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Make sure the android software version will allow you to install this newer version software, without the latest android software you can only install up to version 16.1 kodi.

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f25 is a bad thermisiter,find the tech sheet in the dryer and it will tell you how to read out the thermisiter,if the thermisiter is good then you have a bad computer board.

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I had this problem and it was down to be, me plugging the motion plus into the wrong controller.
I have one control with intergrated motion plus and the other uses a plug on motion plus. I accidently plugged the plug on one into the already intergrated control leaving the one control with nothing. Hence that control could not be recognised.
Hope this helps

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Recover and reset your lost Microsoft account password
To access your Xbox Live account, you must know both the email address and password that you use to sign in to your Microsoft account. If you have lost or forgotten your password, you will need to reset it in order to create a new password.

Forgot Microsoft Account Password ' Microsoft Password Reset

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QuickBooks Web Connector has stopped working is a commonly reported error in the program that occurs when using it to connect your apps to QuickBooks Desktop. ... Please close the program." One of the most apparent reasons for QBWC error is when the QuickBooks Web Connector gets outdated.Jan 31, 2020

QuickBooks Web Connector has Stopped Working ' Fixed > blog > quickbooks-error > quickbooks-w...

Fix common Web Connector errors - QuickBooks Community > learn-support > en-ca > troubleshooting > fix...
Apr 22, 2019 - Learn what to do if you get any error when using Web Connector to connect your apps ... QBWC1030: Password is not available for application.

What Is Quickbooks Web Connector Has Stopped Working ... > what-is > quickbooks-web-connector-has-...
QuickBooks Web Connector Error "QBWC 1085" QuickBooks is the commercial used accounting software that manages small and medium sized business ...

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uninstall the software 100% reboot the machine so the information obtained in ram is not going to interfere with new installation. using your original cdrom that came with the kit, install your quick books 2007 software register it with the original code and product id sequence numbers. when it tries to run theirs 3 things happening now. the program in initializing it;s visual c run time libraries. and well as calling the dynamically loaded libraries from the windows directory and other locations. if a program was removed that used these files and it was uninstalled with the files then it is possible you will have to install qb from scratch and use the qbw or quick books workspace file to run your company files afterwords. backup the qbw files encase of problems. this is often tell take sings of viral or system melware. then scan with your virus software. and see if anything was crashing the program. other options involve system files missing that are used. good luck.

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Canon imageRUNNER 2200, 2800 Reset Fuser Error Code Want to know how to clear the E000, E001, E002, E003, E007 messages on your Canon imageRUNNER 2200, 2800 series machines. Below is the instructions to for the 2200, 2800 reset fuser error code procedure.

For safety reasons lots of copiers and printers turn off AC power to the fusing unit when temperature errors occur. This allows for a service technician to come in and evaluate the machine before it is turned back on. The fuser heats up to to 350 and 425 decrees. Due to the nature of the high heat is why these parts are shut off. No manufacture wants to be blamed for their machine burning down a company. It sounds scarier than what it is. These machines have multiple safety features to keep this from happening. The reset feature is just one safety feature found in the machine
The E000, E001, E002, E003, E007 are all related to high or low temperature readings and the 7 is due to fixing film rotation issue. Below is the procedure to reset these errors. Occasionally, the fuser will run too hot or cool. Sometimes, this is a freak occurrence like when the power flickers on and off or just a faulty reading. Whatever the case, the first thing a tech usually tries is to reset the error and see what happens.
1. If the machine turns back on and starts making copies then you inspect the fuser for possible problems and wear and tear. If it checks out then you let it go and see if it comes back.
2. If the error comes back right away then you know you have a more serious problem and it's time to find out what needs cleaned or replaced.
Service Mode Entry
1. Press the User Mode key. (Looks like a little man head. Some people call it the function or additional function key.)
2. Press 2 and 8 on the keypad at the same time.
3. Press the User Mode key on the control panel.
If done correctly the display will read
Press the Copier Icon
Press the Function Icon
Press the Clear Icon
Press the Err Icon
To exit service mode : Press the Reset key twice to end service mode and return to the User screen

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Great. Now fix the right front wheel sensor c0040, coo73. Next the u2100 is a voltage issue. The DTC did not see enough voltage to the system. Check the battery and connections. Check charging system.

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According to the wiring diagram, fuse 10 (AC compressor relay) is powered from "hot at all times" bus in the fuse panel.

Check fuse contacts in the fuse block.

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Most likely solution is to replace the s[ark plugs and check the ignition coils boots. The #4 cylinder plug has probably has a carbon track down the side of the porcelain part of the plug which will cause the cylinder to misfire.

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he cord light just indicates that the machine is plugged in and has power. In other words, you did great!

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f you haven't used it in a while or if it is in a cold area, it may be a warmup issue, try turning it on a waiting a few seconds, even in the best time there is a delay. You are correct to expect the bulb to last a long time most Ott bulbs do last!

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you need to go to a window repare place and ask them to buy a tube of that black window seal stuff they use to put on windows can't think of the name off hand remove your mounts and fill them with this prouduct take of some of the mount so it will hold the applaction into place lay on flat ground wait a day to dry we do this for street cars so they will last twice as long do to the hard driving hope this helps or you can call a pofromace place and they will sell this also but will pay more good luck

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First check to make sure that no power is getting to the seat motor. Couls be a bad motoe or connection. Some toyotas have a seperate fuse holder under the dash next to the regular under dash fuse boz. It may have 3 fuses in it. One is for the power seats.

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