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Go to service mode by pressing additional function + 2 + 8 (simultaneously) and then press additional function again. Then go clear and select all.

Canon Office... | Answered 2 hours ago

Have you run the Wireless setup wizard from Printer ? If No, Press Setup button on printer front panel - Scroll till Wireless/Network settings - Choose Wireless setup Wizard and follow the directions.

After you have setup printer on network - Run the Printer s/w disk and Choose Add a Device and Choose Wired/Wireless network and continue with the Installation screen.

HP Photosmart... | Answered 2 hours ago

Clutter or obstructions that block the sensor are the first problems to look for if your door won't close or, in extreme cases, open at all. First, check the sensor lights: Depending on the brand of garage door you have, one of the sensor lights may flash, dim, or go out completely when the beam is interrupted.

Building... | Answered 2 hours ago

Depending on the country you are living, it is likely to be the flapper valve at the bottom leaking slowly. The sound you hear is the tank refilling a half inch. Take the top off and have a look. Changing the flapper is easy and takes no more than 5 minutes. There is a video at the top of this page. No great hurry to fix it, but you are using more water if you are on a meter.

Home | Answered 3 hours ago

Your car is probably less of a car than you imagine and more of a wheeled computer.
It isn't wise to make electrical equipment changes and best practice regarding accessories is to wire independently from the battery and protect each circuit with an additional fuse, leaving the vehicle wiring intact and completely standard.

You will need a circuit diagram of the car as an essential aid to troubleshooting which will tell you how many individual circuits are fed by the fuse and you can isolate each circuit in turn - not a task for the faint-hearted.

As a matter of interest, how big is the parasitic drain and how are you measuring it and how long does it take for your battery to discharge? Modern vehicles do have circuits that need to be kept alive and they consume current constantly. When first connecting the battery there is quite a current surge but it soon settles at a few milliamps, about the same as the battery self-discharge.

If you can't accurately measure the size of the drain (always the best starting point) you can calculate the approximate drain using the battery capacity and how much a fully charged battery discharges in any time period, say, 24 hours.

Finally, are you certain the alternator is charging sufficiently to keep a fully charged battery fully charged? The car alternator isn't designed to recharge a battery and mostly isn't capable of it unless you are driving almost constantly for days...

Mazda Cars &... | Answered 3 hours ago

You will need to enable it in programming. Access programming by dialing Feature **266344, then using 266344 for your password. Your password may be different. Contact your phone company for more details. Scroll to "General Admin". Scroll to "Permissions". Enter set number. The first option is "Full handsfree:N" Press CHANGE to set it to "Y". Scroll to HF Answerback and adjust it to "Y" to complete the process. Press Rls to exit programming.

NorStar Meridian... | Answered 4 hours ago


Office Equipment... | Answered 4 hours ago

Use Feature *7 to adjust your screen contrast level.

Cell Phones | Answered 4 hours ago

It could be that whoever is paging is not paging all the zones. To page all zones, dial Feature 610

NorStar Meridian... | Answered 4 hours ago

1) You can restore by performing a factory reset. Reset are of two types in mf3010, hard reset and soft reset. Soft reset clears the current unsaved data and restarts your printer whereas an hard reset erases everything permanently and restores your printer to its default settings.

2) Long press the down arrow and the reset and the soft reset option will be displayed. Select Soft Reset using the left and right arrow keys. After that, Press and hold the OK button in the center until Hard Reset is displayed. Hold it atleast for three seconds.

3)Your device will finish resetting once the hard reset option disapperars.

For more printer related queries get in touch with our experts by just giving a call @ 1-866-293-9220.

PRINTER Office... | Answered 4 hours ago

Its very easy to download music from you tube-
1.Install any download manager website you tube or type your choice
4.there you will find an option download this video/song click that option and
you downloading will start.

Other way is : this link and install your downloader .

Thanks using fixya

Computers &... | Answered 4 hours ago

You will need to log in to user programming by dialing Feature **266344. Then enter the default password 266344. Your password may be different depending on your phone company. Use the navigation keys (line keys lit up) to navigate. Scroll using the bottom right key until you see "General Admin". Press the top-right key to select. Scroll right until you see "Names" and select it. Select "Set Names". Enter the set number, then use the dial pad to type the desired name. When done, press Rls, or press the top left key twice to go back and select a different extension.

Lands Phones | Answered 4 hours ago

You can adjust the ringer of your Nortel phone by dialing Feature *6, then using the volume bar to adjust the ringer while the tone is playing, or dial Feature *80 to adjust it there.

NorStar T7316E... | Answered 4 hours ago

Hello, you can check this free youtube downloader that can download video and audio from youtube -

Computers &... | Answered 4 hours ago

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