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we named this sheet deck and it is not plastic but it is wood coated MDF you can measure it and buy any wood shop.
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Proform 790T... | Answered on Apr 09, 2020

If the noise is coming from the walking belt this could be due to sand or grit getting under it. These belts are big electro-magnetic generators. The attract sand and grit to them. Usually it will make a high pitched sound when there is sand under the belt, especially if there is a mylar or plastic sheet under it. If this is the case the sheet can easily be replaced.

Proform 370E... | Answered on Apr 09, 2020


Watch this Video:
Friction is the #1 cause of this problem. Many cheaper treadmills have amotor with a cardboard core (people wonder why we are so down on cheap treadmills) and if the voltage and amperage through themotor heats it up sufficiently, it begins to smolder. If this is the case, you normally have to replace the belt and the motor and inspectthe deck. If the armature has cooked enough in the motor, you also have to replace the motor. If the belt and deck check out OK, check for a short in the motor. Youcan run the motor with an independent power source like a fullycharged cordless drill battery to see if the symptoms are the same. Click on thefollowing link for our motor test. If the belt and deck check out and the motor is OK, then check yourwiring and electronics for signs of scorching and replace the appropriate part(s).

Sincerely. God bless you.

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Proform... | Answered on Mar 18, 2020

If it is stuck in the incline position all you need to do is re-calibrate most of the time

The first step to re-calibrate the incline. ProForm provides calibration instructions in the treadmill owner's manual.

Hold down the "Stop" button and the "Speed" up button. Insert the safety key into the console then release the "Stop" and "Speed" buttons.

Press the "Stop" button then press either the "Incline" up or down button. Wait while the treadmill raises then lowers the incline ramp. Press the "Stop" button and remove the safety key.

Hope this helps or solves the problem, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 888-713-2880 or visit us online at

Proform 1050T... | Answered on Mar 15, 2020


Proform Exercise... | Answered on Mar 07, 2020

Press the Stop and the Speed Up keys down while inserting the safety key.
Press the Stop key one time. The Time window should read EP:2P. Some newer models may also say FP, Pass, or the like. This means that it passes the EPROM test.
Press either incline key and the incline will calibrate automatically.
BE CAREFUL, THE TREADMILL WILL RUN AT FULL SPEED IN THIS NEXT MODE! DO NOT STAND ON THE WALKING BELT. Press the Speed Up key and hold it down until 85 is shown in the Distance window (some models may show the 85 number in another window).
If the top speed of the treadmill does not match the displayed speed on the computer console, adjust the max speed potentiometer (pot) on the motor control board. This is the board that the red and black motor wires connect directly into in the motor area. The Max Speed pot is clearly labeled. The max speed potentiometer is a small square with a mobile center and is located in one corner of the board and is labeled MAX SPD. It is near the harness that carries the speed signal labeled H,W,L. Using a small insulated screwdriver adjust this potentiometer clockwise to speed up and counter-clockwise to slow down the max speed of the treadmill. A tiny turn of this potentiometer will make a big difference in speed so be careful when making adjustments. It is not important to get the speed set exactly at the max speed of the treadmill but do make sure to get the speed within .2 MPH of the max speed of the treadmill. For instance if the max speed of the treadmill is 10 MPH, make sure to have the speed set between 9.8 MPH and 10.2 MPH. Some models have a 12 MPH top speed, so please check your manual if you aren’t sure. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP BECAUSE YOU WILL GET AN ERROR MESSAGE IF THIS STEP IS SKIPPED. After completing calibration of the speed, press the Speed Down key. The treadmill will automatically return to 0 MPH. Please allow the unit to stop completely before continuing. Press the Stop key once and remove the safety key.

Proform 560hr... | Answered on Feb 26, 2020

Most of the time its caused from not lubricating between the treadmill belt and deck. This causes friction and the surfaces wear putting greater stress on the electronics. The treadmill is shutting down to protect the electronics. You should stop using the treadmill AND test the following:
1) Mechanical adjustment &Lubrication:
After you did this and the problem persist , you may have electrical and electronic problem go to the next section videos:
2nd) electrical and electronic Test:

Proform XP... | Answered on Feb 23, 2020

It’s the lower control board or speed sensor.

Not familiar with the model, but sounds like a board if it does not produce any error codes or is resolved by powering down.

Typically a dirty speed sensor will shut a machine down, because the speed the board and the sensor are not reading the same. Although this will often produce an error code, to be investigated.

Proform Exercise... | Answered on Feb 04, 2020

Verify the safety key is present and functioning. Most machines use a magnet and any strong magnet will be enough to close the circuit.

Most treadmills meet there demise from a faulty lower control board under the hood. It can light and be mostly functional, but still have issues. Boards are not very cheap but are very easy to install.

Search for options on

Make sure to take an image of the original board to copy the wire location/connections.

Boards often go bad from an array of issues, but verify the condition of the underside of the walking belt is not black and the deck is not worn. Lack of lubricant and too much friction on the belt system usually overloads the board with heat and damages the board.

Proform Exercise... | Answered on Jan 13, 2020

Front page of the manual has a contact for the manufacturer.

Warranty is on the back page.

Elliptical consoles come as completes, no harder to install then the original assembly

Proform Exercise... | Answered on Jan 10, 2020

Most likely worn belt and deck, demise of almost every treadmill or the source of a blown lower control board.

Lube is usually every 150 mi or 6 months. Consumers rarely apply lube until its too late.

Putting lube on it does not resolve the damage to the deck. Look under the belt and see if the bottom of the belt is white. When a machine is run out/low on lube the bottom of the belt turns grey/black and the slippery board the lube is supposed help the belt run on gets rough.

Parts aren’t bad, couple hundred bucks. Shipping is brutal because the deck is a 40lbs 2’ x 4’ sheet of laminated wood. You would need to dismantle the machine down to the frame to install the deck or even the belt.

Could be way simpler, but start with the condition under the belt and the sliding deck.

Proform Exercise... | Answered on Jan 10, 2020

Verify the wire harness to the console has continuity with a multimeter.

Very common for the harness to be damaged if disassembled and reassembled during a move.

Otherwise you would need to source a wiring diagram from mfg to see what the readings should be at the console connection.

If that all checks out then it most likely is the upper control board.

Just because the lower board is getting power doesn’t indicate it is functioning

Proform Exercise... | Answered on Jan 10, 2020

the red light should only blink when it is running. does the incline work? if nothing works most likely a console issue

Proform XP 580... | Answered on Jan 10, 2020

It is either the resistance motor or the cable/activating arm is struggling.

The resistance is so high because the magnets that create the distance are very close to the steel flywheel.

You will want to open the machine up to view this area. The resistance motor and fly wheel are in very close proximity to each other.

To decrease the resistance the motor is activating a hinge to move the magnets further away from the flywheel. The magnets are typically behind a plastic cover inside the flywheel and will not be able to access them.

Open the machine up and investigate. The system is very basic and playing with it will give some insight.

Try YouTube channel: fitness repair help. Won’t be your exact machine in the video, but it will give great impression

Proform Exercise... | Answered on Jan 10, 2020

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