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No gas in system or no delivery. Ignition has issues. No compression. Buy a haynes repair book n study or hire a mobilemechanic or independent shop

Nissan Cars &... | Answered 20 hours ago


It can be the issue with weak battery or faulty battery or if battery is ok,then its faulty starter causing the issue.

From start to end troubleshooting these problem i suggest you to click the link below and follow its procedure:-----

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These will help.


2005 Nissan... | Answered Yesterday

You describe the situation as a heavy blowby. In the usually accepted meaning of the term blowby relating to an engine, means piston blowby and is recognised by a large amount of whitish vapour being expelled through the crankcase breather, dipstick tube and the oil filler cap if removed. This usually indicates the excessive wear of cylinder bores, pistons and piston rings that are no longer capable of sealing and allow combustion gas to blowby.

If the vapour puffs in sympathy with the engine speed it suggests stuck or broken piston rings confined to a single cylinder or a damaged piston.

It is difficult to understand how this would happen with a newly overhauled engine that surely must have been rebored and had new pistons fitted in order to qualify as overhauled. I can possibly advise you further if you post details of the overhaul in the comments section.

Not unrelated but perhaps surplus information just now - new cast iron piston rings take 500 miles to bed in to new properly honed bores while steel rings take 1000 miles. It is important to complete those miles with the engine filled with a base or low grade engine oil or proper running-in oil. Filling a newly overhauled engine with a modern high-spec oil can mean the piston rings will never bed in and forever afterwards the engine ios likely to smoke and consume a lot of oil.

Nissan Cars &... | Answered Yesterday

ther vare 2 or 3 the main one is usually located under the dash on the firewall on drivers side other main one for fans blwers and a,c and engine components is usually under the hood near the battery

2005 Nissan... | Answered 2 days ago


Nissan Cars &... | Answered 2 days ago

most likely in the service manual for the vehicle

Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Aug 01, 2020

find a service manual

Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Aug 01, 2020

try pushing down on the lid when trying to open it. if it opens lubricate the latch. good luck

Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Jul 31, 2020


Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Jul 29, 2020

I haven't heard of any fuel injected car being fitted with such a switch, except the inertia type switch that cuts the power supply to the pump - as you can hear the pump running that won't be your trouble.

A good fuel pump well supplied with fuel and power is capable of enough pressure to burst some fuel hoses if the fuel line is blocked - therefore the system self bleeds and circulates through the pressure regulator and back to the tank through the return line.

When the engine isn't running the pump will run for about four seconds and cut off until the engine cranks. When the fuel line is empty, only a few seconds of cranking is needed to fill and pressurise the system.
If that isn't happening, it is probably a good idea to revisit the installation and ensure the pump is running in the right direction and the intake is clear of obstruction (no water in the fuel, gauze clear, etc.).

Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Jul 28, 2020

Knock sensor is under the intake plenum towards fire wall

Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Jul 24, 2020

I don't know but I feel your pain having struggled with quite a few myself.

You have to do whatever must be done - sometimes the alternator will fall out underneath, sometimes it has to be extracted along a drive shaft through the inner wing, sometimes the aircon compressor has to be unbolted or the power steering pump for extraction. At various times I have needed to do all those things and once had to remove the intake manifold and another time I had to unbolt the whole power unit and jack it off the mountings and lever it forward...

Patience, perseverance and thinking outside the box is the key to success.

Good luck!

Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Jul 23, 2020

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