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pull the neg battery cable for 10 mins

Jeep Cars &... | Answered 21 hours ago

then perhaps you need to check with NVC . FIXYA can not get one for you

Computers &... | Answered 21 hours ago

Sorry for the late comment. I hope this will help others. there's a plastic thingy lever right side of the trunk release mechanism that you can toggle up or down, to release the trunk from the driver side release lever.

2003 Mazda... | Answered 21 hours ago

Ya just get a help manual for repair. simple! I have repaired a lot of cars mine and my frnds cars and bikes using e manuals only.. u will find it on
Just try to get one asap it's on sale these days..

Cars & Trucks | Answered 21 hours ago

Check and see if there are different color wires going into the speakers.I notice the wires themselves are different colors. One of my wires is a copper color and the other one is a metal or grey color.I am talking the wire itself not the coating.

Volkswagen Cars... | Answered 21 hours ago

I wanted to help you but I am not familiar with your specific model. Suzukis are sold in America but not this exact model. None of the Suzukis we are familiar with have an Inertia Switch (Fuel Shut Off Switch). Would you please contact the parts dealership and verify that this component exists first. If it is in fact applicable request the service department and ask for the location of the inertia switch. This switch has many locations depending on make and models. You could look behind the glove box liner, lower interior kick panel (driver's or passenger side), below the carpet or behind a labeled access panel in the truck or rear hatch area. I hope this helps. When you have found your solution would you please write back and tell me what you found? Thank you and good luck.

Suzuki Cars &... | Answered 21 hours ago

Looks like compatibility issues... guess u'll need to diagnose more.. have u referred to a help book? If u don't have it get one from google or find one from big-manuals com !!

Hyundai Cars &... | Answered 21 hours ago

Are you asking about the VVT Solenoids? If so they are located on top of the valve cover. Passenger side (Right Side) of engine compartment, closest to the timing chain but externally mounted. They at right next to Coil #1. The CKP sensor is located on the driver's side (Left Side) of the engine. Look for the starter. It is located slightly above the starter and close to the starter mounting flange. Anything else please let me know.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 22 hours ago

The P0720 code is a standard OBD-II trouble code that detects an issue with the output speed sensor circuit. The powertrain control module (PCM) relies on a signal from the output speed sensor, so that it can determine the correct shift strategy and send that information to the transmission.

From that, I would say replace the speed sensor and check the wires as they may have gotten pulled and are not connecting well.

Fiat Cars &... | Answered 22 hours ago

AIO PCs seem to love to die,
the PC
so PC is silent, means lost of power, check AC cable, make sure to use wall jack AC not a power strip.
AIO are not easy to fix, most parts in side are non standard
so that makes them a pain.
why not get shop to fix it.?
did you hold the power button in for 5 full seconds as page 2 in your service manual directs.?
repeat that 2 times, 1st to end buggy sleep drivers, 2nd to hard power it on,
if that fails the , PSU bad top cause. (silent PC)

HP Computers &... | Answered 22 hours ago

The radio SERIAL NUMBER will be required for calculating a code

On some radios, pressing Buttons 6 and 1 or 6 and 2 (together) may display a Serial Number.

If not , then remove the radio from the dashboard.

Then post the radio make model plus all the letters numbers on any labels,barcodes or stamped in the metal casing.

This information can then be used to see if a code can be calculated
For further useful information CLICK HERE

Ford F Cars &... | Answered 22 hours ago

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