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seems like you should find a repair manual and read it . then go look at any car or truck wiring tan is running lights and green is one side, yellow is the other

Cars & Trucks • Answered 9 hours ago

I am having a similar problem ( I say similar as I can't tell you what might yours be till you open the machine; if your warranty is over). Unplug and take the top off you will see the heating block and a bunch of electrical stuff (don't get overwhelmed, just don't touch it as your better safe than sorry). Now try and see if you can locate any cracks or calcium that show the water is leaking from. You will see two pipes coming off fitting on a black square block ( the pump) one is big and feeds the coffee water and the other steam. In my case the steam input is leaking, I had to run the machine to see it. Happened after a cleaning that should have been done months ago.... (I don't drink coffee often, but the Wife does and is lazy). So the way to fix is still in the works on my end. As you need a seal but not sure what I will use, maybe an rtv silicon (not sure that is food grade though and prefer not giving higher odds of Cancer to the better half).

Breville Coffee... • Answered 9 hours ago

I have just changed the fuser unit and the printer is still giving the
same error [fuser error and low heating] Kindly help.

Maxwell [email protected]

HP LaserJet 4350... • Answered 9 hours ago

sadly without being tested we would be throwing out a wild guess not a good fix answer . call a local repair service

Asko Washing... • Answered 10 hours ago

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Homework • Answered 10 hours ago

check with SkyScan most things are not made to last forever

Home • Answered 10 hours ago

The iHKA is the air conditioning control unit. The panel where you turn on and off the air conditioning and adjust the temperature. The I-drive screen is actually called a CID and it is a control display for all the functions such as navigation, radio, settings, climate control, services due, etc... There really is not a way to fix them without replacement. The control units are programmed to the vehicle and are usually VIN specific and cannot be used from car to car without causing other issues. I have used them temporarily to test a module but never left in or tried coding mine to another model. That makes it hard because you must replace it and that is expensive !!! You can try a used one from a junk yard but most likely will cause new issues

BMW X7 Series... • Answered 10 hours ago

Had exactly the same problem - check that neither front or rear foglight buttons are in the on position as even with key out of ignition these will trigger alarm

2010 Hyundai i10... • Answered 10 hours ago

many things like that using lots of power fail when it gets interrupted then snaps back on. no fix known to me but to replace and start using surge protectors on as many things as you can

Crock Pots &... • Answered 10 hours ago

it is not supposed to go to O/D at that slow of a speed .get it checked either at your local dealer or transmission shop

Cars & Trucks • Answered 10 hours ago

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