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If there was any warranty on the refurbished desktop and monitor and if such still applies, return it for a replacement.

Either the video card in the desktop computer is going bad or the monitor has issues. If the monitor has issues, they might involve 1) a focus wire to the CRT; 2) a power supply going bad 3) a problem with the focus control.

What can you do? You start trying to rule out possibilities. You try swapping out the monitor with another monitor. If that fixes the problem, then the desktop computer's video card is unlikely the problem. If there is a power supply going bad yielding inadequate voltage, then possibly neither the desktop video card nor the monitor is at fault. If you take your monitor and plug it into another computer that has the ports similar to your desktop computer and the monitor has no fadeouts, then the problem is either the desktop computer video supply or the power supply. So, there actually is a non-technical way to determine if the monitor is at fault. But that would leave you wondering if the computer was at fault, video card or power supply. Some video cards were integrated, i. e. could not be removed. You could download and run Speccy to find out some information about the video and lookup the specs on the internet although they are unlikely to be at the manufacture's site at this point. Whether you have someone at a computer club who would check these remaining components out or swap them out is a question I can't answer. You are pretty close to the point of needing to just get an inexpensive tablet or something from a classifieds paper such as Trading Post or Gumtree (Australian). But if it is running XP, don't pay over $100 for it. (Inside joke: the military may still use XP but that is defensible.) I hope this helps.

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u better install windows 7 or updated os in ur system bcoz microsoft had stopped the updates for xp os. so i can say u to install latest updated os to rectify ur problem

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If your disk is a volume licence key install disk, then a retail key will not work and vice versa even if the key is valid. There were many versions of XP Pro. Go back to the place you bought the PC and ask if they have a VLK version. Your refurb is probably an off lease pc

XP is no longer supported by MSoft and you should upgrade to Win 7 at the very least.
There is little out there for virus protection or malware
Unless this is an offline machine for a legacy scanner or other device.

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it might be your VGA problem try to insert it properly. it is located at the back of your monitor. the one that connect your monitor and you sysyem unit

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You need t register your version of XP with Microsoft.

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Whats the make and model of your PC or Laptop?

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Windows XP is too old. Service and Support for it finished years ago. You need a new computer with Windows 8 or 10.

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It is an obsolete operating system, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 have passed you by and you should now be on Windows 10.

Here is some help I found online. You have to go in as Administrator in Safe Mode on XP Home.

Windows XP doesn recognize me as computer administrator Google Search

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you can backup important files with an external USB adapter for your drive, you'll have to use a working computer to connect the drive from the other computer. When you are satisfied you have a backup, try the windows repair OR re-install windows xp using the "upgrade" option, it should leave all your files in place. Don't do a factory reset if you have that option unless you're sure everything important is backed up.

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How about using an other way to get to your computer? is a good alternative and free for limited computers.

Good luck!!

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This sounds like a problem that MagicJack support can troubleshoot for you. I have a MagicJack, and I do not have these problems.
You didn't say whether you have your MagicJack device plugged into your computer, or whether (like me) you have your MagicJack connected to your home network directly with just an Ethernet cable.
If you have your MagicJack plugged into a USB port on your computer, there is a possibility that some program installed on your computer is dialing the phone numbers Such a program would almost certainly be malware that you want to remove.
If you do not have an anti-malware program installed on your computer, you should get one immediately. There are quite a few free anti-malware programs, like Avast or AVG, that you can install to help protect your computer from malware.
If you do have an anti-malware program installed, you should check to see if the malware detection rules are current. Most anti-malware programs will let you view the version and last update date of the anti-malware program itself, and the last update date for the detections rules. The rules themselves should be update almost daily, due to the number of new threats emerging every day.

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Hi this is helisa am expert to help you to fix this issue for you,kindly call me on +1(518)348-9393 and we will be glad to help you.

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If the USB Port is 2.0, it might not work if the printer is 3.0. If the USB Port is 2.0, it might not work so fast if the printer is 3.0. It would work better if the USB Port was 3.0. And don't forget, USB cables are also rated (USB,USB2.0,USB3.0). Can't tell you how many times I've gotten a printer to work just by switching cables. Good luck.

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Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. You have to install a newer version.

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Device 10 notification likely a printer related issue. Lots of odd things can happen when HP cartridges are empty. With some HP printers, they will not run with one etimpty cartridge. There is a work around in that instance. You can "fool" an HP into thinking the cartridge is full. Of course, you would want your HP to be set to use only the black ink, for otherwise, it might try to mix a batch of black ink using other colors (and your other tank would be empty!) Now, if you are not of a mind to buy the color cartridge, you can explore the trick of fooling the HP. There is a chance that this would eliminate your device 10 notification, simply because you tell me nothing else is different. No promises, but I would have to try it. Now, just what other effect the trick might have over time is a caution. Nothing is cleaning those other nozzels. At least your HP is still working as is.

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Start, Control Panel, Display. Good luck.

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