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I want to speak english..but


I learnt English language from several places. First, enrolling at school from grade level until attaining college certification provided the requisite knowledge in English language. My story begins as a child at elementary school within an English speaking country making significant importance to capture skills. At the elementary school level, English is taught to capture impressions to children also from expert teachers that recognize the methods to productivity. School language skills were taught from elementary school through middle, until high school where become finalized as understandable by each student. At the college level, learning English was least as requirement to familiarize however to acquire skills becoming an expert in languages, communications amongst mentionable significant importance. Initially enrolling at college requires recapturing the language skills from which makes learning attainable at the advance level. Colleges teach languages where English is mentionable example however with different significant requirements. For example, each college student newly enrolled is required to familiarize with means to communicating. English languages becomes an important language option at country nations that recognize as significant to identity, culture, commerce's amongst mentionable examples. I continued to study English at college as requirement from the school to attain certification to each student also from where communications with peer, teachers among mentionable entities that are encountered until graduation. After college, the learning requirements becomes least impressive especially haven acquired certification through each levels at school. The story provides the process that made me assimilate English language. Choosing to pursuit attaining skills in languages at school has factors to consider. For example, enrolling at school makes the process attainable from expert teachers. Prior to enrolment, the student requires ascertaining from experts to capture the most impression. For example, referring with school enrollment counselors ascertains the capability of student from where improvement is derivable. My story takes another turn where capturing skills from places made improvement to English language abilities. For example, a personal habit included browsing through materials least requirements at school curriculum. Reading news papers, magazines, brochures, journals, among several written material makes assimilation attainable. Familiarizing with persons with skills makes assimilation attainable. For example, I familiarized with entities that were much skilled than myself either as final year students, teachers from where learning habits were integrated. An impressive means to assimilating languages was at social events that least required an effort to capture impressions. For example, while over at the library where students, persons attained resources several only mentioned. I would gradually capture English languages skills from associates that become colleagues, friends, and sports mates elsewhere. At which point mentioning the resources from where acquiring skills is attainable would be library. For example, the public library provided readable, written material from where familisrsing either as school, professional or leisure recreation is attainable. So far, the essay describes proceses through which I acquired assimilation with the English language. I am attempting to provide the road map how success was achieved by me also significantly familiar to another person.


9/20/2021 7:22:32 AM • Computers &... • Answered 14 hours ago

I record a p1810 code on my 1997 Cadillac deville any one know where the transmission wire is located

What wire ? a number of wires go to the transmission . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DTC P1810 TFP Valve Position Switch Circuit Circuit Description The Automatic Transmission Fluid Pressure Manual Valve Position switch (TFP Val. Position Sw.) consists of five normally open switches. Ignition voltage is applied to each of the switches. By grounding one or more of these switches with fluid pressure from the manual valve, the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) can detect which gear range is selected. If the PCM detects an invalid combination of the TFP Val. Position Sw., then DTC P1810 sets. DTC P1810 is a Type B DTC. Diagnostic Aids • Inspect the wiring for poor electrical connections at the PCM. Inspect the wiring for poor electrical connections at the transmission 20-way connector. Inspect the wiring for poor electrical connections at the 5-way TFP Val. Position Sw. connector. Look for the following problems: - A bent terminal - A backed out terminal - A damaged terminal - Poor terminal tension - A chafed wire - A broken wire inside the insulation - Moisture intrusion • When diagnosing for an intermittent short or open, massage the wiring harness while watching the test equipment for a change. • If a transmission overhaul was performed, ensure that the transmission fluid is at the proper level. A low fluid problem may set this DTC. • Diagnose DTC 1520 first, if set. • Inspect the TFP Val. Position Sw. for debris. If you want to tackle this you need to get service repair info. from GM web site or You going to need wiring diagrams , componet location , pin out charts for the PCM -engine computer ,pinout of transmission 20 way connector I have factory service repair info , for this code DTC P1810 TFP Valve Position Switch Circuit there is a 40 step diagnostic flow chart ,this code could be caused by wiring issue , the TFP Valve Position Switch could be bad or it could even be a bad PCM . Are you sure you want to tackel this ?
9/20/2021 6:59:38 AM • Cadillac Cars &... • Answered 14 hours ago

Idw604 error code e4

had same problem. Tilt dishwasher to the left and drain all the water (it will come out on the side). That's E4 solved. Now turn it on, E4 should not light up. If it does, turn it on and as soon as u do this, close the door. This won't activate the Trip Switch but will automatically turn the pump on. Good luck!
9/20/2021 6:38:12 AM • Belling 24 in.... • Answered 14 hours ago

I have a Kitchenaid dishwasher model KUDC10IXWH0 that has a problem. It will not complete the wash cycle. It runs for about 15 minute and then goes to cancel/drain cycle. The code on it is 6-1. Any su

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Westinghouse SB907 Top Draw Clips Replacement

Probably too late for you now :( I found this site.
If you happen to have yours fixed, I would love instructions on how to reattach my top drawer to the clips! Can't find an image anywhere and just can't figure it out. sigh.
9/20/2021 6:06:14 AM • Westinghouse... • Answered 15 hours ago

Can not enter pass word as admin or password after 3attempts just beeps do not know what pass word trying to format DVR this is for floureon h264 this happens in all the menu password settings thanks

You need to contact support for a password reset. I never heard of this manufacturer and I am in the business. But their website is Usually they can offer reset options once they confirm you own the DVR.
9/20/2021 5:40:01 AM • Home Security • Answered 15 hours ago

How to set clock ON GE- JB860SJ1SS

  1. Push the center knob in.
  2. Turn the clock hands to the correct time. If the Minute Timer pointer should also move, let the knob out, and turn the Timer pointer to OFF.
DIGITAL CLOCKS: To set the clock:
  1. Push in the center knob of the Minute Timer.
  2. Turn knob in either direction to set the Digital Clock numerals to the correct time
ELECTRONIC CLOCKS: To set the clock (models with Clock or Set Clock pad):
  1. Press the Clock pad
  2. Press the + / - pads or number pads (depending on model) to set the time.
  3. Touch the Start pad. The time of day will show in the display.
To set the clock (models without Clock or Set Clock pad):
  1. Press and hold the + and - pads for 3 seconds.
  2. Press the + / - pads to set the time.
  3. Touch the Start pad. The time of day will show in the display.
9/20/2021 5:07:56 AM • Audio Players &... • Answered 16 hours ago

How to set timer the Brinks 44-1011 timer.

Often the reset button is small round hole Gene If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at
9/20/2021 4:51:40 AM • Hardware &... • Answered 16 hours ago

How do you reset timer for brinks 44-1011

stick end of paper clip or toothpick into reset home to reset timer to faCTORY defaults This will clear memory settings that occur during manufacture and testing Gene If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at
9/20/2021 4:48:39 AM • Hardware &... • Answered 16 hours ago

Setting the clock on a brinks timer 44-1011

I finally found the instructions for the Brinks timer 44-1011 and they work.
    • 1*Press and hold the OK button for 4 seconds. Hour Display flashes.
    • 2*Press +/MANUAL or - to select the hour. Press OK to confirm.
    • 3*Minute display will now flash. Press +/MANUAL or - to select the minute. Press OK to confirm.
    • 4*Press MENU to exit the time setting mode. Now the timer is in clock mode.
    • PROGRAM SETTING NOTE: This timer can be set up for up to 2 different programs. We will use PROG 1 for this example, however these steps can be repeated for any of the 2 programs. To cycle through the individual programs use the +/MANUAL or - after pressing MENU in step one until the desired PROG "#" is flashing. To clear a program setting hit the RECALL button when you have the program selected.
    • 1*Press MENU button, PROG 1 "ON" will flash, press OK.
    • 2*Hour will flash. Cycle with +/MANUAL or - to desired hour, press OK.
    • 3*Minutes will flash. Cycle through minutes +/MANUAL or - to desired minute, press OK.
    • 4*Program will be flashing again. Press +/MANUAL to get to PROG 1 "OFF" blinking, press OK.
    • 5*Repeat steps 2-4 to complete PROG 1 setting.
    • 6*When done setting programs press the MENU button to return to clock mode.
    • 7*Press +/MANUAL to have LCD showing either "AUTO ON" or "AUTO OFF" for the timer to execute the programmed settings.
    • 1*In clock mode, press RECALL to turn on or off the Daylight Saving Time.
    • 2*Turn on DLST, the below of LCD shows +1H. Time is adjusted by adding one hour.
    • 3*Turn off DLST, +1H will disappear and LCD shows the real time. MANUAL OVERRIDE AND ALWAYS ON/OFF When in clock mode the +/MANUAL sign cycles through
    • 4 settings that serve as manual override. **ON - Indicates that the timer is in the ON mode, and will always be on regardless of the programmed setting. **AUTO ON - At this selection, the timer will come on regardless of the programmed setting, but it will follow the next programmed command. **OFF - Indicates that the timer is always off (i.e. the wall socket is turned off) **AUTO OFF - Indicates that the timer is in the OFF mode until the next programmed step that turns it ON.
    • NOTE: For normal timer function, the selection must be either "AUTO ON" or "AUTO OFF". RESET At any mode, press RESET for 5 seconds. All settings will be cleared, return to clock mode, 12:00 MO, AM, AUTO OFF will be shown on LCD
I hope this is helpful. It was a bear to find.
9/20/2021 4:41:51 AM • Hardware &... • Answered 16 hours ago

I have a Technics SA-GX130 receiver with a flaky volume control

Your best bet is to get a spray that is called deoxit gold for cleaning the volume control potentiometer. You have to disassemble the case to get to the internal portion and it could also be a bad solder connection on the board the control mounts to.
9/20/2021 3:48:06 AM • Technics Audio... • Answered 17 hours ago

How do I rebuild my transmission in my 02 Silverado 1500 4.8 ext can 2wd

This is not something that most people would undertake. You have to remove it and then disassemble it. There are books that you can get from auto parts stores that explain it and give specs. It requires special tools for some things and you have to inspect everything, There are bushings etc that have to be measured and replaced etc. There are little tiny valve check balls in the valve body. IT is not for the faint of heart.
9/20/2021 3:39:38 AM • Cars & Trucks • Answered 17 hours ago
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