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Bushnell Optics | Answered 3 hours ago

always consult a manual. This is for the U963, but close enough

Changing Ringtone

From your Home screen Tap Settings.
Tap phone ringtone
Tap the desired ringtone
Tap ok

Cell Phones | Answered 3 hours ago

Yes it can be fixed but what to recommend first is a problem. I appreciate the information you provided but it is not enough to provide you with an accurate solution. This current fault could be caused by a number of possibilities. 02 Sensor, Camshaft Position Sensor, Fuel Pressure, Cylinder Compression, CAT, MAF, Vacuum Leak, Misfire or Other Related Ignition Failure. If the car arrived at my shop I would perform a preliminary check. Look for an Engine Light. Pull Codes and look at some live data. Look under the hood for and problems. How does the wiring look? Any strange or bad smells? How does the engine sound? How about the engine oil? Is it over due? How is the level? Preventive maintenance will adversely affect the life and performance of all vehicles. Depending on how you want to proceed. I would as you to look around and gather as much diagnostic information as you can. I can not promise that I can help you but I may be able to. You are the eyes and ears. Please write back, tell me everything that you noticed and found and I will do my best.

Peugeot Cars &... | Answered 4 hours ago

The sensor you are looking for is located on top of the fuel tank. It is actually called an EVAP Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor.

Scion Cars &... | Answered 4 hours ago

The VSS, vehicle speed sensor in on the front right of the transmission. An orange and yellow wire in plugged into a sensor that feeds the voltage to the speedometer.

Ford Cars &... | Answered 4 hours ago

Hi, Greetings
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Heavy Machinery | Answered 4 hours ago

No, replacing the PCM is not the only option. There are other possibilities. Diagnostics should be performed before replacing parts. Blown Fuse, Damaged Wiring Between The Power Distribution Box, PCM and Transmission should all be inspected. This car has its own control module. It is called a TCU (Transmission Control Unit) or TCM (Transmission Control Module).

Dodge Cars &... | Answered 4 hours ago

What you can do is try and clean the contacts. Open the door on the thermistat and remove the two screws, after that you can seperate the part that is mounted to the wall and the front panel. Look at the part that is mounted on the wall and you'll see the contacts that should be a copper color. They might be black from age. Clean them and you'll be surprised how well it will work after that.


Honeywell Power... | Answered 4 hours ago

each tank has its own fuel pump and level indicator if neither is working i dont think both would quit at the same time there should be a switch to change from one tank to the other this switch is probably malfunctioning have it checked.

Air Intake &... | Answered 4 hours ago

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