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First you check the volume, turn the volume, then you check your speaker. If both are ok then you check QT and DQT. These character must be same.

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If this is after programming your radio needs repaired. We see this when some BPR40s are reprogrammed. Take the radio to your local service center or send to a qualified repair center.

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Clean the battery contacts with a pencil eraser and be certain the radio is turned off while setting on the charger. If this does not solve the problem, try a different battery in the charger to see if the charger is working properly. If the problem is not the charger, then replace your battery.

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This can be a trick. You can slide a small screw driver between the battery and the clip to release the clip. Sometimes you need a third hand. Tapping the bottom of the belt clip on the edge of a counter while slipping the screwdriver in the sweet spot will sometimes help.

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Contact Motorola Solutions. Get Support .

Motorola Mobility Support

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Great question! Clear and easy to understand! The volume and channel switches likely have a metal "O" ring that screws down on the threaded switch and holds the top of the radio to the housing. Remove the knobs, then use a really small flathead screwdriver, insert it into a notch in the "O" ring and unscrew. Be careful and you should be fine. If not, get it to a radio repair shop.

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First check your battery pack. A bad or low battery will produce static. Secondly, check your antenna. If it seems to turnaround inside when you hold on to the threads and the outer sheath, you need a new antenna. Beyond this your radio is likely in need of repair.
Best regards.

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Well there are a few possiblilities:
1 - If the headset is not an OEM part then the wiring or jack may not match or the impedances may be mismatched.
2 - When you say doesn't work you need to be more specific.
VOX capable y/n, VOX Working y/n, PTT on head set y/n, etc.
3 - Has the radio phone/mic jacks ever been modified?

Good Luck with the testing

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Contact Motorola Solutions portal motorolasolutions com

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Contact Motorola Solutions (http://www.motorolasolutions/support)

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BPR40 radios are dealer programmable using Motorola proprietary software and cable.

Motorola Mag One... | Answered on Jun 26, 2014 | 470 views

you will need programming cable and programming software

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Monitor function and PTT are often either side by side or on the same key. (Upper or lower portion of key). You may be hitting both or the wrong side of the button. Cheers.

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That radio is easily programmable for other, or additional frequencies in the same band. I believe (I've been out of the business for a while) you need a special computer interface and software in order to affect a change. I'd contact a Motorola shop. You will also need to be licenced for the new frequency. I hope this helps.

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these usually use a diode for reverse polarity protection and no fuses. You will need a full schematic and probably a service manual.

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yes you can. So long as voltage is the same. Replacement power supply runs about $120.00. Also make sure replacement power supply has the same current capabilities as original

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You can use two small screw drivers, one on each side of the bottom of radio. Insert and lift up. Knobs have to be removed. They pull off.[can be difficult] Use a chassis removal tool[6685666D01] that can be ordered from motorola. If the repair shop sent it back unrepairable,you can try sending to motorola.[$134.00 flat rate repair] or just cut your losses. Would not invest any money because it is an inexpensive radio.

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This is an indication of a receiver problem. Two things cause this. The receiver needs to be realigned or you have bad ceramic filters that need to be replaced.

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Yes. They are programmable to either wideband or narrowband on a per channel basis.

Best regards.

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