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The Auto Stand-by turns off the receiver if there is no audio or video signal for 20 minutes when set to On. Thus it shouldn't be blocking the receiver from coming on if it is set to Off. When the USB Power Out on Standby (power to a USB device when the receiver is off) or Network Standby (enable network power on requests from the Onkyo app) are enabled, then you get the hybrid standby mode if the Power Management Auto Stand-by is active (On). There is also an HDMI Standby mode for throughput of an HDMI signal.

What devices do you have connected to the receiver? Try turning on a video or audio source before you turn on the receiver. The other reasons for the unit not to turn on is the protection circuit being engaged. This can happen from overheating or a loose speaker wire touching another wire or the back of the receiver. Usually if the unit has the protection circuit engaged, the display will indicate Amp Diag Mode. After the diagnostic test, the display will indicate if there is a problem (SP wire). If there is nothing on the display after the diagnostic, the receiver should work properly when it receives an audio signal to send to the speakers. If the unit has been overheating, make sure that there is good ventilation around the receiver. Also clean any dust off the unit.

Crutchfield has the manual for the TX-RZ730 on the product page: https://www.crutchfield.com/S-lvaBRQ0O5ib/p_580RZ730/Onkyo-TX-RZ730.html . The current link to the manual is https://pdf.crutchfieldonline.com/ImageBank/v20200223150400/Manuals/580/580RZ730.PDF .

I hope this helps. If you heard an abnormal sound or smelled smoke, then the unit has internal damage. Similarly, if the problem continues, I'd suspect a wiring fault between the internal power supply and the main board of the receiver. The unit needs service or replacement.

Cindy Wells

Onkyo Audio... | Answered 16 hours ago

Mine did the same thing where the screen would go black for a few seconds and then the picture and sound came back. I would try (1) switch HDMI cables, (2) try a different HDMI input in the back of the receiver, (3) try different input in the back of the TV. None of these seemed to work with mine. I finally ended up running the cable box direct to the TV and only run the audio through the reciever via coax or digital. No more problems. I think the HDMI inputs in the back of the reciever have a problem continuously carrying the signal if it is the leaset bit weak.

Onkyo TX-SR606... | Answered Yesterday

Did you check the manual? Seems it has auto off features

The Mini Player is always displayed. "Auto Off": The Mini Player turns off automatically in 30 seconds after displayed. If operation such as changing the volume is performed, it is displayed again for 30 seconds

Onkyo Audio... | Answered on Sep 17, 2020

You can find manuals for Onkyo products here http://www.onkyousa.com/download/own_manuals.cfm

Onkyo HT-S790... | Answered on Sep 01, 2020

Does the display show you are in protect mode , or is a light indicating that? The unit automatically switches to standby when the
"Hardware" - "Power Management" - "Auto Standby"
setting in the Setup menu functions are set. The protective circuit function may have been activated.
If this has occurred, "AMP Diag Mode" appears on the
display when the unit is turned on again, and the unit
enters diagnostic mode. If the results of the diagnosis is
that there is no problem, the "AMP Diag Mode" display
disappears and you can use the unit normally again. If
"CHECK SP WIRE" appears on the display, the speaker
cables may be short-circuited. Make sure bare speaker
wires are not touching each other or the back panel of
the unit, then turn the unit on again. If "NG" is displayed,
immediately unplug the power cord from the wall outlet
and contact your dealer.
• The protective circuit function may have been activated
because the temperature of the unit rose abnormally.
If this happens, then the power will continue to turn off
after you have turned the unit on again. Make sure the
unit has plenty of space for ventilation around it, wait for
the unit to cool down sufficiently, and then try turning it
on again. This is out of your users manual.

General suggestions are to remove all speakers and speaker wiring with unit off. Turn on and see if problem has stopped. If not, let unit cool down if warm and try again later. If problem is still there it needs repair shop work. I fht problem went away, shut off power and connect one speaker at a time and testing. Keep adding speakers one at a time with power off and see if a bad speaker or wire set can be located

Onkyo Audio... | Answered on Aug 23, 2020

I don't know the answer but I suggest obtaining and reading the user manuals before your purchase will give you that information.
It will then be important to ask the supplier the answer and then the responsibility will be theirs.

If the amplifier provides either a 3:1 or 5:1 output there will be provision for a subwoofer - but what type of subwoofer (active or passive) will be hidden in the specs and if you already have a subwoofer, in the specs of that.

When buying a new amp and preamp the last thing you want is mismatch or overload conditions that will either produce a less than good sound or perhaps stressing the amp.

As a matter of diverse interest, in the old days before subwoofers had been invented the hifi enthusiasts seeking the perfect sound developed the three rack amplifier for domestic use. This type of amp had been used in cinemas for a long time and basically consisted of three amplifiers each built to handle a different frequency spectrum - one amp would drive the tweeters, another the midrange and the third would drive the bass units or woofers.

Another thing hifi buffs did was to introduce a ghost speaker driven by a mono amp that derived an input across the left and right channels.
My opinion is the best sound still comes from a quality 10 or 20 watt tube amp into quality low power handling speakers with cabinets as big as a sideboard. 300Mw is the average power needed for a good listening experience in the average lounge or bedroom.

Onkyo Audio... | Answered on Jul 08, 2020

Its fault in the AUX cable that cable which is connected to the speaker system.

Onkyo Audio... | Answered on Jun 18, 2020

If you want to DIY, send an email to me . This email will be deleted after 1 week. It is a very common
faulty found in onkyo av-amp, very easy to get fixed,
however. I won‘t tell you here. Why? I buy faulty av-amp to repair, selling them on the web!.

Onkyo Audio... | Answered on May 28, 2020

Hello, To test the subwoofer when the blue light is on if you apply your thumb to the end of the subwoofer cable (the end that you would plug into the receiver) there should be feedback from the sub. If there is no feedback then the sub is not working correctly. Thanks, FJD

Onkyo Audio... | Answered on May 13, 2020

DTS-HDMA and Dolby TrueHD cannot be passed to your receiver via bitstream on the PS3. DTS-HDMA cannot be decoded either so you're out of luck there.
Dolby TrueHD can be decoded internally on the PS3 assuming your firmware is up to date. Set the Blu-ray HDMI output to PCM and you can then pass it to your receiver.
If this doesnt work, do a system update on your PS3.

Onkyo TX-SR606... | Answered on May 07, 2020


Onkyo Audio... | Answered on Mar 31, 2020

If you want to DIY, send an email to me at . This email will be deleted
after 1 week. It is a very common
faulty found in onkyo av-amp, very easy to get fixed,
however. I won‘t tell you here. Why? I buy faulty av-amp to repair, selling them on the web!.3_31_2020_7_49_47_am.jpg

Onkyo Audio... | Answered on Mar 31, 2020


Hold the "VCR/DVD" button while pressing the "On/Standby" button, and the receiver should enter "Standby." Turn it on again by pressing the "On/Standby" button. Bear in mind that this will clear all the presets and other settings - but it may be those settings that are causing the problems.


Onkyo Audio... | Answered on Mar 26, 2020

You need to check 3 things:

1) DTS will only work through a digital connection (coaxial, optical, or HDMI) between your receiver and dvd player. DTS and Dolby 5.1 cannot carry a signal over red and white rca connections.

2) After number 1 is solved ensure the reciever is set to the digital channel, your DTS-HD in this case, or in an auto mode.

3) Finally the most important is that the signal is a DTS signal. Start a DTS capable dvd, go to the sound menu and set it for DTS.

Press play and all should be well...



Onkyo Audio... | Answered on Mar 18, 2020

Los amplificadores de audio del aparato estan a punto de danarse,checa las bocinas una por una a ver si no hay alguna mala.

Onkyo TX-SR602... | Answered on Mar 17, 2020

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