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Neil, I do not have a solution, but however have the same exact problem. Son got an E300 for Christmas. My daughter also received an E200. The E200 works fine, but the E300 makes a clunking noise when the throttle is engaged. Also the E200 can make it easily up the drive way, but the larger and more powerful E300 can not. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ron - [email protected]

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Sounds like the batteries are dead.

Lead-acid batteries get PERMANENTLY damaged when you drain them all the way. It would be better for the batteries if you only used them half way and charge as soon as possible after each and every run. They like to be kept fully charged at all times.

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There should be a name tag on the motor that tells the current (amps) that the motor uses. Such as 4.5 amps. You would then use one about 6 amps.

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If the charger is left plugged in longer then 24 hours you may over charge the batteries and they will not work properly. Also You must charge the batteries once a month even if it hasn't been used.

Lift up the back end of the gocart and see if the wheels spin when you pull the throttle. If you only get a clicking sound start by replacing the control modulator. 10 months old your batteries should be still good unless you over charged them. (Leaving plugged in longer then a day) Good luck...

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Bulging battery means u have to replace it, the plates started to oxidize and pushes the everything out!

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The Razor E300 electric scooters are battery operated scooters and can run at 15 miles per hour. This is enough to produce the best fun for kids while on their free time. It's a quiet worker, and with that speed, you won't get scared of the child going too fast to be prone to accident. Yet, it is still good to take precautions. Let the kid wear a helmet, foremost, because this can protect the head should accidents happen.

Your scooter may need new batteries, or a controller. To check these components functionality you will need a volt meter. Check the current coming out of the batteries, check the current going into the batteries and both should read in the 12.5-14 volt range. If your charger, ore the charger connection is faulty you will need wiring, or a charge port. If your batteries are faulty, you will need batteries. Check your controller with a volt meter, or a test light to see that all connections are secure and the controller is functioning properly. If you need parts or repairs done, you can visit this Electric Scooters Parts Store Online with "Find a Repair Shop" feature.

I hope this helps; remember to rate this answer.

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Fitted New on and off switch also new reset button. Battery ok but will not start

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You have to make sure that the batteries are still good.
Take a volt meter and read the levels that the batteries are producing. If the levels are too low, then your batteries may have sat, unused, for too long. SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries will generally lose their charge holding capabilities if you leave them in storage for too long without charging them.

YOu can get replacement batteries at this online Electric Scooter Parts Store:


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then kick that lil **** in the face or unscrew its vold and clean out its rust

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Depends, some tabs are directly soldered to the batteries themselves so you will need a soldering iron to remove the tabs. After that, it wouldn't be too hard to remove and replace.

Keep in mind that these take 2x12volt batteries and these lead-acid type batteries may take a long time to charge depending on the current your charger is supplying.

If you plan to charge the two batteries with the stock charger, then you would have to wire the 2 batteries in series for 24volts (stock charger 24v) and for convenience you may also want to head out to your local electronics store to see if they have the female socket that the charger goes into, and possible some wire, connectors/tabs that attach to the batteries and possible some small alligator clips if required.

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How do you know the batteries are good? sometimes bad batteries can show a good voltage but when you load them it will dramatically drop. Try to measure each battery voltage while pulling the throttle ( with the drive wheel off the ground of course ) and that should eliminate the batteries as a fault.

Or you could wire the batteries to directly to the motor and see if it runs well.

If batteries are ok, then you may have a faulty speed controller or throttle.

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The controller is bad. You can find a replacement at urbanscooters.com/partsforscooters

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Did u replace it w/ the same type of battery?

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Just buy a new rear wheel. The wheel is not meant to come apart without breaking a couple fingers in return. Besides the new tube is about 15 dollars add the shipping and for another 20 dollars you can get it brand new complete, wheel, tube, rim, axle. I'm not saying it can't be done but why put yourself through this.

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If your batteries are good and are putting out the proper voltage I would say your control mod has failed. Usually all the lights work but all you get is a faint clicking sound everytime you turn the throttle.

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I have this same problem? What do you do? I bought a new charger thinking it was that and the light stays green on it too.

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How to turn little batteries into bigger ones in emergancy

roll up some tin foil flatten it to the size of the battery you need,circumfrence not the actual size of battery,push it against the spring where you would normally put the bigger battery then push the little battery on on top so it fits tight in the slot for the battery,WALLA,you now have power.its the same principle with all batteries.

on Oct 01, 2010 | Razor 300001-SL Ground Force Go...

Dead battery. You must follow the proper battery maintenance procedures in order to prevent that from happening. Most likely the battery has sat for an extended period of time and has dried out.

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Sounds like the batteries are dead.
Nine month is reasonable depending on how the batteries are use considering they are lead-acid batteries.

Lead-acid batteries get PERMANENTLY damaged when you drain them all the way. It would be better for the batteries if you only used them half way can charge as soon as possible after each and every run. They like to be kept fully charged at all times.

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The batteries are dead. The battery in these scooter need to be kept charged or if not in use for a long time charged every 3months. Otherwise, like what to you, they will go dead. The chemicals in the battery have deteriorated to the point where it won't hold a charge. Replacement batteies are available at:


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