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On my Necchi, it is always on. Just need to switch the lamp on, behind the left face plate. Not familiar with anything less than 45 years old. You can find a manual for Any sewing machine, online.

Necchi Sewing... | Answered on Feb 12, 2018

In that case, I would assume a 'short' in the wiring. Which you could find with a current tester. Hubby has one, not that he has taught me how to use it. Or - My industrial machine has no light, so I've picked up a nifty folding lamp with ? - a light source that provides solar light spectrum. Check at thrift stores, or at any Wal-Mart. Not all that pricey, now.

Necchi Sewing... | Answered on Feb 12, 2018

Not sure as I'm in the states but found a blog where these folks were fixing a Old Necchi.
Bamber Sewing Machines, Eccles, Manchester.
Phone Bambers Today 0161 707 7786.
if that # makes any sense.
looks more like a international # to me. but what do I know.
Cheers form Minnesota USA a balmy -7f.

Necchi Sewing... | Answered on Feb 10, 2018

Could be - yr needle is bent. Replace it, or - I (too cheap to toss them), have gently re-straightened them. Or, I could be wrong. Love Necchi machineS!

Necchi Sewing... | Answered on Feb 05, 2018

It looks to me as if it is a low shank and Amazon sells lots of low shank presser feet. I have bought the sets and they work great. They have a 52 piece set for about $32. As for parts, what do you need?

Necchi Sewing... | Answered on Jan 27, 2018

That is generally called bird nesting or thread nesting, or what I refer to as "thread mess." It occurs because of a top tension issue but usually because the thread is not completely seated in the tension disk.

Remove the top thread from your machine.
Install a brand new needle.
ALWAYS RAISE the presser foot and rethread from the beginning.
Set the top tension around the midway point and retest your machine.
Adjust the top tension until the top and bobbin threads meet in the middle of the fabric. (Tighter top tension pulls the bobbin thread up. Looser top tension, the bobbin thread pulls the top thread down.)

Other helpful hints:
Avoid old or bargain bin threads.
Install a brand new needle every 8 hours of sewing or whenever the needle hits something hard like the needle plate or presser foot or gets bent or damaged.
Make sure the needle, thread, and fabric are compatible, ie do not use ball point needles on woven fabrics, do not use a needle which eye is too small for the thread, etc.


Necchi Sewing... | Answered on Jan 21, 2018

Ok, I hope I can help.

Quilting with a walking foot is technically (IMHO) not free motion quilting. With a walking foot, the feed dogs are still activated so they can work in conjunction with the walking foot to (hopefully) prevent wrinkles in the fabric sandwich. Quilting with a walking foot is more suited for stitching in straight lines or stitching in the ditch. In this mode, you would not pull or push the fabric as the machine should do that.

FMQ Free Motion Quilting requires the operator to manually move the fabric sandwich under the needle. There are some sewists who do not use a presser foot, however, if you value your fingers, it would be best to use, at a minimum, a darning foot. Darning feet and free motion quilting feet are shorter than a regular presser foot so it does not make contact with the feed dogs or the needle plate. The space between the needle plate and darning foot is what allows a sewist to maneuver the fabric. Usually, the feed dogs are lowered when performing FMQ, but there are some sewists who don't. It's probably a matter of preference.

Most older sewing machines included a darning foot in the accessory kit. Newer sewing machines may have several presser foot options for FMQ. In addition, there are many FMQ presser feet available on the market that can be ordered to fit your specific machine, ie Big Foot.
Nancy Notions Trusted by sewing enthusiasts for more than 3 decades

There are a wide variety of FMQ presser feet, some have springs so they "hop" on the fabric, some are metal, others are clear plastic, some are full circles, others are not round or may be open toe. There are also special presser feet that have a thicker base made for FMQ with rulers--the thicker base helps prevent the ruler from slipping under the presser foot and being struck by the needle.

In addition to the multitude of FMQ presser foot choices, there are a variety of other tools available, ie quilting gloves, quilting hoops, marking tools, pattern transfer supplies, silicone mat that covers the sewing machine surface making it easier to glide the fabric.
Amazon com Queen Size Supreme Slider Free Motion Machine Quilting Mat...

Free Motion Quilting for Beginners

There are tons of tutorials for FMQ. Just as there are many different methods, the right method is the one that works best for you. There are also lots of rules, but rules are made to be broken, so don't let someone else squelch your creativity. Quilt to please yourself.

Above all, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. I have a small whiteboard that I practice drawing designs. Muscle memory will make FMQ easier. There is also the need to get a comfortable sewing speed along with the speed at which you move the fabric. If you are breaking needles, your fabric movement is probably too fast for the sewing speed. Also, practice moving the fabric while keeping the sewing speed consistent.

Good luck! Remember, those awesome FMQers didn't learn it overnight. Many have been doing it for over 20 years, so don't be overly critical of yourself. You'll see improvement with every project you complete.

Necchi Sewing... | Answered on Jan 19, 2018

Usually pedals possess a variable rheostat controller that react with the action of your foot. If it fails to function normally, it suggests that a short circuit has occurred. Generally, that means an internal wire or contact opens up and stops all further activity as you mentioned. The best bet is to take the machine to your local sewing machine dealer for repairs.

Necchi 3537... | Answered on Jan 13, 2018

A lot of machines have a speed control, either on the machine or the foot control. I looked thru the manual and did not find anything about speed control. Look under the foot control for a screw that may have a + and - . Otherwise, you may want to take it back to see if service can adjust it for you.

Necchi 3537... | Answered on Jan 10, 2018

If the belts are tensioned correctly you might try cleaning the drive and driven pulley's with a little fine abrasive to add some friction.

Necchi Sewing... | Answered on Jan 03, 2018

I have a Necchi Logica (Kenmore Sensorsew) and it was making a grinding noise, I bought new brushes, bought a technical repair manual for my machine. But, it needed a new motor, so if it is making a grinding noise, it is because the motor seized up and broke the pulley for the belt. No one would fix it because it was too old, I bought it new in 1988. Well, I kept watching on ebay and found a used motor, that was the answer. If, that is your case and you really love your machine be patient and find a motor, but just be sure that you don't spend more than it is worth. Sometimes, those "old girls" can be had for a reasonable price for the whole machine. I see on ebay, a few for sale at around $100 but shipping is $50 some dollars. They are heavy, and they were made in Italy, so kind of nostalgia.

Necchi Sewing... | Answered on Jan 01, 2018

The thread will be threaded in a clockwise direction on the tension control. Pull the thread until there is a tension on the spring. There will be a catch on the thread that you will notice this. Now, thread the machine in the same way that is normal. It should work. Make sure you start your tension at four to test how it is doing. From there make slight changes in tension. Don't worry about the very tiny bend in the wire at the very end. It is only for weight and to keep your thread from catching and getting broken.

Necchi 3101... | Answered on Dec 21, 2017

it looks like its made to sit into a table. if you lift it up there are labels stuck to the sides that would be just below the surface of the table so you cant read them unless you lift it up.

Necchi Sewing... | Answered on Dec 12, 2017

Unfortunately very few sewing machine companies provide free online manuals. However, you can download one for a fee at this website:
Necchi Model 4795 Sewing Machine Instruction Manual

Necchi Sewing... | Answered on Nov 30, 2017

Try Googling (Necchi)(4595)(manual) without parens.

Necchi Sewing... | Answered on Nov 13, 2017

What is happening that makes you think the timing is off? Usually, timing gets knocked off when the needle strikes something during stitching. The symptom: top thread will not pick up the bobbin thread.

Be sure to install a brand new needle (make sure it is installed facing the correct direction). Remove the threads from the machine. ALWAYS RAISE the presser foot when threading the top thread. Verify it is threaded correctly top & bobbin.

If you still think it's out of time, search for sewing machine timing.

Necchi Sewing... | Answered on Nov 11, 2017

Search for:

Make Model manual

Necchi Sewing... | Answered on Nov 10, 2017

Take the machine for service. There is more wrong than cleaning and oiling can rectify. It needs some adjustment.

Necchi Sewing... | Answered on Nov 05, 2017

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