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so what had been hapening is that it could die depending if it was the battery that could aftfect with this. 24 volt battery, and can be ridden for up to 45 minutes after battery charging. The charge time recommended for this Razor electric scooter is about 10-12 hours after each use.

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Hi there, charging normally takes approx. 16 hours. Do not leave the appliance connected to the mains for more than 24 hours.

I have included a link for the user manual for this product.

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The Razor 13013290 Air Scooter's frame is made from aluminum steel which is strengthening strongly. This is why you can use the scooter for a long time.Click here for more details complete Razor 13013290 Air Scooter review

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You don't say what brand e300, buy the connections are corroded. Doesn't matter how good it was taken care of previously. Being left out in the rain is all it took. This is why electronic devices TELL YOU to not expose them to moisture...
No telling which circuit board is fried, but if you solder, you can replace them one by one to find out.
But TBBH, for the time, aggravation, and cost, just go buy a new one if the original cost anything under $100.
If you paid more than $100 for it, call your local RC shop and ask who does repairs.
Could be your rotors (most likely - copper rusts by breathing on it), or a board connection. Rotors are not hard to replace if you can solder.
JMO, but if it is of value, always supervise kids when you let them "PLAY" with it...But hopefully, lesson learned all around. Best of success to you.

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Before you change the battery check thoroughly all wires and all connections!!!!

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fuel system over fueling needle and seat not operating correctly if carby
air/fuel sensor if injected
replace with new plug and gap correctly

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Then the batteries are worn out, simple as that. Just because the batteries are charged doesn't mean they accepted the charge, a common mistake. Go to ebay and you can find a replacement battery most likely/

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These scooters have a speed controller system that will only power the motor if you get it moving about 5 mph. It won't start moving from a dead stop.

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it will run slow for 40 mins at a slow speed, after 15 mins of running fast, the batteries get too hot

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If the batteries are connected correctly (red to +, black to -) then the motor is trashed

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How to extend the battery life of Razor Scooter Batteries

You can extend the life of your scooter's battery if you take proper care of it. Most people report trouble in getting more than a year or two out of their razor scooter battery set. This is actually a common problem with vehicle batteries.

  • Keep your battery charged
It is recommended to keep your battery fully charged to avoid the build-up of sulfate-ion inside it. Sulfate-ion accumulates when the battery is in a discharged state for a long time.This is the most common reason of premature depletion of lead acid batteries. This can be easily avoided if the scooter battery is kept in a constantly charged state.

  • Charge you Razor Scooter Battery during the Off-Season
Even if not used Sealed Lead Acid Batteries will self discharge over long periods. This will leave the battery in a not fully charges state which will enable the sulfate-ions to build up inside the internal plates which will slowly deplete the battery's capacity. In order to prevent that, you should charge the razor scooter battery at least once every three months when it is not in service.

  • Use a Battery Tender
Battery Tender chargers are a great way extend the life of your SLA batteries as they are designed to fully charge and maintain a battery at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers.


Battery Maintenance 101 How to Extend Battery Life of Razor Scooter...

BU 804b Sulfation and How to Prevent it

Deltran Battery Tender

on Jun 19, 2015 | Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Well how long between runs and stops? Batteries can be bad even with 12+ volts on a meter with no load. Is the on/off regular like the controller cycling, or irregular like a damaged wire? The hall sensor in your throttle could be causing it, if it's loose or not working properly. You can open the throttle with a socket and a screwdriver. Check all wiring, check the batteries under load. If you say more about the frequency and duration of the stops and run periods it would help.

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