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Asus Pro B53S No signal out hdmi or display port

Have you looked it up on the ASUS site?
10/2/2023 1:59:24 AM • ASUS Computers &... • Answered 20 hours ago

Beeps booting

Based on the description you provided, it seems you experienced an issue with a Dell XPS desktop, where the computer froze during a Netflix video, emitted a humming noise, and after a forced shutdown, you received 4 short beeps repeatedly during boot attempts. Eventually, the computer booted normally. The beeps you hear during startup are part of the system's Power-On Self Test (POST). They can indicate hardware or system issues depending on their pattern. For Dell systems, 4 short beeps usually indicate a RAM read/write failure. This could be due to a few reasons:
  1. Faulty RAM Stick: One of the RAM sticks may be malfunctioning.
  2. RAM Slot Issue: The slot into which the RAM is inserted might have an issue.
  3. Temporary Glitch: Sometimes, minor electrical or static discharges can cause temporary glitches that can lead to POST errors. This might explain why the computer eventually booted up fine.
Here are steps to troubleshoot this:
  1. Reseat the RAM: Turn off the computer, unplug it, open the case, and carefully remove the RAM sticks. Then re-insert them to ensure they are seated properly. This can sometimes resolve minor connectivity issues.
  2. Test with One RAM Stick: If you have multiple RAM sticks, try booting the computer with just one stick at a time. This can help identify if a particular stick is faulty.
  3. Try Different RAM Slots: If you suspect a slot might be faulty, try placing the RAM stick into a different slot.
  4. Clean the RAM Slots: Sometimes, dust or debris in the RAM slots can cause connectivity issues. Clean the slots with a soft brush or compressed air.
  5. Check for Overheating: Overheating can lead to system instability. Ensure your computer's fans and heatsinks are free of dust and functioning properly. Also, make sure the system is in a well-ventilated area.
  6. Memory Test: Run a memory diagnostic tool to check for RAM issues. On Windows, you can use the built-in "Windows Memory Diagnostic" tool.
  7. Inspect for Other Issues: Look for any obvious signs of damage or issues inside the computer, such as blown capacitors, disconnected cables, or other hardware anomalies.
If the problem reoccurs, and if you've isolated it to a faulty RAM stick or slot, you may need to replace the RAM or consider servicing the motherboard. If the computer continues to work fine without any more issues, it might have been a one-time glitch. Always, but especially now, make sure to back up important data regularly in case of unexpected hardware failures.
10/2/2023 1:57:26 AM • Dell XPS Desktop... • Answered 20 hours ago

Trot Bilt 4 cycle weed eater catches, but wont run.

rebuild carb to fix problem.let me know if this help you.ok
10/2/2023 1:50:07 AM • Troy-Bilt... • Answered 20 hours ago

Mercedes R350 Oil leak front of engine, what cause it

Sounds like your front crankshaft seal or possibly oil pan.
10/2/2023 1:45:23 AM • Cars & Trucks • Answered 20 hours ago

My John Deere f725 starts up but the blade won't engage

Check fuses, see attached pic. If fuses are intact then further troubleshooting is required. Check the PTO switch connector is properly attached and not burnt or melted (common failure in older machines).Same for the electric clutch connector.You can make an audible test of the PTO clutch with key ON engine OFF. Turn ignition switch to run position but do not start the engine, then move the PTO switch ON. The clutch should make an audible pop sound.If no sound then use an automotive style test lamp or a DMM to check for power at the clutch.If power (batt +) and ground (batt-) at the clutch, then disconnect the connector at the clutch and measure resistance of the clutch winding. Typical resistance is 2-4 ohms. If it reads 0 ohms, reverse leads and re-measure. If it reads open (infinity) then likely clutch winding has failed or wire has broken.

10/2/2023 1:17:23 AM • John Deere... • Answered 21 hours ago

I have fire everywhere, but my key switch on my 2012. Kawasaki mule 4010.

If you have battery positive (12V) or there is 3 to 9 volts at test points where it should be near zero volts, then the battery negative bond (ground wire) is suspect.
10/2/2023 12:30:18 AM • Cars & Trucks • Answered 22 hours ago

Richmond 6G40 - 32PF3 gas hot water heater will not say lit

check thermocouple call richmond
10/1/2023 11:39:24 PM • Heating &... • Answered 22 hours ago

Looking for a 78 dodge motorhome manual

You may be able to locate one in a used bookstore- online or bricks and mortar. Anything common to the truck body, frame, suspension engine and driveline, are going to be the same as the conventional counter parts. 1977 and 1976 data should be comparable. 1978 was the year they got the bailout and 1979 models were pared back considerably to just the 1 ton and smaller trucks.Essentially what you will want to look for is Chassis Cab truck manual for the series you have- 200/250, 300,400, 1976 through 1978 and it will give you the breakdown of everything truck/automotive. It is highly likely the company that put the motorhome body on the chassis went out of business, so you are not going to find topics on body sheet replacement, refrigerator setup or stove setup. Those you can look at modern appliances and make accurate inferences on the installation. Water heaters have changed since 78, so information on the older tanks will be similar to what a home installation would be. Details on the gas pressure are going to be the same as they were, and that data should be found on the refrigerator, the heater, and possibly the water heater, and once in a while near the tanks themselves.
10/1/2023 10:00:45 PM • Cars & Trucks • Answered Yesterday

I purchased a body champ trio-trainer from Amazon about 3 weeks ago. It had been very quite for the first 2 weeks now it make a noise that is almost irritating .

Checking the internet this machine is often not well rated. Often owners complain of squeaks noise and plastic parts breaking. If possible I would return the item through Amazon's item return if possible.
10/1/2023 7:44:40 PM • Exercise &... • Answered Yesterday

How to solve stack copies?

SOLVED: Brother dcp1510 says stack copies ... Deep Sleep

Fixya > ... > Brother Nov 14, 2019 - 1) Resetting the printer memory can solve the issue on your printer. When the printer memory is full, the error appears on the control panel of the printer. SOLVED: What do you mean by "stack copies" in brother - Fixya Nov 15, 2019 How to cancel stack copies in my brother printer - Fixya Apr 28, 2021 My printer is stuck on stack copies 01 and wont print - Fixya Apr 10, 2012 Getting message stack copies:01 deep sleep - Fixya Nov 19, 2019 More results from

It says "Stack Copies:01 not sure what to do. Do not think I

JustAnswer > printers > fow78-says-st... Dec 16, 2020 - Disconnect the power cord from the printer. Then unplug the power cord from the source. Kindly wait up to 10 minutes. Then reconnect all the ... 1 answer · Top answer: Hello you have reached [//], thank you for utilizing our service. ...

Error message. Stack copies :01 sleep. Dell. It's a new

JustAnswer > printers > jbx6o-error-... May 8, 2022 - Error message. Stack copies :01 sleep. Dell. It's a new · 1. Restart your printer by first turning it off, removing the cable from the wall, wait ... 1 answer · Top answer: Hello and welcome to JustAnswer, I'm Tauseef, Technology Expert with JustA
10/1/2023 7:01:02 PM • Office Equipment... • Answered Yesterday

Which are the best Corporate 'good time girls' for events?

Ah yes I remember you both. :>D "Girls For Rent In Delhi, come see Mona and Verma. Very good prices."
10/1/2023 6:58:31 PM • Best Computers &... • Answered Yesterday

Just need a manual for air compressor or can you tell me does it take oil when you install it

Questions need full 'make model (what it is)' as first three words. Then there are over 10,000 Categories to choose from. It doesn't exist, although it might work better for you if you are not in North America. ..
10/1/2023 6:54:12 PM • Cars & Trucks • Answered Yesterday

Air compressor manual instruction manual for 07 magnum

2007-Dodge-Magnum.pdf > uploads > 2021/07 This manual has been prepared with the assistance of service and engineering specialists to acquaint you with the operation and maintenance of your new vehicle. 400 pages

2007-Dodge-Magnum-SRT8-OM.pdf > uploads > 2021/08 This manual has been prepared with the assistance of service and engineering specialists to acquaint you with the operation and maintenance of your new vehicle.
10/1/2023 6:51:45 PM • Magnum Air Tools... • Answered Yesterday

Suzuki Grand Vitara DDIS. Poor fuel economy?

Question edited for clarity. Question moved to model category. That is the ball park figure. A lot depends on how heavy footed you are and how you use the brakes. ..
10/1/2023 6:46:29 PM • Suzuki Grand... • Answered Yesterday

Volkswagen Tiguan. The handbrake is stuck. MY TIGUAN WALSWAGEN HANDLE BRAKE STUCK

Question edited for clarity. So few words, so many mistakes, so I just re-wrote it. Question moved to model category. The brake is electronic. It is a known issue

The parking brake is stuck on my 2011 VW Tiguan AWD

JustAnswer > vw-volkswagen > irflj-p... Feb 17, 2022 - Press the footbrake for 35 seconds, then whilst continuing to press the footbrake, press the EPB button in for 10 seconds, start the car, (still ... 1 answer · Top answer: Hello and welcome to just answer my name is ***** ***** am I assisting please Sorry to hear ...

Reset parking brake that won't disengage - DIY

VW Vortex > ... > Tiguan (PQ35) Nov 23, 2020 - The solution, offered by the dealership service department, is to: (a) remove key from ignition; (b) remove both battery cables from their respective terminals ... SAFETY TIP: Beware the Tiguan Electronic Parking Brake! Jul 15, 2011 HELP: How to override the electronic parking brake? Jan 13, 2016 Parking brake is not releasing as it should - VW Vortex Nov 27, 2020 emergency brake stuck on! ' VW Vortex - Volkswagen Forum Nov 23, 2020 More results from
10/1/2023 6:40:57 PM • Volkswagen... • Answered Yesterday
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