on the TV. Does the TV have a digital audio output? Is this an optical or coaxial output? (Most Smart TVs do not have an analog audio output (headphone jack or RCA).)

You will need the appropriate digital audio cable and a converter with the digital audio input and analog audio output. See https://www.amazon.com/DA-Converters/b?ie=UTF8&node=3224445011 for a few choices. Most of the converters do not come with the cables. This model with mostly positive reviews, https://www.amazon.com/Digital-Analog-Converter-Coaxial-Toslink/dp/B07LF82S95/ref=lp_3224445011_1_23/135-5511214-2912559?s=aht&ie=UTF8&qid=1591372740&sr=1-23 , has both the optical and the coaxial digital audio inputs. It also includes the cables for the digital audio.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

RCA Televison &... | Answered on Jun 06, 2020

Set-up (Programming) procedure is too much to type in here, and is not practical and it will differ brand-to-brand remote controls. If you wish to get more; check the sites linked here. It has set-up code list & set-up procedure to many popular brand remote controls. One among it has general set-up codes to check with TVs and other devices are given, in the order of the 'device's brand name list' in alphabetical order. Pull up older posts. Search the sites by type in the brand name to your device in its search box at the top right part of the display window. It will help you to find the document easily.
Type in the brand name of your device in the search box, and hit enter to get gathered related posts. See the website either in Webview with a mobile, or by a desktop computer. Mobile view has no search box.

RCA Televison &... | Answered on Jun 04, 2020

Those blinks [flashes] are fault indication (Error Codes). From the number of blinks occur at one time switch ON, you can get an idea about the faulty circuit section inside it. This will make repair easy. These are called blinking codes. Make sure about the exact number of blinking of the standby/power LED, by switching On & OFF the set, for at least two times. Count it carefully. If you wish to get some details, check the site linked here. It has details about blinking codes, and fault locating procedure, to many popular brand TVs and other devices.
Blinking codes details to many popular brand TVs are given. If blinks continue without any pause, the main board is faulty.
Counting of number of blinks to Philips TVs is entirely different to that of other brand TVs. It is not a direct count procedure. The site have details about how to count the number of LED blinks [Fault Codes] to Philips brand TVs are given; along with details of the faulty circuit location.

RCA Televison &... | Answered on Jun 02, 2020

If you wish to get some details; check the site linked here. Pull up older posts. Surf the site with patience. http://electronicshelponline.blogspot.com/
Faults & possible causes to LCD screen are given with illustrations. You can get an idea about the fault to an extent.
View the site by desktop or web view on mobile devices to see the "search box". Type in the brand name of your set in search box; to get gathered the related posts.

RCA Televison &... | Answered on May 28, 2020

Hi there!!
Try this:
Step 1 Turn the component, like a TV set, on.
Step 2 Hold down the "Code Search" key on the SystemLink 3 remote until the light that's on the remote turns on. Keep holding the button after the light turns on.
Step 3 Press the device button ("TV" button) at the top of the RCA remote. Then, release both buttons.
Step 4 Press "Off/On" repeatedly as the remote browses through available codes. Continue doing this until the component shuts off.
Press "Enter" to save the code.
Good Luck!

RCA Televison &... | Answered on May 20, 2020

Send the Universal Remote back and buy one for that unit.

Buy RCA RTB1023 REMOTE -RTB1023 Blu-Ray DVD Player Remote ...

RCA RTB1023_REMOTE Blu-Ray DVD Player Remote Control ... RTB1023 600W BLU-RAY HOME THEATER SYSTEM REMOTE CONTROL ... as possible on the blu ray player although buttons are missing on this replacement remote.

RCA RTB1023 REMOTE (p/n: RTB1023) Blu-Ray DVD Player Remote ...

https://www.walmart.com/.../RCA-RTB1023-REMOTE...RTB1023-Blu-Ray-DVD-Pla... US$29.95 - β€ŽIn stock
Buy RCA RTB1023 REMOTE (p/n: RTB1023) Blu-Ray DVD Player Remote ... DVD Player RTB1023 600W BLU-RAY HOME THEATER SYSTEM REMOTE ...

rca dvd blu ray home theater system rtb1023 replacement remote Google...

RCA Televison &... | Answered on May 18, 2020

There is no set-up code for this brand TV with RCA URC. To select a proper universal remote control, you should know about the number of digits to its set-up codes. There are 3 digit, 4 digit, 5 digit, 2 digit and even single digit codes, to some brand devices. After confirming this, check the sites linked here. Both the sites have set-up code list and set-up procedure to many popular brand remote controls. Check which brand remote control has set-up code/s to your device brand, and buy that one according to availability.
Brand name of the remote control isn't a matter, but it should have set-up codes in its code list, to the device brand you have.
Please note: Every new universal remote control will have set-up code list, and set-up procedure along with its pack. Never accept a remote control, that hasn't both of this. For more details about the set-up codes, visit the site http://electrohelponline.blogspot.com/ Check this site too. http://remotesearch.blogspot.com/ Universal remote controls are available at most of the electronic spare part selling shops.
Type in the "brand name only" of your device, in the search box [at the top right] of the display window and the Search will start at once as you type in, and will show you all the related posts. It will make surf easy.

RCA Televison &... | Answered on May 18, 2020

Here is the link I just found the manual on for this remote control, which I needed the codes for myself: http://safemanuals.com/brand-user-guide-instructions-owner-manual/RCA go there type in the remote model RCR450 enter, click on the link that comes up and download the Manual in PDF form.

The codes for Sanyo are 1004, 1048, 1049, 1073, 1080, 1162, 1169, 1180 depending on which model you have.


1: Turn on the device you want to program ex: the TV

2:hold the button for the device you need to program in ex:TV
while holding down TV button hold down ON/OFF at the same time for 3 secs and the light should turn on and stay on.

3:click the ON/OFF button until the TV finally turns off may take many times but as long as the light stays on when your not pushing a button you still have codes to go through.

4:press the stop button and the device is programmed into the remote.

RCA RCR450... | Answered on May 18, 2020

Use a lint-free cloth and some denatured alcohol or water to clean the disc and remove any dust or smudges that may prevent the player from reading it properly.

Reinsert the disc into the player and press "Play" to see if cleaning the disc fixes the "NO DISC" error.

RCA DRC629N... | Answered on May 08, 2020

Is the VHS tape a store bought movie or show?

MacroVision and other copy protection systems are put into store bought tapes and discs of movies and shows, and are read by your recording equipment. Once it reads this, it stops recording.

Does the screen turn red before it stops? This is one of the indications that MacroVision is stopping you.

RCA DRC8295 DVD... | Answered on May 07, 2020

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